• Published 16th May 2013
  • 3,628 Views, 133 Comments

I DisPiez U - TheTalentlessPony

After a little chaos, Discord's free to wreak havoc once again; but this time, he intends to be safe about it. And what safer place than the home of the one who freed him in the first place, who also happens to be one of the Elements? ...Oh...

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"I wonder if Cordie went back home..." Pinkie Pie muttered as she slowly walked back to Ponyville. Generally, she'd never walk so slow. However, she was, admittedly, a bit nervous. Luckily though, nopony was around to see that nervousness, as it was almost pitch black out; she had stayed at Rainbow Dash's house a bit longer than she should've, being a bit too frazzled to leave so soon.

Still... what was she meant to say to him? Rainbow Dash had given her advice, but that didn't stop her from thinking it anyway. She knew that she would probably just burst out with whatever words came to mind, but that was okay. It would all be okay...

Pinkie Pie... you are so random!

I know~


"I'm home!" she called as she entered Sugarcube Corner, wearing a delicate smile.

"Pinkie Pie?" Missis Cake questioned, turning to her and raising a brow. "It's so late," she stated simply.

"I know."

"We thought you were already here," Mister Cake commented.

"You did?" Pinkie Pie asked.

"Well, yes. We heard noise upstairs and thought it was yo-h-hey! What's the rush?"

Mister Cake's voice went unheard as she scrambled upstairs as quick as she could.

"C-Cordie!" she shouted as she opened the door.


Pinkie Pie grew concerned as she eyed Discord. He looked rather exhausted, lying down on Pinkie's normal bed in her normal room. In fact, the only Discord-like thing in the room was Discord himself, and even he didn't seem very chaotic or strange at the time. He just seemed to be staring off into space.

She saw him mutter something and went closer to the bed, placing her front hooves on it. "W-what was that?" she asked.

He turned to her, a look of defeat on his face, then threw his head back and sighed, though with a... genuine smile?

"I'll admit... you've bested me, Miss Pie," he replied.

"Bested you?"

Discord nodded, staring down at Pinkie Pie with a somewhat-amused look on his face. "They tried. They tried so long to convince me of what I should be doing... and yet, you do it in one day." He then picked her up and placed her on top of him, earning a small squeak from her in the process.


"You've..." He stopped to bite his lip, taking a moment to word out his sentence. "...bettered me."

Pinkie Pie smiled slightly.

I knew you could do it... I knew...

Hugging him, she received a surprised reaction, but also a somewhat hesitant return of her hug.

"You're hugging me back Cordie."

"I know I am... my amante segreto."

"Amante segreto?" Pinkie Pie repeated, looking up at his face obliviously. "What does that mean?"

"U-ur, well..." Now it was Discord's turn to be nervous. "Nothing... special, just-" mwah~

Almost tumbling off the bed in shock, he stared downwards as Pinkie Pie had made contact between her lips and his.

The kiss had lasted for a few seconds before Discord reluctantly pushed her down, preventing further contact.


"...Your friends, Pinkie Pie..." he stated simply.

She paused for a moment to absorb the meaning of his words, then smiled and hugged him again.

"You're silly. Worrying about something like that. They're my friends, and they'll never ever leave me," she told him.

"Even because of this?"

"Even because of this..."

Discord frowned somewhat at her unchanged demeanor, then firmly placed his paw on her head.

"I'm the spirit of chaos," he reminded her.

"Discord." she whispered, quickly getting his attention by mentioning his actual name.

"...Ya know... I'm the element of laughter..." she told him.

He rolled his eyes somewhat in response. "I know-"

"-but it doesn't mean that I have to laugh all the time." she said.

"I might represent the element, but... I have my times... where I'm sad... lonely... and I just don't feel like laughing..." Discord's frown deepened as he saw her mane deflate slightly.

"But that's okay... and it's okay for you not to cause chaos all the time. You represent the spirit of chaos, but the spirit of chaos doesn't represent you." she explained, being oddly soft-toned.

