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In a freak storm, the abandoned building Sunset had been calling home for almost four years was destroyed, lightning and fire leaving naught but memories and ash. Her friends rally around her, offering support and a sofa to sleep on.

But this won't do - not for Generosity.

But even with a roof over her head, Sunset can't help but feel out of place. It's up to Rarity to look after her friend, and maybe even help Sunset find herself a home?

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Celestia finds her sister depressed, something weighing heavily upon her mind. When she roots out the source of Luna's sadness, she makes a suggestion that would help both her, and their kingdom - make friends with Queen Chrysalis.

After all, they were foal-hood friends, so what could go wrong?

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Every year for the last eighteen years, Mac has made a trip to visit his parents' grave. Every year he cries himself to sleep, waking up the morning after, feeling just as alone as the night before.

But not this year. This year Mac is going to take his new marefriend, Rainbow Dash, to meet his parents, and she intends to break the cycle.

Written for Captain Unstoppable's MacDash Challenge.

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