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Spike is finally with Rarity! It's taken him years, but he's finally won her heart. Or...has he?

Cloudchaser has finally gotten her one and only, Thunderlane! Things couldn't be better. Or...could they?

Will these two find what they're really looking for in somepony else?

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This is a nice story, but in my opinion, you should have focused on one shipping for one story. Keep on going though, and you can make this something great! :pinkiehappy:

6428169 One shipping is ok. But, I like to create drama between more than just two characters.


And let the pain and suffering begin ? Fancy & De Les Boom! Spike & Rarity BOOM! Cloud and Flitter BOOM


They killed it with fire, can't wait for the real action.....

Forget thunderlane and spike. I would treat cloudchaser like she deserves

6428194 I believe you. But, Spike will later on.

6428187 Lol! Hilarious pictures. :pinkiehappy: And glad you liked the first chapter.

Well that's a rocky way to break it. Oh well, I'll see where this goes. For some reason I'm quite a fan of Spike and odd ships.

6428244 You and me both! :raritywink: And I really wanted an emotional beginning to the story. Makes your anticipation level rise.

Spike and Cloudchaser in the same story? Excuse me while I read the heck out of this.

6428579 Aww, thank you darling. Such a charmer.:twilightsmile:

He actually got drenched in tears? Ocular gushes are usually reserved for humourous situations you know.

... Hopefully you'll have a good explanation for that last line in the future.

Not to sound rude, but you seem to be mood swinging a bit much. I mean, Cloudchasher's throughout that conversation went from depressed, shocked, then welcoming, all in the span of a few minutes. Unless she's got a very short attention span, that feels a little weird.

Let the pain and suffering being!

Your grammar is the first step to pain and suffering.

(Just joking, dude. Looking forward to the next chapter!)

Oh snap! Things are about to get real!

6429265 Yeah she was ment to have a short attention span. I mean, it's not every day a Drgaon starts staring at you, holds onto you, then acts like nothing happened. And don't worry. I'll have a perfectly good explanation for the last line. Ok, maybe not good but, they'll be an explanation.

6429670 I put "thy" because I was trying to sound like Luna.


"Welcome to the Jerry Springer Show where we find out about the rash of knocked up mares in Ponyville!"

... Well. That escalated quickly.

Errr, why didn't she fly back to town?

6433525 Because she was too busy yelling at Spike, comforting him, then making friends with him.

6433659 You'd think the kidnapping part of it would be at the most forefront.

6433667 Yeah. But, she's more worried about other ponies than herself.

When did they get there?

6455597 They were already there. That's where they've been this whole time. He just needed to inform the king that they were so he wouldn't think they were enemies or spies.

Well, that escalated quickly. Seems like just yesterday she followed him into running away from Ponyville.

6554454 Indeed. Except it's been longer than that.

6557365 How much more though? The point is that it feels like an awfully short time.

6558905 Yeah, but it's been about a week already. And lets be honest, most love stories don't even last that. Like Disney for instance. The characters fall in love in like... two days! If even that.

Sooo... yeah.

... Am I really supposed to believe that you can just take magic out of something just like that? Uhh, this is a serious issue I have. I really hate any story that implies someone can lose their power so easily. Especially when said creature is supposed to be an apex predator who after living in a world of magic so long, you'd expect them to be above that.

Am with Eonflare on this. I find bull in this, also that share Glimmer threaten her both she wasn't specific with what she would do so I don't think she should believe her. Also I really aren't a dick and let Spike die and you have him beat Starlight.
Personally I hate Glimmer just with how OP she is and we where suppose to feel sorry for her.

6736437 Well, your just gonna have to get over it. Because shits gonna happen.

6735732 Well, not every character IS above that.

6737665 well am going to have to in joy the crazy ride, personal up til Glimmer coming out of no where I like this story.

Your stories are pretty good. If you ever wanna get some tips from yours truly, hit me up. :twilightsmile:

This story is really good another chapter please

Equestria we have a problem.....
:raritystarry: Get Spikey quick!
:twilightangry2: So you can cheat on him again?
:raritycry: please Twilight I beg you get Spikey!
:twilightsheepish: why?
:duck: it's about this............

:rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::flutterrage::ajbemused::twilightoops: you got to be bucking kidding!:duck:

I'm not sure if this is a logic flaw or merely an oversight, but last thing I remember is that Rarity was telling Spike that she's pregnant with Fancy Pants' foal, and that it has been probably a month into the pregnancy.

Simply put, how in the hell will Rarity even accompany Twilight and the others on this quest to try to find Spike (and probably rescue Cloudchaser as well--provided that there isn't a case of Stockholm syndrome happening). At a point Rarity's gonna be a even bigger liability because she's carrying a foal. I'm pretty sure that you don't want to see the reason for all of Spike's suffering just show up suddenly and with a baby bump to boot.

...Personally if there were gonna have any baby bumps, I would want for Cloudchaser to eventually have one, but that's way in the future.

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