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The colt Vanilla lives in Canterlot but has never learned to fly, his wings always clamped to his side, often feeling dead. He spots a filly in the Upper Districts of Canterlot, and from there, he falls in love. This is his story of searching his feelings and for his love, and their fateful second encounter.

The story is based off and made around the song Vanilla Twilight.

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After the liberation of the Crystal Empire, a curious student asks about what else is out in the frozen wasteland of the north. In response, a research team is gathered. Through their exploration, one scientist unlocks an ancient monstrosity that was long forgotten. Now, the Elements of Harmony must learn of this creature and how to stop it before it destroys the world and everything in it.

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Everything was going so well...

The shuttle had launched without a hitch, and the experimental teleport drive didn't blow us to kingdom come. No, it was something else that did us in. Now, I am alone in the void of space, locked on a course with destiny, and a star that doesn't shine.

All in the name of science and for the glory of Equestria.

This is Commander Airheart, signing out for the last time.

There was a song when I was a little filly. It was different, just like me...

Twinkless Twinkless spot of black
in the starry zodiac...

Log transmission ends due to magical interference or anomaly.

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Ginger Snap had waited for this day. Waited for the opportunity to earn her next patch. She could feel the adventure in the air. She might even get her cutie mark to boot. A short tumble changed all of this. Now trapped in the Everfree, Ginger Snap must figure out how she is going to survive in the wilderness with an unknown chance of rescue. Her dreams of adventure became all too real...

Thanks are given to Scintillance for editing.

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