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Hi, I'm just a simple guy with a love of writing, RPG, dr pepper and anything to do with MLP

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James is an ordinary 20-year old man. He's depressed with the state of his life. And he just so happens to be a master at using a Katana. He's probably the only human who wants to live a boring life and nothing else
On his way back from another failed relationship, however, James's Boring life is destroyed when he's sent to the magical land of Equestria, seemingly through his own death.
Follow James as he struggles to uncover what happened to him...and how he can be walking, talking and fighting....when every doctor he meets claim his heart isn't beating.

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There are many legends and mysteries in Equestria. Many of these speak of the Frozen forests. A realm, covered in snow and ice that inhabits the darkest places of a ponies mind, containing their darkest fears, their worst thoughts and their most-deeply held secrets, bound in the cold and the frost. Here, hidden in the icy expanse, lives the Lich-pony.

The ruler of the frozen forests and king of the snow, the Lich-Pony watches the masses, never seen, but always there. It has been his job to watch over the realm and protect its secrets for many millennium, isolated from the rest of the ponies....for good reason. But what if one, over-curious Unicorn, by the name of Twilight-Sparkle stumbled into the frozen forests? What if she met the Lich-Pony? And what if she left an exit open?

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The Reapers. A race of sentient, gigantic machines that emerge from dark space to wipe out all life in the galaxy every 50,000 years. But our generation fought back. We amassed the largest space fleet and fought them, for the whole of creation at stake. And it still wasn't enough.
We were out-matched and out-numbered. And my team, known as the Spectres, were all but wiped out.

My name is James. I'm a Spectre. I've crash landed on a planet inhabited by talking ponies. And the Reapers are still coming. This is my Story

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For centuries, Discord, the spirit of chaos, has worried over the possibility that he may have need of an heir. Unsurprisingly, the spirit had difficulty finding a suitor. Until He found a species more chaotic than even him. Humanity. It was in these chaotic, wild creatures that Discord planted the seed of his heir. Now, during the heirs fourteenth birthday, the time has come for him to return to Equestria and assume his place on the tricksters throne.
But Luna, the estranged sister of Princess Celestia, in need of a friend, may have changed things forever.

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There is a legend about a tree that can bear a fruit of pure gold. Capable of granting the consumer ultimate power. Guarded by the creature known as the first consumer, this "forbidden," fruit has drawn the eyes of many and claimed the lives of many more. Not one person has managed to gain the power of the fruit. Legends swirl around the golden fruit such as the name of the place the fruit is said to grow. Equestria.
Taking the fruit would mean the end of the world, sparking a war between the bearer of the fruit and those determined to keep the fruit from falling into the wrong hands. One cursed warrior is determined to challenge these guardians, take the fruit and be granted the ultimate power himself.

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