• Published 16th May 2013
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I DisPiez U - TheTalentlessPony

After a little chaos, Discord's free to wreak havoc once again; but this time, he intends to be safe about it. And what safer place than the home of the one who freed him in the first place, who also happens to be one of the Elements? ...Oh...

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"Well, a cutie mark is-"

"I know what a cutie mark is!" Discord snapped.

Still at the ice cream shop, he glared around at all the other ponies. The confusion was beginning to get to him.

"I question if you do," one pony stated.

"Oh?" Discord asked with aggression, turning his head towards said-pony, who backed up somewhat in fear.

"A-a cutie mark only appears when the time is right; when a pony has discovered their special talent," the pony continued.

"You said your cutie mark is meant to be chaos, right?"

"Oh course it is! That's what I've always been doing!"

"...Perhaps it's not your special talent then. Perhaps it's not what you're meant to do."

Discord inwardly scoffed at the thought. Not meant to cause chaos? Him? That was absurb.

But then why...

He looked back to his bare flank once more; still no cutie mark.

It bothered him. Honestly, he felt somewhat childish.

He may have been a spirit of chaos, but there were just some things he couldn't control. He couldn't change his own emotions, he couldn't go back or forward in time...

And he couldn't change a pony's cycle.

He had tried it once; to make sure a pony never got their cutie mark...to make sure that they would never achieve their goal in life.

But that pony found it anyway.

He tried again.

And again.

And again.

Every time, the ponies would always meet that goal; they would always earn their cutie mark. No matter what he did, there were some things so set in stone that even he could do nothing to stop it.

...Am I one of those things? Is this... all of this confusion so set in stone that I can't control it?

Discord lowered his head and gazed at the floor. He had been so happy to be freed. He had been so happy to be able to cause chaos and mayhem once again. But... how happy was happy? What had he been missing all this time? After spending time with Pinkie Pie, why was he so quick to question himself?

"...Pinkie Pie..."


"A-alright! Which one of you did that!?" he suddenly asked, putting a hoof to his chest and glaring around at the other ponies.

"H-huh? I didn't do anything!"

"Me neither."

"I didn't either."

"Why, what's wrong?"

Discord pounded his chest slightly. "My heart stopped for a second! One of you must've done something! One of you unicorns perhaps, out to get me?" he said, being oddly judgmental.

The ponies all stared at each other with concerned expressions. This friend of Pinkie Pie's was...strange. Then again, they had expected as much with one who was apparently so close to someone like Pinkie Pie.

After thinking that, they then giggled.

"W-what?" Discord questioned, his anger quickly dissipating as he grew confused. "What's so funny?" Gosh, he hated not getting the joke...

"You," a pony replied.

"Yeah. You clearly like her," another stated bluntly.

Discord snorted at the comment. "Who? Pinkie Pie?" he asked. The ponies merely giggled again. Though he had tried to say her name in a more aggressive manner, it came out much softly than he had wanted. And... was he blushing?

...Not possible.

Shaking his head, he sat at the counter, his head resting on the cold surface. Seeing one pony's ice cream sundae, he slid it away slightly and frowned at the pony in front of him; the one who still stood behind the counter.

"Foolish pony," he spat, though rather light-heartedly. "Your stupid sundae made me sick."

The pony was quiet for a moment, then smiled at him and brought over a cold water.

"Oh, you're sick alright."


Pinkie Pie quickly landed on the cloudy surface (how she did is anyone's guess) and rushed to the door of Rainbow Dash's house, knocking on it as fast as she could.

"DAS-oh, hey!" Smiling as Rainbow Dash opened the door for her, she lightly trotted in, stopping as she was out of the door's range, thus letting Rainbow Dash close it.

"How did you even...nevermind." Rainbow Dash raised a hoof to her face for a moment, then looked back at Pinkie Pie. "What are you even doing here?"

"...Well..." Pinkie Pie paused for a moment, then swiftly turned around and tackled her winged friend.


"Pinkie Pie! Get off of me! And what the hay are you talking abo-"



Rainbow Dash swiftly pushed her fast-talking friend off of her, standing up and placing her hoof back to her face. "Ugh, you're so loud, and you talk way too fast. I mean, you're giving me a headache, geez!"

