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Unity at Dusk - AlphatheGriffin17

Book III. With the lord of chaos released from stone and being the only none-Element, Dusk is left behind by the others. But he will soon discover that there is much more to him than he could have ever known...

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Chaos and Doom

The lord of chaos was still laughing at the thought of those ponies and what would happen when they failed. What Discord had said was true, that this the most fun he'd had in a long time, but this wasn't just for fun. Now that they were no longer in harmony with each other, they wouldn't be able to use the Elements, especially as there was one missing anyway. Once they failed, Twilight Sparkle would succumb too, like her precious Dusk was about to…

He stopped laughing as he felt a sudden twinge in his head. Discord had felt the shift in chaotic, dark energy just when he was about to start experimenting with his powers again, specifically from the little piece of magic that he'd implanted into Dusk just before he'd left him. That could mean only one thing, he thought with immense satisfaction: his magic had worked and Dusk had been replaced with new management, one who would be far more useful to him.

He transported himself to the cave where Dusk had exiled himself and snaked his head over the entrance. He couldn't help but feel a little excited at the prospect of this, not to mention triumphant. Now there was no way he'd be able to discover that oh-so vital fact about himself that might lead to the spirit's downfall. A new disciple of chaos, just waiting for instructions. Peering inside, he could see nothing but complete darkness, with not a soul moving inside. He was about to look in closer when something white flew into his face.

"Agh! What the…?" He turned to see it was just the pony's snowy owl, flying away and hiding behind a nearby rock. "Hm, well that was different." He turned back to the cave. "Hello? Are you there little Dusk? Knock-knock, guess who's come-a calling!"

At first, there was still an eerie silence. Discord was about to call out again, when he heard a low, rumbling growl of suppressed rage. Suddenly, a trilby hat was flung angrily out, landing at his feet and gathering dirt. This was followed by a deep, threatening voice that gave him a small case of the chills.

"Dusk isn't here." Part of the shadow seemed to pull away, as a dark stallion emerged from the cave, jade green eyes locked on Discord.

Discord beamed at the sight of him. "Oh, this is just perfect! This is quite an improvement, I must say."

"I thought so too… master," growled the stallion that had once been Dusk, bowing low before the lord of chaos.

"Excellent. I think this is the beginning of a wonderful partnership, my servant." He hovered up to him and ran his eyes around his form, examining him from head to hoof. "So, if you're no longer Dusk Noir, what is your name?"

The pony raised his head, his face fixed in an angry grimace. "You are right, master, in saying I am no longer that weakling. I am Blackhole Doom and I am your willing servant in chaos and disharmony."

"Charmed," grinned Discord, his smile faltering when he noticed the necklace. "Why are you still wearing that then?"

Blackhole glanced down at it, snarling. "As a reminder of what I used to be and how much I despise it, that I will never revert to such a weak existence again and as a… trophy," he finished with an evil grin.

"Oh, this is even better than I first thought," chuckled Discord. "The chaos that you and I will wreak, Blackhole, it will be beautiful."

"I share your vision, master," he replied. "I have felt your chaos running through my veins and it is glorious. Your wisdom has given me powers I could never dream of."

He demonstrated this by shooting off a blast of magic at a nearby wall. Discord's spell had also altered his unique powers with his chaos magic so that, instead of merely shaping colour, he could shape objects and matter as well. Of course, not as much as his good self as he would need to be kept in line, but enough to let him have a little fun. Discord laughed with glee when he felt that the cave wall had been turned into a state of jelly.

"Ha-ha, brilliant!" He grinned with satisfaction at his new servant. "Give it a few centuries and you could achieve many things, my little pony."

"I thought that might amuse you, my lord." He bowed his head again. "What would you have me do first? I am anxious to begin the anarchy of your will."

"All in good time," assured the draconequus. "First, there's somepony, or several somponies, I think would be very pleased to meet the new you. An old friend in particular…"

"Twilight Sparkle..." At first, his expression looked pained, even tortured, but that changed in an instant. He let out a scream of rage and slammed his hoof down on a rock, crushing it into dust. "She is no friend of mine! None of them are! Take me to them, my master and I shall show them my power now!"

"My thoughts exactly. Come along then, Blackhole Doom, we have much to do." He flew up close and wrapped an arm around him. "You know, that name is so much more macho, don't you think?"

"Whatever you say, my lord." He gave him another evil smile and sinister chuckle as they vanished, Dusk's hat levitated before him, absent of its wearer.