"Pinkie Pie?" he questioned, feeling her right hoof caressing his fur gently.

"It's okay Discord... it's... o...kay..." And just like that, she was sound asleep, curling up and gripping what she could of him. She had said her words so... lightly. Yet... she sounded so unsure when telling him that it was okay. Did she not care? What was she willing to risk to be with him?


He eyed her a bit longer, taking in his 'amante segreto'. Her mane had puffed back up to its normal volume, and gave off the scent of cotton candy whenever he ran his paw through it. Her big blue eyes were closed shut, but still fluttered somewhat anytime he went to touch her face. Her cheeks, while still pink like the rest of her body and face, were blushing slightly, and her forelegs squirmed a bit as she attempted to get a firmer grip on him. He was happy to oblige.

Staring down at her, he felt rather awkward. The experience was still new to him, and he hadn't expected to enjoy it as much as he did. He even found himself recalling her kiss; her lips had tasted like turbinado sugar.

It was still a very strange thing to him, and didn't make sense in the slightest.


Looking down at Pinkie Pie, all he could do was smile softly.

What fun was there in making sense?

Author's Note:

Amante Segreto = Secret Lover

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Comments ( 70 )

What fun is there in making sense?

This is one of the most adorable shipfics I've read, and I'm a sucker for well-done romance fics. You sir(or madam) are a marvallous writer.


Indeed. :twilightsmile:


Awww! Thank you so much!

And I prefer the term 'young lady'. I don't think I'm quite old enough to be called 'madam'. :twilightsheepish:

You get a thumbs up and several moustachioed spikes.... If I wasn't writing this on my IPod. I do approve of this story.

Hello there! You see, I'm apart of a group called "PinkieCord" and I would really appreciate it if you joined it. This group hasn't had any activity and no stories have been poste, despite how long it's been up. It's alright if you don't, but would you please join?:fluttercry:


Feel free to add my story to your group, but I'm not one to join groups.

I like it, ANOTHER! :flutterrage:

You need a sequal for how Pinkie tells her friends...or will she keep it a secret and Discord only goes out as the earth pony?


That's for the reader to decide! :raritywink:

What fun is there in making any sense???

-Discord the spirit of chaos

Ok, alright. Loved it. Just..... you NEED to start adding some Epilogues to some of these stories. They're just so good to leave to the fans to say what happens afterwards. So,please.:fluttershysad:

Sequel!!!!!! :flutterrage: ... please..? :fluttershysad:

You need to join my group pinkie pie lovers snd put this story in there.

Plz make more:fluttershysad:

Where is that star? WHERE IS THAT STAR? Ah, there it is. *SMASH*

Talentless my ass. What you made is beautiful and you should feel bad for choosing such a username. :pinkiesad2:


Thanks, I suppose. .w. "Talentless" is actually the name that I intend my ponysona to be called.

My stories are okay, I suppose, but they're just so short and I feel like it's my fault for not fleshing them out.

Well... this one indeed could have been twice as long as it is know. But don't feel bad about it. Just keep writing, with desire to develop, and things will get better and better. :twilightsmile:

Oh and yeah, my previous comment was supposed to be purely a compliment. Maybe I went too far with the sarcastic voice. :facehoof:


Oh, I knew where you were going, don't worry. I was just pointing out that I still believe that I deserve the title "TheTalentlessPony".

Mostly because, yes, this could've been twice as long, but I'm so attached to my own preferences that I can't seem to make it longer. I prefer stories that are:

- short; read in one sitting.

- simple; so no one gets confused, and it never feels like a lot of information is being crammed into.

- feely; by that, I mean... it'll give you a good touch of feels despite its length.

That's why I call myself "Talentless" as my secondary/pony name; because I can't seem to do anything else besides what I already know.


but I'm so attached to my own preferences that I can't seem to make it longer. I prefer stories that are:
- short; read in one sitting.
- simple; so no one gets confused, and it never feels like a lot of information is being crammed into.
- feely; by that, I mean... it'll give you a good touch of feels despite its length.

...because I can't seem to do anything else besides what I already know.

