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[Part of the Skyverse. It is recommended you read the Prologue of "A Journey of Faith" before reading this.]

As you may be well aware, it's not every day that one of a country's cultural icons is lost - and when it does, it causes widespread panic. Rumours, conspiracy theories and denial run rife, and it takes years to recuperate...

So it was on the 19th of the 4th, 43 NCC. On that day, an incident occurred that sent shivers down the spine of every single pony in every cloud-city in the Sky. A band of pirates carefully co-ordinated an attack on one of Equestrian airspace's most beloved figureheads.

The attack failed... But the victory was phyrric, and the outcome would send a tremor throughout the Sky...

[Part of the Tales of the Sky series, and the first story in the Skyverse.]

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Many years into the future, a small group of friends live amidst a world of clouds, brass and adventure. They love nothing more than traversing the great waves of wind unto new horizons, discovering lost ships, hoards of treasure, abandoned cities and the like. So, in other words your bogstandard adventurers.

But fate is infamously cruel... One day one of their number is afflicted by a terrible, terrible curse - and while he recuperates, the remaining three must travel across the globe to find the ingredients needed to cure him. An already-daunting task, it would seem - but fate isn't finished with the trio. Secrets will be revealed, lives will be risked and friendships will be strained as the crew embark on the most perilous journey of their lives.

[On hiatus until I can actually start writing.]

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Thousands of years before the time of Twilight Sparkle, two children are born: The first natural alicorns in millennia. At the same time, a great evil dwells... A scientist, tapping into the taboo, creates an army of living shadows, ready to wage all-out war on all of Equestria... And the only ones who can stop it are the Princesses, Celestia and Luna. With Equestria in their hooves, will the young Princesses be able to cope with their newfound power, as the race they were born into collapses before their eyes?

NOTE: This story stars a villain from G1 MLP known as Grogar, who was initially a goat, but in this fic he is portrayed as a Unicorn. The reason for this is spoiler-y.

Formerly titled "Alicorns: The Fall of an Empire"

The cover art was made by myself (by fiddling with a Celestia vector)

Special thanks to my proofreader River Road (whose work can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/mwxmejl). Without his input and guidance, this fanfic probably would never have happened.

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Cyber Pulse is a very normal pony. He teaches Biology at a prestigious higher education centre, he has plenty of friends, and his life is generally enjoyable. And there isn't really that much more to say. Cyber is perfectly normal. he isn't the hero of this tale, in fact there is none. He is just a normal pony, living his normal life. This is a peek into his diary, a glimpse into the life of a total stranger... The life of a background pony.

WARNING: This fic contains some strong language.

Chapters (4)
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