Twilight felt that strong sense of déjà vu as she stepped through the wooden doors of the Castle. Had it really been a full year since that first time she'd been here, since she'd discovered the magic of friendship? She remembered the first time she'd been here, thinking that friendship had been a waste of time but having that mind-set changed by the ponies who had accompanied her through the forest, no matter what danger that stood before them. Now she was back again, in a way, for the same purpose: searching for friendship, even if it was just one pony, but one pony that still meant a lot to her.

Her heart fluttered again as she thought of Dusk. She discovered that she always did that when she thought of him. Months ago, his name was one that instilled pity that he had never known friendship's magic himself. Now though, it meant so much more. The things she'd done with him since she'd met him… the discussions that they had, jumping from a hydra into a long gorge, dancing at the Grand Galloping Gala. All the things that they'd done that made his life better and also made hers that little bit more special as well.

As she walked through the doors of the castle and started her search in the room the Elements had been kept in, another memory came back to her, on the day she'd first used the Elements. When she'd turned around at the time she realised the girls were her friends, she recalled seeing another pony at the entrance of the room, wearing a black hat with a faint glow illuminating his body. When she'd went to investigate closer, he had vanished and nopony else had seen him, so she had dismissed it. Now though, she couldn't help but wonder… could it have really been the pony she was now searching for? Would that even be possible?

Deciding she would ask him after she found him, she stopped in the room and looked around for any sign of him. It didn't look like he was anywhere nearby; perhaps he was somewhere else in the castle, in another section.

"Dusk! Dusk, are you here?" She waited, but there was no reply. "It's me, Twilight! Where are you?"

The only response she received was her voice echoing around the empty stone room. She was starting to get a little worried now. There was, of course, every chance that he was no longer here and he had returned to the library and was there waiting for her right now. But what if something else had happened returning to Ponyville? There were a lot of fierce animals that lived in the forest. Could be possible he had been…? No, she refused to think that.

"I'm sure he's fine," she said to herself, though still fraught with worry. "He's fine, I'm sure he is."

"Sorry to rain on your parade then." She jumped at the sound of Discord's voice and saw him levitating before her.

"What are you talking about Discord?" She glared at him, but in truth his words scared her.

"I mean what I say, Twilight Sparkle." His face became sombre and he bowed his head. "I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid little Dusk had a run-in with somepony not too friendly and now he is no longer with us."

"W…what?" Twilight's mouth fell open in shock at this news.

"Again, I'm truly sorry for your loss." He raised his head and gave that wicked smile. "Looks like, in failing to find your Elements, you failed to protect him too, even though you said you would. That must be devastating..."

These words hit Twilight like hammer blows and she felt weak at the knees, tears about to fall down her face, her gaze diverting to the ground and shaking her head. She couldn't believe that this true, that Dusk could be… dead. Not him… her number one pony assistant, her best friend… she'd never even got to tell him how she had felt about him, how she had always felt about him but never had the courage to say.

And it was all her fault. She'd been the one who told him to stay in Ponyville, thinking he would be safe if Discord tried to go after him. But she'd forgotten how much he liked to be useful and should have known that, even though it would be dangerous, he would try to do something, anything, to help, even if it meant coming here. He should have come with them, at least then she would have known where he was but now… he was gone… and it was all her fault. But maybe there was a chance, she thought desperately.

"No… no, you're lying," she insisted. "You're trying to trick me, like he said you would… it can't be true."

"How pathetic, denying the truth that is spoken to her," she heard a deeper, crueller voice say. The speaker stepped out of the shadows behind Discord and she couldn't help but gasp.

Nightmare Moon had been scary, but the appearance of this pony was truly terrifying. He was taller than Dusk, as well as bigger, as she could see the muscles on his legs ripple dangerously. His fur was a deep black, like the shadows that surrounded him, but his mane was stark white and pale as death. His eyes were a jade green, burning with pain and anger and the pupils were slits like a reptile, fixed on her and glaring. His cutie mark was a raging fire, but there was certainly no warmth radiating from this stallion.

"Ah yes, you two have yet to be introduced." Discord put his arm around the pony and smiled proudly, like a father with his son. "Twilight Sparkle, this is Blackhole Doom, Dusk's bigger brother, if you will. Blackhole, you already know Twilight."

"I do." He continued to glare at Twilight, with those horrible green eyes. "I felt the pain you caused my brother, the lies you told him as I extracted them from his weak mind, pain caused by you and all of your deceitful friends."

