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Celestia finds her sister depressed, something weighing heavily upon her mind. When she roots out the source of Luna's sadness, she makes a suggestion that would help both her, and their kingdom - make friends with Queen Chrysalis.

After all, they were foal-hood friends, so what could go wrong?

Chapters (4)
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Okay so this story has really caught my interest. It has a lot of potential and I want to see what you can do with said potential.

However I must inform you of a huge error. No it's not grammatical, although you might have a few of those as well
However It seems that when you posted chapter 2 you just so happened to re-post chapter 1 as chapter 2. I have seen this mistake more then once so I don't really blame you. Sometimes is the technologies fault and sometimes it's operator error(I know even expereanced site users have made Sumatra mistakes in the past as well). Buy it's an easy fix thank goodness.

Do you think you could fix that? Please.
And if you have the true chapter 2 ready could you put it up as well? please.


Interesting start and seems to be quite well written. And I think there's more to Chryssie's change after Luna was banished.

Thanks for the heads up.

And you 'were' supposed to have chapter 2 :P
(Which is weird - chapter three is fine, so no idea what happened)

I hope I don't let you down.

That can only end well.

So far I like it. Thought I read the comics and see the queen changeling in a different light...This is so far a interesting story.

7477059 Stuff happens. Thanks for fixing this.
Another good chapter. And I think my Trollestia senses are tingling. :trollestia:


... Why do I feel that's how Celestia kept peace for so long, always tricking any opponents into peaceful solutions?

She avoided taking the pancakes; Celestia was rather possessive of those, and Luna liked having functioning hooves.

... She's talking from experience, isn't she?

... Of course Sunbutt would share no information. :facehoof:

I feel the next chapter will contain some interesting info.

So I take it this story will have sad moments?

Yes she is - the incident occurred not long after her return. She still feels the twinges in her nerves when it get cold.

There will be some, put I don't intend anything bad enough to require the 'Sad' tag.

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