• Published 20th Jan 2012
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Through lonely eyes - Gildor Surion

A story of how a lonely unicorn finds friends in an unexpected way

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And so it starts

The cold winds blow harshly through the branches of the tree that makes up Questi Mark's home. "Those crazy weather ponies sure love to overdo it on the snow this time of the year." Questi lets out a heavy sigh as he looks at his rickety door that has now become stuck slightly open. Being miles away from Ponyville, he didn't have to worry too much about any unwelcomed visitors. He didn't have any welcomed visitors coming along to his door these days either. He looked around his house. One could almost mistake it for a small library with how many books were stacked around on shelves along the wall of the room that made up most of the house. The bed and makeshift kitchen were the only clues that this was actually a house. It had been a long time since he last got a new book. Of course he knew very well the reason why. His father was the only one who sent him books. Due to a crazy fireplace accident about a year ago, both his parents were now gone. He let out another sigh as he finished reading the last book he had gotten from his father for the 5th time. "I guess I could do with a new book. Another year alone up here could cause me to become crazier then those mailponies in Ponyville."

As if right on cue, the sound of a mailpony in a hurry to somewhere came over his home. He let out a sigh wondering if there was someone having a laugh at his dismay of the mailponies flying so crazily over his home. Suddenly a burst of heavy wind met with the sound of the mailpony right over his house. He stood still waiting to hear some sort of crashing sound or some sort of cry for help, but there was none. He did hear the sound of the mailpony flying away though. He let out a bit of a sigh of relief that he wouldn't have to deal with a crazy mailpony of some sort. But his hopes would soon dim as he saw a letter suddenly come flying in with the breeze. "Now what kind of mailpony lets mail fly off so carelessly?" He blinked a few times as he repeated to himself the question. A small grin started to form. A question he could actually find the answer to. He walked over towards the letter and levitated it with his magic as he read the address to where and who this letter was for. He paused as he looked at the name. "Ditzy Doo (Mommy)?" He looked at the address over and over again. "What an interesting name. Well I guess I will just have to find this Ditzy Doo of Ponyville and let her know that the mailpony dropped this letter from her child." With that said he grabbed his scarf, winter boots and saddle pack. He carefully put the letter into one of his packs and then sealed it nice and tight. He then started off to find this Ditzy Doo.


After a long walk through a snowstorm Questi finally came to the gate that said 'Welcome to Ponyville.' He stopped to catch his breath as he hadn't walked such a long distance for at least a year. He saw a few fillies making a snowpony and some young colts having a playful snowball fight. "Ah, youth, so full of energy." He chuckled to himself as he started to move on into Ponyville. "Now to find somepony to ask about where I can find Ditzy Doo." He was sure that the Mayor of Ponyville lived around this area. His eyes suddenly saw a very pink pony bouncing down the path. 'O dear Celestia! Anypony but her!' He thought as he quickly jumped into a bush to hide himself out of sight from the pink one. 'Out of all the ponies for me to see, WHY HER!? He peeked out of to bush for a bit to see if he had managed to avoid the crazy pink pony. What he saw was her holding her tail as it started twitching. Just that moment a large clump of snow fell off a tree above and landed right on him. He grumbled something about twitchy tail as he shook off the snow as the pink pony bounced over towards him. He knew he could no longer hide from the pink pony, but that didn't stop him from glaring at her. "Pinkie, why must you always be my bad luck charm?"

Pinkie Pie stopped in her tracks as she heard a voice she hadn't heard for about a year. "Questi!" She started jumping around the unicorn. "Omygoshihaventseenyouforso..." She paused for a moment. "And what do you mean bad luck charm?"

Questi sighed once again as he brushed off the last bit of snow off himself. "Every time I see you something bad happens me. Thank Celestia that it was only snow this time. Now if you don't mind, I have to go see the Mayor in hopes of finding out where Ditzy is so that I can give her this letter that flew into my house today."

The crazy pink pony continued bouncing around him. "Areyoubecomingamailponynow?Whendidyoustart?Whatisyourroute?"

Questi let out a heavy sigh. Normally he loved questions, but Pinkie's only brought him pain and headaces. "You do know that I can't really understand your questions when you talk that fast. Plus asking me so many in one go doesn't help much either. Why don't you go off and throw a party of some kind while I try to handle this."

Pinkie's eyes started to sparkle at the mention of party. "That's right, we have to throw you a welcome back party!" And before Questi could say a word to stop her, she was off.

Questi looked out in the direction of where Pinkie bolted off to. "O dear Celestia, what have I gotten myself into?" He let out a bit of a sigh as he walked off alone once again towards the building he pictured to be the Mayor's office.