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While in the Depths of Tartarus, Screwball witnesses the death of her father. Finally, the reaper got the elusive chaos god. The chaotic magic from her father is absorbed by Screwball. The magical whiplash causes rips in the universe to emerge. An unfortunate human falls in. Unable to survive in the depths of hell, Screwball saves him without knowledge of the ramifications. This action thrusts our human Anthony Miles into the driver's seat, allowing him to control the body of the chaotic filly.

Report any grammatical mistakes or spelling issues you find along with plot holes. I'll be sure to address all of them.

Prologue is broken into two parts.

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Brad is not your ordinary kid. being 18 years old would change that indeed. He is very 'In tune' with nature, having an uncanny ability to comprehend animals and to help them with their troubles. He is Kind to a fault, preferring animals over people any day of the week. Thrown into equestria by strange lightning, he must find the six harmony stones and activate them, passing their trials and locate the scepter to be granted one wish. Not to mention that he is also 20 years in the past, prior to the season one premiere.
Join Brad in his journey as he lives through the mane sixes childhoods in pursuit of these artifacts.
Credit due to Dash attack for the story idea and inspiration to create my own version! check his out!

Artwork drawn for my story by Justice Berglund on deviantart. (click picture source for bigger picture)

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(I wasn't able to fit all that I had wanted to into the short description.)
An alternate sequence of events in the two-part episode "The return of harmony", discord manages to dodge the swirly rainbow of doom and he manipulates it to turn the six mares into stone. To prevent their power from falling into discord's hands, the energy that makes up the harmony elements shoots into space to find a group of four who have the capability to stop discord. What will happen?

Every like I and positive comment I receive motivates me to write, and every dislike and hurtful comment I get causes me to feel sad and I'll lose the motivation to write.

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A fourty year old human discovers ties to equestria when he gets hospitalized. contact is made to the queen of the changelings and travels to equestria.
(To avoid spoiling the first chapter, a lot of the description information has been dumbed down... A LOT)


(if you find any errors point them out to me and i'll fix them)

Meet Stanley Myers.

A fourty year old man who lives in a rundown apartment in upstate Washington. after getting his leg ran over by a car and is hospitalized, he turns on the tv and watches MLP friendship is magic. he finds it hard to believe that he could possibly enjoy the show but he gets hooked. that night in his dreams, he is contacted by his real mother and is given an opportunity to travel back to Equestria.

'back'? yeah, he lived in equestria for ten years. Due to an unknown source, the first ten years of his life were erased from his memory and replaced with new ones that aren't his.

To top all of that off, Stanley is bipedal.
A Bipedal changeling

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