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A pony with no memory awakens in a strange facility.

New chapter every three days until the story is complete. More on that here.

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This is a tale passed down for generations, a tale of an age before there was peace between the Griffons and the Equestrians.

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[Story is old and bad, and is only left up as-is for archival purposes]

One morning, Twilight unexpectedly finds herself with two feathery wings attached to her back, with no explanation for their sudden appearance. While trying to avoid detection, she tries to figure out what has happened to her, but as more and more things in her life change without warning, she realizes that her days of normalcy are numbered. Difficult tasks await her, from figuring out what to do with herself and how to deal with her friends, to facing new challenges and trying to convince everypony that she’s still the same mare she was before. As much as she tries to keep everything the same, most of the things happening to her are out of her control, and she may not be able to handle the never-ending cascade of new responsibilities, and new expectations...

“...some ponies just aren’t cut out to handle the responsibility.” -Twilight Sparkle

[Collab] [Normal] [Suspense]

[Ch 1-5: Collab between GaruuSpike (Head Writer) and Beige Monkfish]

[Re-imagination of 'Responsibility' by GaruuSpike and 'Mediator' by Beige Monkfish]

Current Cover Art Courtesy of thefirewarde. (WIP)

(Any artists out there? Did you make fan-art of Expectations? Post it in a comment! We wanna see it!)

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