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I have the same profile name on Fanfiction. I'm going to start posting my pony stories here as well. Enjoy my works.

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In the land of Dryadalis, the many races of creatures live in relative harmony. But with the return of the Woman in the Moon, the forces that have lurked in the shadows will come to the forefront once more. Will our young heroes be able to stop them?

Crossover with the 5e Dungeons and Dragons. Will not be a strict retelling of the FiM storyline, but the villains will pop up.

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Anger, Love, Greed, Compassion, Fear, Hope, Will
There was once a single man, but he was pulled into Equestria and fractured into the seven colors of the emotional spectrum. The seven entities born from this, desire to grow their power over the world. Despite being born from the same man, the seven will make moves against each other to control the future of Equestria.

~Time-wise, this starts between seasons four and five.
Despite the concept, this story will not be categorized as Displaced. This also means that there will be no crossovers with other people's stories.
More tags will be added as the story goes on.

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Void devours all. When Equestria is created, it wants to devour that universe. But it comes up against a very large roadblock, the natural barrier around the universe. Void has infinite patience, so it WILL devour Equestria, and all its inhabitants. It just needs some help first.

I will be adding the character tags as needed. There will be four chapters.

Chapters (4)
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