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Not too long ago, humans were believed by all right-thinking, sane ponies to be nothing more than breezie tales. After all, what sort of creature could live and breathe without magic permeating their very existence?

Once an interdimensional fissure appeared in Equestria, however, ponies came into contact with those very same creatures, right out of the storybooks! The two races barely had time to begin initiating relations before the ice was suddenly broken for them. Eirene, Princess of Peace and daughter of Cadance and Shining Armor, was born, and a new would-be changeling queen now has the opportunity she needs to start her own hive... at the expense of Eirene's love. Worse, if the newborn foal cannot safely reach the Crystal Empire before the next dark moon, the princess's gift of peace to the hearts of Equestrians will be lost forever.

With threats arraying against them and time running very short, the ponies turn to the one advantage they have, the one thing no changeling could possibly predict: one human volunteer, willing to protect Eirene from the evil magics of the world and see her home safely...

...at any cost.

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Conversion Bureau one-shot. As the Barrier continues to grow, the HLF spreads thin trying to harden positions deeper inland in the United States. Paul, a fighter with the HLF, is left behind—and alone—to guard the last checkpoint along a major route of egress from Earth.

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A lovestruck knight in Equestria's early days, unconvinced of his own worthiness, decides that he must prove himself to the mare he loves. With Princess Cadence as his guide, he is put on a quest by the Crown to go forth and right wrongs and ease sorrows associated with latent Chaos, all while learning of the Elements of Harmony from the ponies' companion races.

The entire piece is written in iambic pentameter, with the exception of a few English sonnets, which are italicized.

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The Barrier has made landfall at various points on the east coast of North America, allowing rates of egress to Equestria to skyrocket. However, with the encroaching wall of magic comes the dangerous no-man's-land of lawless roads and abandoned towns. The last few miles to Equestria are among the most dangerous for newfoals, and with the fresh overflow of emigrants, it often falls to small teams of humans, collectively known as the Railroad, to escort the ponies to their new paradise.

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I've been working on a completely separate My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic story for the past year, and as of this blurb I'm about eighty thousand words into it, but it's not ready for publishing. Early on in the writing of that story (March 2011), I decided to write a quicker spinoff story of The Conversion Bureau, which I saw on the Equestria Daily blog. The initial story seemed to get mixed reactions, but regardless of how people felt about the story itself, folks were having fun writing spinoffs. I thought it'd be fun too, so here's what I came up with.

Contains a smattering of bad language and gun-related violence.

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