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Ginger Snap had waited for this day. Waited for the opportunity to earn her next patch. She could feel the adventure in the air. She might even get her cutie mark to boot. A short tumble changed all of this. Now trapped in the Everfree, Ginger Snap must figure out how she is going to survive in the wilderness with an unknown chance of rescue. Her dreams of adventure became all too real...

Thanks are given to Scintillance for editing.

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Iiiiiinteresting premise....

Thank you. I had some other ideas, but I will see if they pan out in the future.

Trying to prevent her hat from flying off, she moves her

Something's missing here...

I am changing some things, thank you for pointing that out. I also need to change the thoughts to italics.

Unfortunately, I can't post anything new tonight. :pinkiesad2: Sorry about that. I will post as soon as I get the chapter back from my editor.

(second edit on april 29)
Yeah, sorry about the edit. Didn't want to make another comment. Alright, only one question now. Does anypony want a sequel? I made the ending, but a sequel is optional. Yeah, also, could you drop a comment saying hello or something? It is kind of lonely at my end, and while I may not have many viewers, it is still kind of empty here...

Anyway, Toodles!


Now that I look back, I have done that a couple times... But I usually fixed it before publishing... Usually...

Her dreams of adventure became all to real...

Watch out for that :applejackconfused:

Thanks for saying, I will look for that and correct it. Most chapters are written in a short time...


(whoops, how did I not notice it in the description...)

Ok this fanfic discrimination sounds really cool :rainbowderp:

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