If It wouldn't be almost midnight, would call you on Skype and talk with you for hours, because I have never seen someone so closely describing my own (writing) problems. So if it is any consolation, then I'm gonna say, I perfectly understand you. It sometimes takes away my will to write for months... but somehow I still continue, while I'm angry at myself that why did I stop writing, why I don't keep trying new things. I tried writing a long story, but after 15000 words, I gave up and rushed its ending (The Harbringer), so I resorted back to writing short, simple and emotional things (Healing Smiles, LotD: Burning Building). I'm gonna try now again to write a long fiction, hoping that his time, maybe I'll succeed to do something I was not capable before.

Well... maybe there is a minor difference between us. I have no problem with reading longer fictions, I just hesitate too much before I start one, because if I start reading a bad one, then when I realize that it is bad, wasted like 30000 words equal time, that I could have spent reading 5 shorter fictions.


Ah... I see.

I think it's because I value my time so much. I constantly feel like I have to be proactive.

Please make a sequel this story is sooo good


Ahhh. >////< T-thank yoou~

I might make a sequel, but I also have other stories planned, so hm... I'll have to really think about that...

If inspiration strikes and I come up with a REALLY good idea for a sequel, I'll definitely do it, but for now, I have other projects/stories I'd like to work on.

Aaaand there's another awesome-as-all-fuck story :pinkiehappy:
Seriously, mate, where have you been for all this time I've been on this site? :ajsmug:


I've been lurking about, planning on how I should take over the world with fluff.

A wonderful, adorable story shipping these two. It felt in character for everyone all the way through.

Any chance of a sequel where the truth comes out at the worst possible time and Pinkie needs her friends help to help Discord? I could so see Celestia finding the statue broken, casting a spell to track down Discord, and catching him in pony form when he's separated from Pinkie for whatever reason, capturing him...and then Pinkie goes to her friends for their help to rescue her special somepony from a horrible fate.

...she kind of neglects to mention that her special somepony is Discord and that Celestia is the horrible fate.

Well, as a possibility...

I could actually see Celestia being scared of Discord being unchained, but at the same time intrigued at Pinkie's claim of him being good now...so she says that if each of the Harmony Bearers reaches that same conclusion after spending a few days with him one-on-one, then she will accept it as fact.

Then a chapter each titled with the other Elements as they come to their conclusions...followed by Pinkie's reunion with him...

...ending with her parents and sisters showing up because the Cakes wrote them saying Pinkie had met her special somepony, and showing up to see Discord - in normal form - holding her tight in his mismatched arms.

Out comes the shotgun. Hilarity ensues.


You have very good ideas, my friend. OwO

Please feel free to use them. I think you could make a wonderful story out of them.


Awww, thanks!

But maybe some day if I look back on this story and think it's worthy of a sequel, I'll do just that. I'd definitely need a breather after Less Than Chaotic is over anyway. I've been spending every day since Saturday doing nothing but writing and proofreading. ^ ^'

Oh I know that feeling. I remember when I had the energy and motivation to write like that. Once turned out three complete, multi-chapter stories - none under ten chapters - over the course of a week. I had a tendency to burn myself out when I first started putting my stories on paper.

When it's finished, take that breather.


Oh, you bet I will. I'm not burning myself out or anything, but I'll definitely need a break. Phew~ =w=

Awhwhh! This was SO KYOOT!


BHGJDS--I-it's really old, so >///<

4476645 Still very cute. Any chance of a continuation~?

Awh, Well, No pressure then :twilightsmile:


That is all.


I googled Nightmare Twilight. :twilightsmile:

After reading More than Trust and its sequel, I have decided to read all your stories. I must say that.... So far I am not disappointed in the slightest! You're an amazing writer! I just hope when I finally get my own stories out they'll be as good as yours!
Absolutely magnificent! :pinkiehappy:


Aww, really? XD Thanks, though I DisPiez U certainly isn't my favorite story I've done.

Comment posted by Crafty Arts deleted Nov 3rd, 2014
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