• Published 20th Jan 2012
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Through lonely eyes - Gildor Surion

A story of how a lonely unicorn finds friends in an unexpected way

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And the door opens

The slow pace of walking to the hospital was causing Questi to worry more and more about Pinkie. She still felt warm on his back, so that was a good sign at least. He could feel her breathing becoming slower as they went on. "I know we are taking it slow because of Ditzy, but are we getting close to the hospital yet? We are starting to lose Pinkie here." Just as he finished speaking, the hospital came into view. The reason for him to go at this very slow pace was no more, and he started to make a mad dash to the building holding Pinkie in place on his back with a bit of his magic.

Twilight was a bit shocked at how fast he rushed past them. She looked over at the mother and daughter who, without needing to be asked the question that was on her mind, nodded towards before they started to pick up the pace.

Inside the hospital lobby, Nurse Redheart stared at her computer screen as she was reading some amazing stories on a website she had found called fimfiction. She was currently reading a story that was title 'Motherhood is Magic' when suddenly Doctor Heart trotted up to the desk. "Reading those crazy stories while on the job again?"

She glared at him "They aren't crazy stories, most of them are very well written. And besides," She motioned a hoof to the currently empty lobby. "It is a nice slow day, perfect for reading."

Just at that moment Questi bursts through the doors with Pinkie still on his back. He almost crashed into the desk as he stopped himself from his mad dash. He panted a bit before trying to explain what happened. 'Pinkie got hurt from flying into a wall with pots and pans from a strange explosion that happened right after I said what could possibly go wrong, please help her.' Is what he wanted to say, but what came out of his mouth was. "PINKIE HURT! EXPLOSION! MY FAULT! HELP HER!"

The two stared at him as if they had just seen a ghost. With a quick nod to the nurse, he quickly got Pinkie onto a stretcher and rolled her away to an examining room. Questi tried to followed only to be stopped by Nurse Redheart. "I know you are worried about Pinkie, but I can't let you through while the doctor is examining her."

Just as he was about to protest, Twilight and Ditzy came through the doors, shortly followed by a worried Dinky. "Mama, you sure your going to be okay?"

The grey mailmare looked down at her daughter with a gentle smile. "Don't worry, my little muffin, I'm just going in for a little check up and I should be back out fine and dandy."

A heavy sigh came from the desk as Redheart saw the trio walk in. "Derpy did you crash into the library again?"

She shook her head "Nope, it was a strange chemical explosion from trying to bake cupcakes and muffins at the same time at Sugar Cube Corner. I landed safely on some bags of flour, but Twilight insisted that I still come in for a check up." She then smiled at the unicorn standing by the desk. "But Questi must have told you all about that already."

With a heavy sigh the nurse glared at the male unicorn. "He didn't give me the pleasures of the details when he rushed in here with Pinkie Pie." She slowly shifted from the glare to a calming smile as she looked over towards the pegasus "Now lets get you into a room so that we can get you back on your own hooves again." She walked out from behind the desk to stand by Ditzy. After a quick shift of weight, they started to head back. They only stopped a bit as the nurse glared back at the group of unicorns. "You three stay out of trouble, we are a bit short staffed tonight, so we don't need three injured unicorns added to these two."

The three looked at each other before looking back at the nurse as she vanished into the room with the pegasus. The youngest of the three looked the most worried. "Mama is going to alright, isn't she?"

The lavender mare smiled toward the little one. "Don't worry, she is going to be just fine. Beside, whats th-" She was cut off by an orange hoof covering her mouth.

"Don't you dare speak that line. DON'T EVEN THINK IT! I already messed up things badly enough by saying it already." He looked at the now scared filly. "I'm sure you mother will be just fine. The nurse knows what she is do-"

Now he was cut off by a flying rainbow bursting through the doors and tackling him. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO PINKIE?!" Yells the cyan pony with a colorful mane. She is quickly pulled off the startled unicorn by an orange earth pony. "Applejack! I bought you here to help me, not to pull my tail."

The earth pony spat out the rainbow tail. "Dash, ya ain't goin' to get the answers ya want by askin' him that way." She then motions towards the lavender unicorn. "Besides, if he had done somethin' really bad ta Pinkie, do ya think Twi would just be standin' here next ta him." She now turns and looks at Twilight directly. "Twi, are ya going to tell us what in the hay happened?"

Just as she opened her mouth to start explaining, there was a blood tingling yell of pain coming from the room the grey mailmare was in. The small unicorn's attention darted from where the scream came from to the other two unicorns in the lobby. "YOU SAID SHE WAS GOING TO BE OKAY!" She yelled as she hit Twilight's leg with her hooves repeatedly. Physically the hits didn't cause any real harm to the unicorn, the emotional damage of thinking that she just lied to this little unicorn was the worst pain she was feeling.

Moments later the grey pegasus came walking out looking perfectly fine. There was a sigh of relief from the older ponies as they watched the young one rush towards her mother giving her one of the biggest hugs she has ever given her. "Mama, I'm so glad you okay."

The mailmare looks down at her daughter with a smile. "Its okay my little muffin. Mommy is all better now."

The nurse smiled towards the filly. "It was just a slightly dislocated wing, but she is perfectly fine now."

A very worried looking Dr. Heart soon came out of the room where he left Pinkie in to recover. "I have some good news and some bad news." He cleared his throat as he put on a smile to tell the good news. "Pinkie is awake and is cleared for visitors, the bad news is..." He didn't get to tell the bad news as everypony in the lobby rushed passed him to visit Pinkie.

They all were smiling as they rushed into the room. "Pinkie, thank goodness you are okay." The group said together.

In the room the special pink pony stared blankly at everypony. "Who are all of you?"

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Oh, dayum. :pinkiegasp:

First. (Sorry)


You should probably have somepony proofread this first, I spotted some major grammatical errors. An intriguing chapter though.

Interesting. Can't wait for what happens next. (Well, I CAN, but who actually uses that as a comment? :moustache:)

311836 My proof reader is suddenly too busy to do the proofreading. :raritydespair:

"Motherhood is Magic" Is the story that got me to get off my lazy rump to start writing this lovely story, that is why I gave it the mention here. So, thank you Ironhoof for giving me the final bit of inspiration to get me into writing this story and thank all of you for sticking with me through all this craziness so far. Knowing that there are people who are enjoying this is what helps fuel my desire to keep writing this story. I learned not to say that I will get things done fast as that causes nothing but troubles. So, please bear with me as I try and get these stubborn words to get together to tell this story.:pinkiecrazy:

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