• Published 19th Jan 2017
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From the Ashes - RC2101_Copey

After the loss of her home, Sunset moves in with Rarity and finds more than she ever expected.

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1 - Out in the rain

Thunder roared in the distance, echoing off the hills around Canterlot City’s streets. The rain hammered down, pelting the ground and anyone silly enough to be out in it. As the rain streaked down her cheeks, it mixed indistinguishable from the tears that flowed from her eyes, before running down and being washed away.

The fire had been put out, and the emergency services had recently departed, but there remained patches of ground and rouble still warm enough to turn the rain to steam, a chorus of light hisses releasing bursts of mist. Sunset stood, her eyes glued to the pile of bricks and twisted metal, the only remains of what had, for the last four years, been her home.

Not only had the fire claimed the roof over her head, but it had taken everything with it. Her head twitched as another sound entered the fray - rain striking upon plastic.

Well, maybe not everything.

The tell tale splash of a few footsteps later, and Sunset found the source of the sound now directly overhead, the rain no longer hitting her. “Oh my goodness! Darling, are you okay?”

Turning her head, Sunset found Rarity standing next to her, dressed to the nines in fashionable wet weather gear. “Yes Rares, I’m not hurt. I wasn’t in there when the lightning struck or when the fire started.”

Rarity threw her free arm around her, pulling her into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay. When we got your message, we were so worried.” More splashes drew her attention, and she soon spotted the rest of her friends making their way over.

Applejack stopped short, and she cast her eyes over the remains of the building. “Gosh darnit...Sunset. That there was yer house wasn’t it?” Sunset nodded mutely, her face void of emotion. “That entire complex has been condemned for years! What in tarnation possessed you to live here?”

Cold eyes bore into Applejack for a moment, and cold words followed. “When I first came to this world, I had nothing. I did what I could, and I found myself here. At first it was just a means to an end, somewhere to store my things, but as time went on I came to like it, then love it.”

Applejack's face dropped, realisation hitting her like a ton of bricks. She had never thought about the hardships Sunset had been forced to endure, alone in an alien world. Thus, part of her now felt bad; she had never even considered thinking about where Sunset lived, and it left her feeling as if she had failed as a friend.

She watched as Sunset finally returned Rarity’s hug. “And now I know how Twilight felt when her tree was destroyed.”

Rainbow and Fluttershy had been quiet, neither knowing what to say, but they could feel the emotion in the air. Rainbow retrieved Pinkie, who had been jumping in puddles, and together the girls surrounded Sunset in a group hug.

“Thanks girls.” The genuine warmth they could all hear let them know she was still in there. “But what am I going to do? Where am I going to live now?”

“Hey,” Rainbow poked her shoulder, “I’m pretty sure one of us could put you up for a while. Isn’t that right girls?” A chorus of nods and yeses flowed around the group.

Sunset sniffed, and wiped a fresh tear from her eye. “Really, thank you. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone, though.”

“Aww shucks, Sunset, you’d never be.” Applejack put a hand on her shoulder.

Pinkie bounced around the group, a smile on her face. “Lets all go to SugarCube Corner, and discuss where Sunset can stay over a round of hot cocoa; this rain is starting to chill me to the bone. Brrrrrrrr.” Shaking off the rain like a dog, Pinkie bounced away from the group and headed towards Applejack’s truck, seemingly hitting every puddle on the way there, but never once causing a splash.

Rather than question it, the rest of the girls smiled and shook their heads, before following after her.

A hot steaming mug of cocoa slid it's way across the table and into awaiting hands.

“Thanks.” Sunset said as she accepted the beverage. She held it in her hands, the heat feeling glorious on her cold palms. She sat sandwiched between AppleJack and Fluttershy, a towel draped around her shoulders. Feeling cozy, she lifted the mug to her lips and took a deep draft, smiling as the warmth spread throughout her core.

Joining them at last, Pinkie slipped in on the opposite bench to Sunset. “I’m real sorry about what happened Sunset,” she gave a rueful smile, “do you have anyone you can stay with?”

The amber girl deflated, slumping down between her friends. “You know I don’t. I came through the portal alone.”

“Then why not go back?” Pinkie replied, tilting her head in confusion, one Sunset returned full force.

“I think she means,” Fluttershy spoke up quietly, “that maybe you could go back to Equestria, stay with your family, or even Twilight. Couldn’t you?”

“Well, I mean… I guess I could. But what about my life here? What about school? And you guys - I’d hate to disappear, even for a little while.”

“What about what I suggested earlier, girls? Could one of us take her in for a while? I know my dad would be cool with it, it’s more an issue with space at my place.”

“Me and mine would gladly welcome in anyone in need, especially a friend.” Applejack thumped the table for emphasis. “Sure we ain’t got a room made up right now, but give it a day or two, and our couch aint bad till then.”

Sunset smiled, her friends could always work out a solution. She was about to thank her farm girl friend when a white arm shot out over the table. “The couch? Oh no no no, that simply won’t do.” Rarity pulled her arm back, “I quite often find myself looking after my sister at the drop of a hat, so my spare room is already made up, just incase. Sunset, you can stay with me as long as you need to.” Or they could just do even better.

“Thank you, Rarity, really. If you are sure I won't be a nuisance?”

“Pish posh Darling, you could never be. Though, if you are about ready to go, we can swing by my boutique on the way; something tells me you need to pick up a new wardrobe.” She saw Sunset begin to deflate again. “Now Darling, you know I didn’t mean to remind you of things you have lost, but perhaps you can look at this a new way.” She was met with 5 sets of confused eyes. “Since coming here, you have changed - you are a new you. And now, everything from your old life is behind you, and you can, from the ashes, rise anew like a phoenix.”

Across the table, Rainbow lifted up her mug. “To the phoenix!”

“To the phoenix!” six mugs clinked together.

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