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  • EThe Green Room
    What started as a simple hike turned into a disaster. Now alone, Ginger Snap must use her Filly Scout training to survive in the Everfree and await rescue from ponies who may never come.
    Toodle Flip · 12k words  ·  10  0 · 327 views
  • EA Vanilla and Violet Swirl
    Vanilla, a small pegasus colt, follows his dreams in pursuit of his love and in doing so, learns to fly.
    Toodle Flip · 4.5k words · 560 views
  • TSomething Bad is Coming Down
    From the Frozen North, a monster only seen in Ancient Equestria awakens for the first time in millenia. It is a cataclysm, and the only cure vanished centuries ago. But the ponies don't know that.
    Toodle Flip · 6.7k words · 340 views
  • ETwinkless Spot of Black
    Our mission was simple, our technology... the best. But that didn't stop a change in fate when going out into the void of space. I used to think the sky was filled with stars and light. It's actually unedning darkness.
    Toodle Flip · 4.9k words · 269 views