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Starting on a stormy Saturday night, Cozy Glow asks Sandbar for help. Starting small at first, Sandbar eventually realizes that the little filly needs a pony to look up to. Set in a universe where the events in School Raze never happened.

Proofreader (Chapters 1-8): MasterExilon

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What if the events between seasons eight and nine went differently? What if Cozy Glow was actually good? Who would be there to redeem her? These are all questions many bronies have asked. This is my retelling of that time period.

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After Scootaloo has a dream, the map calls her and Twilight to an orphanage in Canterlot where they must save Evening Mist from the abusive director, Mr. Quilt.

Resubmitted because I shouldn’t be ashamed of my older works. Thanks for push, Golly4Ever

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