Twilight was horrified at the harshness of his words and what they pointed to. "You mean… you… you…" She couldn't bring herself to say it.

"He isn't dead," he answered coldly, "but from the state that I left him in, he might as well be."

"No… no…" She choked on a sob and glared at him, trying to fight back tears. "But what pain? We never did anything bad to him!"

"Those are the lies that you tell yourself, because you cannot face the truth, like he did." He smiled horribly. "He begged me at the end, pleaded for me to end his suffering. I granted it but… it was truly pathetic."

"This can't be true! It can't!" she screamed. "Not him, not Dusk…"

Blackhole merely snorted and threw something at her hooves. Her stomach plummeted, her hear shattered when she realised what it was. She picked it up, her grip on it vice-like as her eyes travelled over it. It was a black trilby hat, soiled by dirt and slightly crumpled; one that she knew could only belong to one pony. Looking up, she noticed that, hung around Blackhole's neck, was a string of stones, a necklace… the one she had made him. There was only one way he could have ever got that… then it was true.

"He was your brother," she whispered, holding it close, "and you… you did this to him."

"The damage was already done and it wasn't by me, Sparkle," he snarled angrily. "He is no brother of mine.

Twilight's grief at this news had now become anger and she yelled at this terrible imitation of a pony. "How could you? How could you?"

"Quite easily," he replied. "I am here to do what he was always too weak to do. Punish you for the pain that you caused him and repay you… IN KIND!"

He screeched this last part, his horn glowing and his face contorted with rage. He tensed and sprang at her, barely giving her time to react to this sudden attack. Terror gripped her, as she knew this was the end. Just as he reached her though, he was yanked back by Discord, who conjured up a dog leash and collar around his throat and stopped him just in time.

"Down boy!" he chastised. "You can have all the fun you want with them, but only after I'm finished with them."

Blackhole seethed and breathed heavily, still glaring at Twilight. At first, she thought he would struggle and he wouldn't obey his master. Eventually, however, he stopped and sank his head in subservience.

"As you wish, my lord," he growled obediently, but dangerously.

"Good boy," Discord said, vanishing the dog leash and grinning again. "Well, since you two seemed to have hit it off well and seeing as how he needs to let off some steam, why don't we go and see what the rest of your friends are up to?"

"No! No, you can't," Twilight begged, knowing exactly what this would mean.

Discord just smiled again. "Don't you worry about a thing, Twilight Sparkle; it's no trouble at all. I'll get us back the quick way."

Twilight knew she couldn't stop him as he snapped his fingers and teleported them away. Even if she could have done, she felt as if she'd had lost a great deal of strength in the moment that news had been given to her. She gripped the trilby hat tightly in her hooves and screwed up her eyes as a tear splashed onto the fabric. Her best friend, the one she would have given anything to make sure he stayed safe, was now lying somewhere, broken in body and mind. She could picture it clearly and it made her feel devastated, like now there was very little left to fight for. She cared deeply for Dusk but… she never would have thought she would be affected quite like this.

As they returned back to the dirt road she'd left the others at, she cast her gaze once more to Discord's new servant… or slave rather. Blackhole Doom was staring resolutely off into the middle distance with those terrible eyes of his, the necklace that had once been Dusk's cruelly swinging around his neck. This calm state he was in was even more terrifying than when he had suddenly lost his temper. He put her in the mind of a powder keg, ready to explode at the slightest spark, with an inferno of anger and rage. It made him unpredictable at best, like his master and equally dangerous.

Discord had called him Dusk's brother, but she couldn't see any resemblance. Dusk had been helpful, kind, sweet and unsure of himself, qualities that she'd liked about him. Blackhole seemed to know nothing but rage, anger, fury and, she noticed as well, pain. Underneath all of that anger, there seemed to be a great deal of pain and regret that fuelled it. At first, it was enough to make her pity him, until she remembered what he had done and her anger towards him flared up again.

She returned her concentration to the others, all of whom were just lazing about by the road without a care in the world. She barely even acknowledged them as she walked back, still levitating the hat before her and trying to hold back tears.

"Listen to what they say and you'll see I told you the truth," she heard Discord say to his dark servant. She ignored them and carried on, not even standing to look at them.

"Aw, well look who's back," she heard the scornful voice. "What's the matter? Couldn't find your coltfriend?"

"Fluttershy," she said in a whisper, not looking up, "Dusk is… is gone."

