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Once upon a time, vines attack Dreamland, and Kirby needs to save King Dedede from a kidnapper. However, Kirby isn't alone.

(Even though this is mainly Kirby: Triple Deluxe, I will include things from Return to Dreamland, like Meta Knight and his book-reading.)

A Kirby-mlp crossover.


If you have cover art, PM me.

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A changeling leaves the hive. But this changeling isn't looking for love...

for now

This is the creation of me reading some changeling fanfics about changelings that didn't want to be evil and wanting to make a somewhat unique changeling fanfic. So, I decided to make one about mischief and the capabilities of the shape shifting ability that changelings have.

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I'm Altair. I used to be a human assassin, but I'm a pony now. But this didn't happen for no reason. It all happened on August 7th, the day the Templars discovered a new form of weaponry. It lead to a turn of events that turned me into a pony. But as a pony, I've learned a skill of some sort. I'm not too good at it yet, but the other ponies here call it the Magic of Friendship.

Rated Teen for Interrupted Swearing.
Warning! This will eventually involve shipping. Don't argue that I should've used a ship you like. I'll use my preferences.

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