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Hipster Brony will occasinaly write fics about my OC (Romance/ship, friendship,family love, etc.) Cutie mark: Script {for a play} Talent: Script writing

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940540 sorry dude unless your 115 or 935 no OC you just cant hand it out to anyone its like asking michael bay if you can be in his next movie he wont let you unless you reach certain qualities

940305 MUCH BETTER sure the mane 'style' is still a rip off but its good now and also no your not in the fanfic unless your the 115th reader or the 935th

938790 Now i have made a new oc still the same name. and not based on a mane 6.

938509 *sigh* okay one more chance you got the body and accesories are good but the mane is still a rip off and NO ALICORN OC'S heres some guidance i based my OC off of me a hipster combined with my favourite element: Poison thus creating Poisonian and plus unless your the 115th or 935th viewer then your not gonna get in it

936345 I made a new oc called Whiteshield Cat. ad i have not used a mane 6 base caracter.:raritywink::twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2:

936238 *sigh* okay okay thats still not ORIGINAL its still rainbow dash but with accesories your OC is what people make fun of OC's look like so heres what you need to do:START THE FUCK OVER dont use a base mane 6 character dont use a base backround character see what i did with my OC? i made him original he is the colors of POISON which has to do with his name and even look at abbiden he made his original too he is white with a brown mane and southern (not sure why that side) uniform on

I made a new oc called Rainshield Dash.

I love your story and i want my oc in the fanfic. oh and my oc's name is Rainlight Sparkdash.

Herzlich willkommen Sie auf der Website.

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