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"If I'm poppin' a wheelie it's cause I'm jacking your bike! Got my middle finger raised as I'm runnin' red lights!" -Charlie Scene


I'm Altair. I used to be a human assassin, but I'm a pony now. But this didn't happen for no reason. It all happened on August 7th, the day the Templars discovered a new form of weaponry. It lead to a turn of events that turned me into a pony. But as a pony, I've learned a skill of some sort. I'm not too good at it yet, but the other ponies here call it the Magic of Friendship.

Rated Teen for Interrupted Swearing.
Warning! This will eventually involve shipping. Don't argue that I should've used a ship you like. I'll use my preferences.

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I would say Altair seems out of character, but not having heard any real dialogue from him while playing a version from the Ezio Trilogy, I haveth no room to speak

One minor nitpick Altair never spoke English, he would have spoken Arbic or maybe Latin. Good job on your first story and am looking forward to more chapters!

6004364 I've barely played the first Assassin's Creed but I couldn't just start with Ezio. You gotta start at the start.

6004544 I don't know either of those languages. So, let's just say the Templar stuff made him speak English, or something. I gotta think up an excuse.


The fun part is that since it is from his point of view all you could say was he understood them, without revealing which language he understood them talking in.

I cannot remember which game it was in but Desmond and Lucy discussed why they where using modern English and it was to help Desmond understand what was going on.

As for writing Altair I would recommend treating him like you would if you where writing Batman. They are pretty similar overall, except for the whole killing part.

6004663 I have changed "perfect English" to "my language" thanks for helping me out. You deserve a follow

6004581 funny, I managed to beat Brotherhood and Revelations, but I'm having a hell of a hard time beating AC: 2

"Horse? My, you must be new here." she said. "You were originally a human, right? That's why you're speaking English. Don't worry, we all know about some humans getting into PONIES.

not a bad thing, but i would have prefered it, if they didn´t knew it.

"HOLY SHI-" I yelled.

It is always weird, that they freak out that bad, because Spike is probably really smal i know he could maybe still be dangerous as a Dragon, but i think the freak out is to much.

The story itself seems to be okay, but i think i don´t want the others assasins in there too, or do you meant another story for them?

cant wait for the next chapter

This is awesome. But I would like to see Altair with more character in the chapters to come. Is he a rebel or goodie? He wasn't very surprised to find he was a pony, is his life always an adventure or so plain it wasn't appealing to him... SO MANY QUESTIONS

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