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Two powerful beings on opposite ends of the spectrum. One ruled her land with kindness and order. The other saught to rule the world with his cahos and wickedness. Natural enemies. From birth they were doomed to fight. To seek the others destruction. But were they always like this? No. They once enjoyed much simpler times. Times when war and hate were nothing but a bad dream. When youth and arrogance worked hoof in hoof. When young love, seemed as though it would last an eternity. These are the times the two have forgotten. Until now.

Chapters (6)

Dedicated to the beloved FamousLastWords! Musical one shots featuring a charming young Dragon and a beautiful pegasus! These two shall be the lives of parties, singing romantic love songs to each other, or just having some good old fashioned musical fun!

Chapters (3)

Loves like rock and roll. Epic, intense, amazing, awesome. It gets your blood pumping, and adrenaline moving. That's exactly how Spike and Cloudchaser feel.

Chapters (1)

Spike is finally with Rarity! It's taken him years, but he's finally won her heart. Or...has he?

Cloudchaser has finally gotten her one and only, Thunderlane! Things couldn't be better. Or...could they?

Will these two find what they're really looking for in somepony else?

Chapters (11)

Hiccup is the great 'Dragon Master.' Feared by his enemies, loved by his people. But, there's something missing. If only he knew what it was....

Anna is a princess. Loved by her people, caring for her older sister. She loves enjoying her sister's ice powers more than anything! That is...if something wasn't missing. But, what is it?

Can both these ponies, who don't even know each other, discover what's missing?

Chapters (8)

Rarity is dealing with being such a popular designer. Now that her work is being sold all across Equestria, she rarely visits Ponyville. But, when she finally returns home, she begins making changes in her Boutique. When she purchases a stone statue to brighten up her place, things quickly become strange. And she meets the stallion...that will forever change her life.

Chapters (7)

Hearts and Hooves day is just around the corner. Princess Twilight and her friends are real excited. Well. . . almost. Twilight discovers a heart breaking secret about Rainbow dash. So Twilight and her friends get together to help Rainbow. But will they be able to save Hearts and Hooves day for her? Or will they have to change the name, to Heart Break and Hooves day? Find out.

Chapters (6)