Tilting her head back, she then stared skeptically at the cause of her frustration. "So... what? I told you that no animals would get your invitations, so-"

"No, Dashie! That isn't it at all! It really really isn't!"

"So what is it then?"

"W-well... u-um... y-ya see-"

Rainbow Dash gave a sigh of annoyance. Pinkie Pie never was good at getting straight to the point.

And, having been awoken from her nap, she wasn't too happy to see her either.

"Pinkie Pie. I don't have time to guess what's up with you. If it's such a big deal, you should just-"

"Rainbow Dash..."


Rainbow Dash took a mental pause. Had she heard that right? Sure, Pinkie Pie had called her Rainbow Dash before, but...

...not like that.

"...Please... you gotta help me..."

Turning around, Rainbow Dash's gaze was quickly drawn to the small tears in Pinkie Pie's eyes, along with the red blush across her cheeks.

"...You're so serious all of a sudden..." she told her, her gaze softening.

Pinkie Pie was just quiet, awkwardly rubbing her right hoof against her left foreleg. "...I'm confused, Dashie." Though returning to Rainbow Dash's nickname, it held no more joy in it.

"Confused about what?"


Seeing her usually-cheerful friend so upset was not something that Rainbow Dash was used to... nor was it something that she knew how to deal with.

But still... she knew that she had to try.

"Hey... wanna sit down?"

"...Mmhm..." Pinkie Pie muttered, nodding her head as Rainbow Dash brought her over to a fluffy blue couch. She was comfortable, at the very least.

"Now, what's going on?"

Pinkie Pie almost froze at the question. How was she supposed to explain her feelings about Discord to someone who probably hated him?


I'll be firm, but not specific. That'll do...

"...I met a pony..."

"Yooou... met a pony..." Rainbow Dash repeated, suddenly sounding somewhat disinterested.

"N-not just that. He's... well... he spent some time with me, but then we got all close and I just..."

"...Just... what?"

"I just... wasn't pink anymore."

"You weren't pink?" Rainbow Dash questioned. Pinkie Pie simply nodded in response.

"Yeah. He made me feel funny in my tummy, and I turned all red. I must've swallowed my plush Fluffy-Puffy too, cause my Pinkie-heart felt all fuzzy and tingly."

"And you were all... red? What does that-"

As Pinkie Pie blushed slightly from embarrassment, she could see a small spark of understanding go off in Rainbow Dash's eyes.


"Y-you know!" Pinkie Pie suddenly shouted, placing her hooves on her friend's chest.

"W-what's wrong with me, Dashie? Am I real sick? Am I changing? Is Pinkie Pie gone forever!?"

"You got a crush on him," Rainbow Dash stated bluntly.

Pinkie Pie deadpanned. Now that she thought about it...

"H...how do you know?"

"I crashed through someone's house this one time and one of those gushy romance books landed on my face."


"...D-don't grin at me like that! I-it was just coincidence that I saw the part that helped me figure you out, I swear! Two pages! It was just two pages that I saw!"

"...It's okay Dashie." Pinkie Pie said softly, pulling away from her and staring down at the floor.

"So, what do I gotta do about it?" she questioned.

Rainbow Dash huffed. "What do you gotta do? Pft. That's easy~"

Stepping down from the couch, she took a few steps forwards, turned to Pinkie Pie, and puffed out her chest.

"...? Dashie, what are you-"

"ALRIGHT YOU. LISTEN UP." Rainbow Dash shouted, making Pinkie Pie uncharacteristically jump in surprise.




Suddenly, the two burst into a light fit of laughter. Though it hadn't helped Pinkie Pie in any way, it certainly made her feel better.

"Ha...ha...haaah~" she breathed, calming down and smiling at Rainbow Dash, who happily smiled back.

"Alright. But seriously, Pinks... just go up to him and tell him how ya feel. Ya won't know unless ya try," she told her.

Pinkie Pie nodded, rubbing a small tear out of her eyes. "O-okay. I will," she said, getting off the couch and heading towards the door.

"...And Dashie?"


Pinkie Pie suddenly turned around and hugged her friend, grinning from ear to ear. She knew she had come to the right pony.


Author's Note:

I-I hope this chapter's long enough for everyone. I did my best. ^ ^'

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