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"(The Cynical Brony would get arrested for) Complaining about other people's opinions in a coffee shop and ending up slapping the shit out of someone. :rainbowlaugh:" -The Hat Mann

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A request from L_Wolf.

Applebloom has always been a curios and rather intelligent filly. Scootaloo has finally learned how to fly, but Applebloom has her concerns. She decides to use the Griffin Chaser, but she might have chosen the wrong teacher. Join Rainbow Dash as she attempts to teach an earth pony to fly a helicopter.
NOTE: I do not own the cover art. I believe it was made by an artist called Ambris. It will be removed if requested.

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Pinkie Pie opens up a tourist trap in hopes of earning the Cakes some more money. She and her friends are the first to go, the gang happy to help out Pinkie. What Pinkie forgot to mention is that the attraction is and endless hole in the earth. Now, the Mane 6 are falling down, presumably forever. With no-one able to teleport or fly, what choice do they have but to pass the time telling stories? Inspired by the Gravity Falls episode of the same name.

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