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Short pony dream of a yellow submarine · 9:40pm Tuesday

I found myself on a shoreline as a pony (always neat, i even had to learn to walk that way in dreams..). There stood the mane 6, and Luna. We had some kind of long mission given to us of world-ending class. There was a golden submarine we got in and took off on our voyage. At some point someone got in Luna's face about her being evil before, and it was very upsetting but realistic. Alas that is about all there is. Very vivid. So yes, we all lived in a yellow submarine.

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2291915 It's all cool

2291913 Well I didn't know you were here during your time.

2291790 I'm slightly confused. I've been here a long time? Hehe.

Welcome to the site, hope you're having fun.

I seek neither fame nor glory, just to tell an epic yarn. Heh heh heh.

It is a crime that you are not more recognized.
Snippet Story is one of the most wonderful FoE fics I've ever perused.

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