• Published 20th Jan 2012
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Through lonely eyes - Gildor Surion

A story of how a lonely unicorn finds friends in an unexpected way

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Prologue/intro - Just to help get to know our little 'friend'

(Okay, now this is my first story and I have a strange way of doing things that I don't understand half myself. But hopefully we can get through this and have ourselves a wonderful story to share with friends and/or family.)
{And before I forget, the disclaimer: My little pony is own by Hasbro and all that jazz. The picture was done by my sister Mandy, you can see more of her work at http://mandy-kun.deviantart.com/ And just to be safe, any other things that belongs to them and all the yada yada. Now for who gets these extra credits, well I'm sorry I'm bad with names. If you do see something that needs that type of attention here, let me know in the comments so that I can give credit where credit is do.}
Okay to start I should introduce the unicorn that we shall be following through most of this story. He is an orange Unicorn with Deep sea blue eyes that as of late have an empty look to them. His mane is a curly brown mess that he has long given up on trying to fix. And the same goes for his tangle filled tale. The rest of him is the build of your average colt. Now for his cutie mark. Well as strange as it sounds, it is a simple question mark. Nothing more nothing less. But the story of his cutie mark is a story for another day. Right now we are just going to go with what is needed to be said now.

And now for the part that I could have put first but saved for now is his name. Let me introduce you to Questi Mark!

"What the! Who's there? Where are you and why did you call out my name?"

Okay, just to point out to the readers, this isn't breaking the forth wall. We just haven't set them up yet.

"What are you talking about? And where are you hiding? This is my house!"

Yes, the house that is made within a lovely tree and a few miles away from a lovely town known as Ponyville.

"You still haven't answered any of my questions stranger."

Well that is because we shouldn't really be interacting. The forth wall is being set up as we speak.

"Will you at least explain who you are and how you know so much about me?"

I guess I can tell you that at least. I'm the author of this story.


Your about to go on a journey that you never expected to take. A trip to the town that many know as Ponyville.

"Now why would I go and do something like that. All the ponies down there are crazy!"

You will see soon my friend. But alas this part is only to let the readers here know a bit about you. Although sadly you won't remember any of this through the story.

"What do you mean I won't remember? I have so many memories that I wish I could forget some of them."

And how would you know if you had forgotten a memory if you can't remember it?

"Trying to through ME off guard with a QUESTION?! You already know who your dealing with, right? Well the answer to your silly little question is the date. All my memories are tied to dates, and that is how I know I'm not missing one."

And there we have it mares and gentlecolts, that is why his cutie mark is a question mark. He solves questions. But the story of how he got it is for another day.

"Who are you talking to now? It clearly isn't me."

I'm talking to the readers who will be joining us on this wonderful adventure.

"So..... I take it that your going to stalk me for the rest of this.... adventure?"

Stalking is such a mean way to put it.

"But that is what you will be doing."

Well yes and no. I will be telling the story as it plays out.

"You're starting to make less and less sense."

This doesn't have to make sense to you, just the readers. Who hopefully aren't lost or confused about an author talking to the main character of the story before the story really starts.

"All this talk is making my head hurt worse. Can't we just get this story over with so that I can live the rest of my life alone and in peace?"

I don't think you will ever be able to be alone again after this. And now you shall know nothing of what has happened through this entire ordeal. But hopefully the readers enjoyed this little bit of craziness as we took some time to learn about who we will be.... well as he put it 'stalking' through this lovely adventure. And please do leave comments down below. Any helpful feedback is well.... helpful. And I will do my best to fix up any messy bits that might be tangled in this story. So thanks and let the story begin!