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After the War of the Ring and the return of peace to Middle-earth, Gandalf the White departs for Equestria to visit two old friends of his; specifically, a certain pair of alicorn sisters.

Yet he does not foresee that Equestria, like ponykind, has changed with the years since his previous visit, and so he is quite unprepared for what lies ahead. Can the Wizard endure the trials that this new journey will bring? Surely, but only if he makes a few more friends along the way.

Six more, to be exact.

Written with a heavily Tolkien-influenced style, which has been sampled by:


Countless thanks for your help, guys!

(Originally posted on 8/21/12 on FIMfiction. This is written by an author that has only seen the films and has yet to finish the books, so there may be slight discrepancies.)

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What does one do when their loved ones are taken away from them, much too early?

A visit to Zecora's hut by Spike and Twilight takes an unexpected, tragic turn.

As grief and guilt eat away at her, what can Twilight do to cope? Can her friends and family help as she descends into a storm of suffering?

Artwork is by SierraEx. He gets all the win for the cover. Nice guy, too.
You can check him out at deviantART here: http://sierraex.deviantart.com/

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FIRST AND FOREMOST: No Assassin's Creed related material here.

All seems well in Equestria until a certain draconequus returns with a vengeance. This time, however, there will be no more fun, games, and chocolate rain. For some reason, Discord's not joking around anymore.

Twilight Sparkle and her friends must die.

Since this is Discord, however... there's going to be a convoluted way to do it. And what could be more convoluted than having a ragtag band of pony mercenaries with a shrouded past (at least attempt) to eliminate the targets?

Co-authored with DinamoKiev, a friend of mine. Rated T for strong-ish language in later chapters and gore. Some very slight grimdark elements later, possibly, and be aware of possible character death.

Lovely cover image is from Ponies'R'us. I do not own it.
URL: http://poniesrus.tumblr.com/post/12628083501

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