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Everything was going so well...

The shuttle had launched without a hitch, and the experimental teleport drive didn't blow us to kingdom come. No, it was something else that did us in. Now, I am alone in the void of space, locked on a course with destiny, and a star that doesn't shine.

All in the name of science and for the glory of Equestria.

This is Commander Airheart, signing out for the last time.

There was a song when I was a little filly. It was different, just like me...

Twinkless Twinkless spot of black
in the starry zodiac...

Log transmission ends due to magical interference or anomaly.

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Well, I'm sorry I couldn't please you, my first down voter. I don't know what caused you to do this, but I will strive to improve my story writing because of it. Please accept my apologies for offending your eyes with this. If there is anything I can do to fix the story, please say.

(Edit: May 2, 11:02 AM)

(I just realized what I did wrong... I think. You see, if you were looking for a sad story, it hasn't quite reached that point. I will make it sad, or at least try, but otherwise sorry if it ruined your expectations. Yeah, I really should get on it. This is my first attempt at this kind of story, and I was trying to make the character more realistic so if something actually does happen, you feel worse.)

Hmmm, not bad. It seems a bit rushed so far. For example, the part when Airheart talks about the explosion didn't have as much impact or interaction with the other characters. Other than that, it's a nice idea and grammar all seems to be perfect. Well done :pinkiehappy:

I will edit the chapter, and try to make the characters interact more... Or at least, slow it down. After all, I don't know how long this one will be.

Alright, I have gained enough courage to work on the next chapter. It will probably be up in 24 hours or so. I think I know what I am doing now, and will try to make it more like the tag it is associated with.

Alright, another chapter should be up soon, but this story unfortunately is near the end. I am not feeling entirely well (physically fine, mentally stable for now, but spiritually (if you can call it that) I feel drained. I do not feel as if I can continue this, but I do plan to go out with a bang. All hope will be lost, and the darkness shall consume all. The greatest fears shall be awakened, and a sequel might be in the planning.

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