• Published 9th Mar 2013
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Unity at Dusk - AlphatheGriffin17

Book III. With the lord of chaos released from stone and being the only none-Element, Dusk is left behind by the others. But he will soon discover that there is much more to him than he could have ever known...

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Prelude to Chaos

There was nothing. No light, no time, no up, no down. Just the cold, dark and harsh stone that encased his body, that had kept him imprisoned for over a thousand years. He didn't think that he would ever escape his stony prison… and he was really quite bored after being stuck for so long. He just wanted to have a little fun.

Then he felt something. A small surge of chaotic energy shoot through his body, so small he almost missed it. It was tiny, but he knew it would be enough. He twitched his body, felt a small section of stone crack. Letting out a chuckle at this small victory, he moved once more, his lion's arm freeing itself this time. Now to see if his powers hadn't worn down after all these years. With a snap of his fingers, he turned the remaining stone into custard, shaking the yellow substance off of his serpentine body and letting out a triumphant bellow of laughter. At last, he was free! After all of these years.

Discord let out another cackle. "Oh, it's good to be back!" He gave his neck a small crack. "Hm, a thousand years encased in stone really isn't good for the muscles. Time to stretch my legs a bit!"

He snapped his fingers once more, summoning a treadmill and running on it upside down. As he did, he created a mirror and looked himself over. Still that handsome pony head, sharp horns, fine wings and fierce claws. Yep, he was all here and ready to wreak some wonderful chaos.

"Now, what have I missed after all of these years." He saw a pony walking by, a royal guard. Before the guard even knew what happened, Discord touched his head and tapped into his mind. With powers only he had access to, he learned all that had happened in the millennia he'd been gone in an instant. "Good lord, I'd forgotten how boring harmony is."

He left the guard where he stood, where he threw off his armour and began to dance the can-can. He had to let the good people he'd come back somehow. He was a little dismayed that one of his few remaining servants, the Paraserpent, had been destroyed by Celestia. Oh well, he could always make more of them later.

One piece of information that he'd learned gave him pause for thought. The Elements of Harmony were no longer connected to dear Celestia and her little sister anymore, but to a group of six mares. They'd even re-discovered the element of Magic. How very interesting, new things to play with! He'd need to learn more about them that would make things even more fun. But they still hadn't found it yet. Even better…

Already a plan was forming in his cunning mind. The first step was to take the Elements of Harmony and hide them away someplace. It had been too long since he'd indulged in one of his favourite games. Then, he would need to separate them and work his magic. This was going to be an absolute joy.

"Right," he said to himself, "time to have some fun, time to play, time to take these Elements and hide them away. Soon I'll be back on my throne and there I shall stay, oh happy and glorious day!" He gave a wide beam to nopony in particular. "I'm in a rhyming mood right now, now for this thespian of chaos to take a bow." He did so and vanished in a flash of light, off to spread chaos once more.

Yes, thought Discord, it was good to be back.

Though she usually rested during the day, something awoke Princess Luna from her sleep, something that made her sit up in her bed and gasp. It was brief, a surge in magical energy, in the world, one that she hadn't felt for a very long time. But it was there, she'd felt it. She knew what had happened, before she even needed to check.

Discord was free, after all of these years.

She rose from her mattress and began to pace worriedly around her room. So, the prophecy was coming to pass, just as Fore Sight predicted, just as she had feared. No doubt her sister had felt it too. Soon, she would call the Wielders to use the Elements once more, but she knew it wasn't going to be that easy this time. There would be hardships to come, terrible deeds and magic, but they would have to make through this. And she knew how.

She ceased pacing, crossing over to a box that she kept by her bed. Opening it, she unrolled the scroll that she had taken from the Archive of Prophecy. Her eyes travelled over the page once more, taking in the words she'd read a dozen times over. There might be a chance Tia would believe her now that this had happened, but it wasn't likely. Besides, after what she had done as Nightmare Moon, she felt this was her chance to pay something back to her home.

She heard hoofsteps approaching and quickly stowed the scroll away, just as her sister entered the room. She faced her, both of them sharing a look of grim knowing.

"You felt it?" she asked.

"I did, and you?"

"Yes." She sighed. "I had a feeling that perhaps the magic we cast would wear off now that the Elements have moved on but… I was always hoping it would hold him."

"Clearly, it hasn't," pointed out Luna. "So, what course of action shall we take?"

"The same as we did last time. You know as well as I do the Elements are the only things that can stop Discord."

"You think that Twilight Sparkle and her friends are ready to stand against him?"

"They will have to be, you know full well we are powerless compared to him," Celestia reminded her.

Luna then asked the question they were both thinking. "What of Dusk?"

"He isn't one of the Elements, the best he can do is stay out of the way and try not to get hurt," she answered immediately.

"There may be a way that he can help."

"Luna," she said warningly, but the Princess of the Night pressed on.

"Don't try to deny it Tia, you know full well what's happening here is as detailed in the prophecy and you know what it means. Why do you still deny-?"

"Luna!" She recoiled from her sister's commanding tone. "We have had this discussion before. The Elements were sufficient last time, they will be this time. I admit you were right on this count, but how can the rest of it possibly be true?"

"He was right all of the other times, why not this time?"

"His mental state, that was why. You know how Discord tormented Fore Sight into madness; he became convinced of its existence. But he never found it, nopony will because it doesn't exist and it never has." She turned to leave. "I must summon Twilight and her friends. You will see that we don't need it, even if it were to exist."

Luna was fuming as Celestia left to write her letter. She may be her big sister, but she could be so infuriating at times. She still refused to believe what she did because she was scared that they might not have enough to stop Discord. But she knew better and she knew it was true. She would have her own part to play in this, as would the stallion unicorn she considered as her friend, though he was her subject.

"Your time has come, Dusk Noir," she murmured. "It is time to unite."

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