• Published 20th Jan 2012
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Through lonely eyes - Gildor Surion

A story of how a lonely unicorn finds friends in an unexpected way

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Oh muffins... and cupcakes!

There was a loud thud as Ditzy slammed her right hoof to the ground. "Muffins are better!"

Pinkie was somehow bouncing with rage. "Cupcakes! Cupcakes! CUPCAKES!"

They both suddenly turned and looked at Questi and said "Which do you think is better?"

Questi glared at the both of them. "You dare to ask Questi such a silly question like that?! It is like asking if Oranges are better then apples! They are two completely different fruit. I shall now explain in detail why."

{Greetings, the Author here, now I'm sure there are plenty of you that would love to hear Questi go on and on about explaining all of this, but that would further delay this already delayed chapter. Okay back to the story.}

Hours of explaining later the only ponies still at the party now where Pinkie Pie, Ditzy with her daughter Dinky, Twilight and Questi. Pinkie and Ditzy shared derped confused looks while Dinky looked at Questi with awe. Twilight scribbled down notes as Questi finally finished his explanation "And that is why one truly can't compare Cupcakes and Muffins."

Ditzy looked over to Pinkie then looked back to Questy, then back to Pinkie again. "Muffins are still better."

Pinkie blinked a few times to get over the shock of the long explanation from Questi and glared over to Ditzy. "CUPCAKES! CUPCAKES! CUPCAKES!"

The three unicorns facehooved at the same time. {Plus any facehooves from the readers at this point.}

Questi's stomach started to growl. "All this talk of muffins and cupcakes has made me hungry for.... well... muffins and cupcakes."

Dinky smiled as she said "My mommy makes the best MUFFINS!"

Twilight nodded while she added "And Pinkie knows how to bake perfect cupcakes."

Ditzy and Pinkie suddenly stopped their argument as they heard mention of baked goods from the unicorns. They stared at each other for a bit before smiling and shouting together "CUPCAKES AND MUFFINS!" Suddenly they skipped off to the kitchen to start cooking.

"I don't know if I should be ecstatic or horrified." Questi said in a worried tone.

With a light giggle Twilight nudged Questi "Don't worry, they know what they are doing."

"I guess if you're not worried about it, I shouldn't be." Questi started to grin. "Since they are both so good at cooking, what is the worst that could happen?"

{AN: I'm sure it is clear what is about to happen now. And sadly like many stories before this one, when what is the worst that could happen, something really bad happens. Also like many stories before this, things will tend to go downhill very fast. Of course this story does have the sad tag on it, so it is clear some sad things are going to happen. So, all of you, count yourselves WARNED! Now with that said... or typed in this case..... lets get back to the story.}

As if on cue, an explosion erupted from the kitchen. The three unicorns turned to see smoke coming through the doorway that led to the kitchen. "WHY DID I SAY 'what is the worst that could happen?' THE WORST ALWAYS HAPPENS!" Questi yelled as he ran to the kitchen, the other two unicorns not too far behind him.

The smoke slowly started to clear out as the three unicorns rushed into the kitchen. They looked around frantically for any sign of movement from Pinkie and Ditzy. A bit of movement came from a pile of flour bags and soon a flour covered Ditzy popped her head out. Her eyes spinning in opposite directions "I'm okay."

Dinky quickly ran towards her mother and snuggled with her. "MOMMY!"

There was relief at the sight of seeing the grey pegasus snuggling with her daughter, but the relief was short lived as there was still no sign of a bouncy pink pony. "Where is Pinkie?" Questi asked Ditzy in a very worried tone.

Ditzy blinked a few times before looking around the room. After a bit she pointed to a pile of pots, plates and pans.

As Questi took a better look at this pile, he saw one other thing. A motionless pink tail. "Pinkie?" Questi shoved cookware aside hoping to find a smiling Pinkie Pie. But that wasn't what he found. Pinkie was laying motionless and her eyes closed. "Pinkie, please wake up." He started to slowly shake her in hopes of waking her up. "Come on Pinkie, this isn't funny. Just wake up!" Tears were starting to escape from Questi's eyes as he shook her harder. "PINKIE!"

There was a loud smack as Twilight hoof-slapped Questi. "Snap out of it. Shaking Pinkie isn't going to help her right now." She pushed Questi out of the way so she could check Pinkie's vitals. After a few moments Twilight let out a small sigh of relief. "She is still breathing, but very slowly. We should get her to a hospital." She looked over at Ditzy. "We should get you checked over as well, just to be on the safe side."

Ditzy nodded as she tried to stand up, but ended up falling back into the pile of flour bags. "A little help please?"

Twilight sighed as she helped Ditzy up. The pegasus had a bit of trouble standing and had to lean on Twilight for support.

Questi levitated Pinkie onto his back. "Twilight, you focus on helping Ditzy, I will carry Pinkie."

With the plan all set they headed to Ponyville hospital. Although Questi was still in a bit of panic and had started to walk the wrong way before Twilight yelled at him. "The hospital is this way!" And with that Twilight with Ditzy leaning on her slowly lead the way to the hospital as a worried Dinky followed as close to her mother as she could. Questi was blushing slightly from embarrassment from going the wrong way as he slowly followed behind Dinky while being careful not to drop Pinkie off his back.