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Loves like rock and roll. Epic, intense, amazing, awesome. It gets your blood pumping, and adrenaline moving. That's exactly how Spike and Cloudchaser feel.

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6440451 He's gonna pass on that offer.

Another spike and Cloudchaser fic? I think I'm in love with you. Let's just bury the hatchet and write fics together forever. :twistnerd:

6440729 Aww! You're making swoon! :twilightblush:

6440800 :moustache: "honest she's not angry anymore but we have another issue. . ."


:duck: "Spikey's such a charmer!"


6440914 But he's with..Cloudchaser.

6440922 here? yes....:pinkiehappy:


Other places not so much.....:pinkiegasp:

we all sail in the high seas in the night:trollestia:

6441378 He's still in love with Cloudchaser.

Is there going to be more of this story i hope so like had rarity fight for spike now that will be really funny

6688982 No. It was a short story.

Great story, I love Spike and Cloudchaser fics.

6902176 Cool! So glad you liked it.

nice story, short but sweet, like it

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