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The following story takes place in the Equestria at War universe. It contains no real spoilers for any nation, and does not require any prior knowledge of EaW to understand. Enjoy!

Though Queen Chrysalis knew that changelings could live almost anywhere, she was still surprised to hear about an isolated island nation of changelings on the other side of the world. This was quite the interesting development, as she was currently waging war with Equestria.

She had wondered if these foreign changelings might be interested in helping with her subjugation of ponykind. Though she had long since dissolved her diplomatic channels due to perceived incompetence, Chrysalis wanted to send some form of emissary to ask them to aid her cause.

And thus she sent one of her spies to visit Greneclyf, the island of harmonious changelings.

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The following story takes place in the Equestria at War universe. It contains major spoilers for the Dread League.

Rosa Maledicta. The name once struck fear into all who heard it, but now there was no one left to hear it.

Her Black Crusade against the living has just ended. She had done it. Everyone, everywhere, was dead. The world was empty. Now the self-proclaimed Queen of Bones stands atop her tower in Magehold, reflecting upon her experiences in life and unlife. It had taken a lot of work to get here, after all.


Despite harboring an intense hatred for the living, she couldn't help but wonder...

Was it really worth it?

(Trigger warning: Death via falling from a great height as well as via blunt trauma)

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The following story takes place in the Equestria at War universe. It contains major spoilers for the Manehatten Protecterate.

Lilac didn't consider herself the leader type. And yet here she was, overseeing the vast city of Manehatten and the surrounding provinces. Years ago, after Equestria was conquered, Chrysalis had personally put her in charge of the shining city.

But Lilac soon learned that the ponies of Manehatten wouldn't give up their freedom even after the war was lost. Riots and uprisings were commonplace, and Lilac had her hooves full for years trying to put out the fires. Eventually, after countless promises, reforms, and policies enacted, she had finally gotten most of the ponies to see her not as a tyrant, but as the Protectress she claimed to be.

But the pony resistance was an ever present thorn in her side. Never quitting, never losing hope that one day Equestria could be free again. Thankfully for Lilac, she had managed to pull off something she thought impossible.

She had finally captured them. The leaders of the Equestrian Liberation Front. Now she was presented with the hardest choice she faced yet: What does she do with them?

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[Update January 2020]: I apologize to those that had taken a genuine interest in this story. I don't see myself finishing it ever, as what I find interesting and fun to talk and write about have changed significantly since I started this story. Still, I won't be deleting it, as its still important to look upon old projects for guidance and lessons. Hiding it wouldn't do anything good.]

There wasn't a single thing I wanted more than to live my life in Equestria. I would have killed for this opportunity! But now... I just want to leave.

My name is Amaron, I'm 18 years old, and I'm now a test subject for some secret corporation. I don't how or why I got here, but at least until they manage to bring more humans over, I'm classified as "too important for dangerous testing". Hopefully that doesn't change anytime soon.


No previous knowledge of the SCP Foundation is needed in order to understand this story. Basically, its a secret organization that collects anomalous objects, creatures, and other unnatural things, and keeps the world safe from them. More information on the SCP Foundation can be found here. There is also a free game called SCP Containment Breach, found here.

Character tags will be added if/when they appear.

Rated Teen for taking place in a semi-dark universe, Dark tag for... spoilers.

Cover image taken from here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/SCP-Foundation-Background-1-336854099

This is my first story. Critique is appreciated.

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