"Well that's too bad," she replied, without a hint of regret in her voice. "I was gonna steal his hat and necklace when I saw him again, just to see what he would do."

"What? Why?"

"Because he likes them so much and it would be fun to see him cry after I threw them into a patch of mud."

"Fluttershy! How can you say that?" she asked incredulously.

"With my mouth, stupid." She let out a cruel laugh and flew off, kicking Rarity's boulder as she did.

"Eh, who cares what happened ta him, it's not like we ever needed him," Applejack said nonchalantly.

"Applejack! How could you?" What was making her friends say these horrible things about him? "He was your friend, a friend to all of us and you're acting like he was nothing!"

"Well, he was, wasn't he?" put in Fluttershy. "The useless little nopony wasn't even an Element of Harmony. I'm glad he's gone."

"Me too!" added Pinkie. "He was laughing at me along with all of you too! Who needs him?"

"He's not even here to help carry my beautiful diamond," said Rarity. "Some gentlecolt he turned out to be."

Twilight had no response to any of these comments, because she couldn't believe she was hearing them. Dusk had become as much a part of their friendship as any of them had been, even if he wasn't an Element that had never mattered in the past. Now though, her so-called friends were making all of these cruel statements about him and it was making her feel even worse, that maybe this wasn't worth fighting after all…

"You see? Everything I told you was the truth, they really don't care," she heard Discord say again.

"I see, master," replied Blackhole, his voice once again a mix of regret and seething anger, but mostly the latter.

"Ooh, that just gives me the chills!" He laughed again and performed a sweeping bow. "I can't deny you this any longer. Go ahead Blackhole and have some fun. You've earned it."

"Finally!" He suddenly jumped up into the sky and landed with an earth-shaking thud in the centre of the group, sending them to the floor. "Right, which of you will be the first?!"

"Look at you; you think you're so big and tough." Fluttershy kicked a hoofful of dirt in his face, making him splutter. "Who's tough now, tough guy?"

Blackhole snarled and his horn glowed with dark magic, pointed at a herd of long-legged rabbits nearby. The mammals stopped, turned around again and stampeded towards Fluttershy before she knew what had happened. Growling angrily, she tried to get back up only to be stampeded again and pressed down into the dirt, receiving the same treatment every time she tried to return to her hooves.

"Certainly not you," he replied, laughing cruelly at her state.

"And what are you laughing? You laughing at me, huh?!" demanded Pinkie, standing right up in his face. "Well quit it!"

"I am not laughing at you… yet," he said in a dangerously low voice. "I remember that you like to eat cupcakes, do you not?"

There was a flare of light and five cupcakes were hovering in the air around him. At first, they just floated eerily around his head, until they opened up to reveal rows of sharp teeth inside frosting filled mouth. Growling and snarling, they all swarmed at Pinkie Pie and began to gnaw and bite at her body and fur coat. She tried kicking them away, screaming at them angrily to stop, but they didn't stop their attack and forced her back into the dirt.

"How ironic life can be," chortled Blackhole at the sight of her. "Now I'm laughing at you!"

"Well, don't even think-a tryin' any-a yer fancy magic on me," warned Applejack. "It, uh, won't work anyway."

"Let's test that, shall we?" Two more blasts of magic were sent at a pair of trees, which came to life, sprouting arms and uprooting themselves, marching over to him. "You've spent your whole life applebucking and kicking trees. Now, they want some payback!"

He flicked his hoof as a signal to them. The trees charged at Applejack, their barky limbs creaking in time with their movements, catching up before she could have the chance to run away. They grabbed her with their wooden hands and proceeded to throw and kick her in between them. She flailed and screamed, trying to stop herself being tossed through the air like a ball between two fillies, but there was nothing she could do.

"You brute!" Rarity stood protectively backed up against her boulder. "Keep away from me and my diamond! Keep away, I said!"

"Very well, I shall. But can you keep away from your diamond?" He grinned and blasted it with a spell.

The instant he did, the surface of the stone bubbled like a liquid being boiled and Rarity began to sink into it. She tried to pull away, but the sinking grew all the more quickly until her whole body except her head was encased in the boulder. At this point, it stopped bubbling and became stone once more, leaving its prisoner straining to break free of her entrapment.

Twilight had been standing in shock at all of the deeds he was performing. It caught off-guard at how vindictive and malicious this pony was, willing to do these horrible things to them. But she snapped out of it when Blackhole turned to face her, that horrible malformation of a smile on his angry, rage-filled face.

