• Published 19th Jan 2017
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From the Ashes - RC2101_Copey

After the loss of her home, Sunset moves in with Rarity and finds more than she ever expected.

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6 - Week's End

Sunset found herself staring at the board, and she was vaguely aware that the teacher had been filling it with notes, but nothing registered. After the emotions of the last day, she was left feeling somewhat numb. Rarity had been kind enough to explain to their teacher about things, so she wasn’t likely to get in trouble for her lack of attention.

Actually, Rarity had been really kind lately, and it warmed her through the otherwise cold feeling she had.

The lessons past by in a blur, and she would need to borrow someone's notes later. Leaving the classroom at first break, her stomach suddenly fell, the realisation that she now had a chance to check her locker. She gulped loudly, and her skin paled. Almost instinctively, Rarity nudged her shoulder with her own. “Come on. I’m here whether you find it or not.”

Courage resurgent, Sunset made her way to the corridor housing her and the girl’s lockers. She strode up to her locker, and took a hold of the combination lock. With a calming breath, she exhaled slowly and spun the tumblers round until all four clicked into place. With a final click, the lock popped open. Sunset stayed there with her had on the lock, unmoving, until a nudge from her friend prompted her to actually pull the door open.


except a few sheets of paper and a couple of pens. The book wasn’t there. Sunset felt her knees go weak and her vision go blurry, but Rarity caught her before she fell, and pulled her into a hug. As she began to cry her friend reached behind her and shut the locker; there was nothing in it worth locking right now.

Once Sunset had control of her breathing again, they released each other, and Rarity gave her a packet of tissues. “Thanks.” Rarity smiled and led her outside. They quickly found the rest of their friends, and each one took a turn to give Sunset a hug, and a few words of encouragement.

A light smile crossed her face; she might have lost connection to her old world, but this one had far from ended. And with the friends around her now she knew she would be fine, even if it did take a while. So as the girls sat and talked, she couldn’t help but glance at the one who had stepped up to help her the most, and ideas to return the favor were already in the works.

Rarity had dropped Sunset off at her house after work, before having to apologize multiple times. It wasn’t until after the third one that Sunset pushed her out the door, telling her she would be fine.

Still not happy with herself, Rarity had jumped back in her car and driven to her boutique. Today was one of her three open days, and she quickly set about restocking the shelves and setting up the displays before flipping her signs to ‘open’ at six.

There was a steady amount of customers like usual. A few made purchases, but the most taxing work came from the ladies whom wanted custom works or alterations. Even though her turnout would be considered small by most, it kept her busy, moving from the front of the shop, through to the back or the fitting room. By the time Ten rolled around it was a struggle to not drag her feet - a lady must always keep her form.

Flipping the signs to closed, she secured the windows and doors, and put away her work materials. Her pile of orders was as big as it was when she arrived, even though she was sure she had completed three outfits. Sighing to herself, she flicked off the lights and headed out, locking the rear door after herself.

Famished, she wondered if her guest had eaten anything yet, so she pulled out her phone and rang her landline. “I’m not sure what I fancy tonight, I hope Sunset has some ideas,” Ring Ring, Beep Beep, “engaged? She’s probably just talking to one of the others. Oh well.” She put her phone away, and climbed into her car.

The short drive home was punctuated with another fight with her front door. As she finally forced it open, she caught the tail end of a conversation; “...it now yeah, that bad. So I’ll see you Saturday. Thanks Brick, bye.” With a beep the conversation ended, and Sunset walked out into the hallway. “Welcome back.” She smiled.

Not quite sure what she had just heard, Rarity forced a smile. “It’s good to be home, yes. Have you eaten?”

Sunset nodded. “I have, sorry I couldn’t wait. But I’ve done enough for you; it’s in the oven on low.”

Her fake smile was replaced with a genuine one. “Thank you, Darling.” She unloaded herself of her coat and bags, and shuffled through to the kitchen. She retrieved her food and joined Sunset, who had relocated to the couch. She slipped her lower half under the blanket immediately, the chilly draft already biting at her legs.

The last hours of the day were spent watching silly television dramas, the pair laughing at the unlikely and awkward scenarios the character found themselves in. As the clock flashed eleven at night, Rarity yawned and stood up.

“I’m afraid I need to get my beauty sleep now darling. Will you be alright tonight?”

Sunset blinked, then realised what she meant. “Yes, thanks,” she smiled to her friend, “I’ll be ok, I just need to finish something before I head up. Goodnight Rarity.”

“Goodnight.” Rarity gave her a little wave, before heading out of the room and up the stairs. The creaks prevented her from moving slowly, or she would have attracted attention, but she did manage to catch a glimpse of Sunset working on a piece of paper. It looked like a list of some kind.

A list; and someone called Brick - Rarity’s curiosity was piqued, but she would have to investigate later.

The weekend came mercifully fast, allowing the girls a respite from school for two days. The two friends bid farewell to the rest of their group in the car park, and not long after they arrived back at Rarity’s. One door fight later, and they had flopped on the couch.

“I love seeing everyone and I enjoy most of our classes, but there is just something draining about being at school.”

“Oh I know Darling, I’m glad the weekend is here too. Still, I plan to get my homework done tonight, and I’m running my boutique tomorrow. I think Pinkie wants to host something on Sunday so that should be fun.”

“Oh,” Sunset blurted out, “Do you know when? I’m busy most of Sunday.”

“You are?” Rarity asked, her curiosity back in force. She left it hanging for a few seconds, but continued when no answer seemed forthcoming. “I think it was late afternoon, maybe four or five o’clock.”

After a few seconds internal calculations, Sunset replied, “I think I can make that work. So, a quick snack and then make a start on our homework?”

It was an obvious change of subject, but when her stomach grumbled Rarity let it drop, and moved to help her friend in the kitchen.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the delay folks. I lost my writing partner earlier this year, and with it the drive to write.

But hopefully, that ends now!

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