"Now… what will I do with you?" he asked her, stepping towards her.

"Please, just stop this!" she begged him, hoping to appeal to his better nature, if he had one. "You don't have to do this to us."

For a moment, he hesitated at her plea and seemed to consider following her request. "You're right, I don't have to." She dared to hope that it had worked, but this was soon dashed. It was gone as soon as it arrived and he just glared at her. "But I want to."

"Then, you leave me no choice." She sent a spell at him, one that would paralyse his body.

He ducked under it and snarled at her angrily. Now she had really disturbed the hornet's nest. "You dare to attack me?!"

"Yes, if you keep hurting me or my friends!" She sent another spell at him, which he hit him and sent him reeling on the ground. "That was for Dusk!"

His body twitched for a moment and it looked like her spell had worked. He was moving jerkily around as the effects of the paralysis took hold on him. Suddenly, he sprang back to his hooves and came at her again, a visage of pure rage. How was that possible? He shouldn't be still moving, she thought desperately.

"Your pathetic magic cannot stop me!" He strode up to her, his hooves making small cracks in the ground. "You will pay for that!"

It seemed that through sheer power of will and anger he'd overcome her spell. Perhaps a few more would stop him for good. She sent three more at him, but this time, instead of dodging them, he blocked them with bursts of light, sending them ricocheting away in other directions. The last one he sent back at her and she didn't have time to get out of the way. It hit her and she fell to the ground from the impact.

She could already feel her limbs seizing up from the effects of the spell. She tried to crawl away, to get back up and fight but the spell was too strong. Even her ability to use magic was suspended and she was left frozen in a position of desperate terror. She could feel a cold breathing down the back of her neck as her tormentor approached.

"Again, irony is a strange thing, isn't it?" he growled. "Now that I have you in this state, I know just what to do with you." She saw a magic aura surround her limbs and lift her up. "Now to make you look as foolish as you made Dusk."

Unable to control her limbs, unable to fight back in anyway, Twilight was forced to be humiliated witness as Blackhole made her dance around like his puppet, laughing while he did. She had to endure this sick torment, feeling utterly defeated and hopeless. It was like a strange subversion of Dusk's colour talent, only now it was with an actual pony rather than one shaped by colour and magic. All the while, she wondered how somepony related to one she knew to be meek and mild could be so malicious, so cruel as to take joy in this…

She could glimpse Discord, also laughing and guffawing at the state of her and her friends as his servant acted out his sick game. All of this chaos, all of this suffering, it all stemmed from him. Along with her humiliation, she also felt the fire of anger that drove her to find the Elements, to turn him back into to stone and to make him face justice for what he'd done to her, her friends, her home… and Dusk.

"All right, all right, that's enough for now," Discord ordered, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes.

"But master, I was just getting started," insisted Blackhole. "I only ask that you let me have a few more minutes with them…"

"You've had long enough and they still haven't found their Elements, we need to give them a chance, don't we?" He conjured up the collar and leash in his hand again. "Come on Blackhole, don't make me use this."

The dark-furred, dark hearted pony stared warily at the bright red collar in Discord's hand, his gaze flicking around the girls. Again, it seemed like he would refuse to obey, that even Discord couldn't control his blind rage. Eventually, he ceased and cancelled the magic he had done, releasing Twilight and the others from their individual torments, all of them falling to the ground in a heap.

"As you wish, my lord," he rumbled, joining Discord at his side.

"Good boy," said Discord satisfactorily, still sniggering at the others. "Good work though, I'm proud of you my lad."

"Thank you, master," he bowed, allowing himself a cruel smirk as he watched them struggle.

Trying to restore feeling to her joints, Twilight still felt a little stiff in her limbs, pulling herself back to her hooves. The rest of her friends were in the same battered and dazed states from what they'd just been through. At first, she thought they might start to work together again and stop fighting each other… until Fluttershy, covered in bruises from the trampling rabbits, promptly kicked Pinkie back to the floor again with a cruel cackle.

Twilight groaned and hung her head, picking up Dusk's hat and holding it close. Once again, she felt a sense of hopelessness, of loss without his comforting, imaginative presence. The world just seemed a much bleaker place without him. Add to that this black-hearted pony tormenting them for whatever it was he thought they had done to him and the way her friends were acting and she was left with the thought that they couldn't stop Discord… she just missed him so much.

But then she had a thought, an idea that gave her renewed hope. Blackhole had said he wasn't dead, but he was still alive. Maybe, if they could find the Elements of Harmony again, they would be able to find him again too and then they would be able to help him. That was if his big brother didn't try and stop them. However, this idea still gave her a new determination and she urged her friends to get moving and get up, as they still needed to find the Elements if they were to save him.

"Come on girls, we need to get moving," she insisted, setting off back down the road. "Once we get to the library, I know a book that'll give us a clue to the Elements." With this statement fuelling her, she pressed on.

Suddenly, the sun went down in seconds and up came the moon, plunging them all into darkness. This sudden change caught Twilight off-guard. She could barely see a few feet in front of her as they were about to start off down the road again.

"Wow, I can see so much better now." She heard Applejack suddenly yell in surprise and felt her smack into her and knock her to the ground. "I meant to do that."

Twilight tried to get up, but the road had become very slippery and she fell back to the ground. When the sun came back up again, she saw why. "Discord's turned our dirt roads into soap!"

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Discord slid by casually, his dark servant not too far behind. "This is the new and improved Ponyville, and these are only my first of changes."

"You have done splendid work, master," Blackhole praised, looking over it with a strange, twisted kind of happiness.

"Thank you BD, glad that you appreciate it," he said to him, smiling with satisfaction. "There's still much more to come, so don't give your scores just yet."

She looked over at the town which was now also in a state of nonsensical madness. The sky surrounding it was bright pink, with clouds of cotton candy raining down chocolate on half of the town. The river water had changed from sparkling blue to a deep purple, glistening strangely in the sun. Several buildings and trees were now upside down or floating on chunks of earth in the sky, also either right side up or on their roofs. There were no longer lush fields of grass and flowers but rolling hills of patchwork and tartan in blue and lilac. Nothing looked natural or right, it was a travesty compared to how beautiful it had been.

"This may look like fun, but it's not," said Pinkie, as she slid by on the soap, still covered in bite marks.

She glared at Blackhole as she slid by, who only grinned and gave a growl and a snap. She shrieked at this and jumped back, shivering with fear while he chuckled. She felt a similar anger towards him herself, just as Discord suddenly appeared beside her and lifted her up. She hated it when he put his hands on her, it made her feel sick.

"Picture it: The chaos capital of the world." He held her before him just as darkness fell on them again, obscuring her vision.

"I can't picture anything. It's too dark," she told him. He then dropped her back into the soap and she heard Blackhole chuckle again.

"Well, wait a few minutes and you'll see it in the beautiful light of day. Or not," he shrugged, turning to his servant. "Come along Blackhole, we've got things to do, chaos to wreak and I'll think you'll like this next spot."

"Yes, my lord." He gave Twilight one last cruel smile before he and Discord vanished in a flash of bright light.

"Ponyville, the chaos capital of the world?" She stood up defiantly and tried to bolster her own spirits. "Not if I have anything to say about it."

"Don't worry, you won't," Fluttershy put in as she slid by, laughing as she did.

Twilight groaned again and carried on down the road, trying her best not to slip and holding on to Dusk's hat. She could only hope her hunch was right or… she couldn't bear to think of the alternative. She could still hear Blackhole's cruel laughter, his cold angry eyes.

She had no wish to see them again.

Princess Luna could feel the shift in magical power that made her gasp and clutch her head. Her influence, her control over the night, over the moon and stars that she brought out to Equestria, was dwindling rapidly, along with her own powers. There was only one other time she had felt something like that which could only mean Discord had won. Which meant it was now time for her to act once again. Something else had happened.

She looked at the roll of parchment that she sincerely prayed had been guiding her and Dusk along the right path. She had felt something else as well, another surge in chaotic energy she hadn't been expecting. Discord had done something to Dusk, she could feel it and it would require her intervention once again. She didn't know what but she had her suspicions and if they were correct…

She sighed and set it down. She knew what she had to do and she would make sure that it was done, no matter what. She still had her own significant power and she knew that she would need to cast on him once he was found him. It wouldn't have the same effect as the Elements of Harmony and it wasn't quite the same as when she became Nightmare Moon, but should be enough, she thought. At least, that was what she hoped.

Gathering up her strength, she leaped off the balcony and took flight towards Ponyville. She knew what would have to be done... but it wasn't going to be easy.

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There we go, two posts. That should make up for my tardiness. Again, apologies and let me know what you think.

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