• Published 16th May 2013
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I DisPiez U - TheTalentlessPony

After a little chaos, Discord's free to wreak havoc once again; but this time, he intends to be safe about it. And what safer place than the home of the one who freed him in the first place, who also happens to be one of the Elements? ...Oh...

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She had everything planned out.

The invitations.

The cake.

The decorations.

The cupcakes.

The frosting for the cupcakes.

The toppings for the cupcakes.

The... hey, cupcakes are important, okay?

Anyway, now things were set up and ready. She just had to execute it.


Pinkie Pie's booming voice sounded throughout the wide open area as she leapt onto the picnic table she had set up.

...She received no response though.

Upon scanning the area, she found that there was no one else around.

Deadpanning, she sat down on the wooden table and confusedly raised a brow.


Maybe it wasn't a good idea to hold a party in the Canterlot sculpture garden...

Giving a prompt snort, Pinkie Pie laughed it off and climbed down from the table, gathering up her things with no real sense of urgency; the Cakes wouldn't need her for another few hours anyway.

Still though, the question plagued her: Why didn't anyone come to her party?

Upon further thought however, she just giggled and hoisted her bag over her back, ready to get going.

"Silly Pinkie Pie... animals don't have mailboxes!" she exclaimed with cheerful innocence, acting as if she were two different ponies.

Too bad though...that bear would've loved a party for his birthday...

Putting her obliviousness-caused mistake behind her, she took a light hop forward and jogged towards the exit.

And she was fine doing just that... for a moment.

What about Discord?

Suddenly, she stopped. Who had said that? Looking around, there was still no one. She was still alone. Could it be that... her own mind had asked her that?

"Discord...?" she questioned in a whisper.

Glancing around, she noticed an entrance to another part of the garden; an unclosed space where Discord's statue was held. There was never a need to guard it, since going to the Canterlot sculpture garden was now forbidden to everypony but Pinkie Pie and her friends.

Curious about her own sudden thoughts on Discord, she headed for the entrance and went inside.

Examining the place, it was clear that there wasn't much to look at. Just large dark green hedges surrounding a plain grassy field; in the middle of said-field was the statue of Discord.

Still a bit confused on why she was even here, Pinkie Pie took another second to take in the sight. It wasn't like something was going to happen or anything, so why was she so drawn here? Why did she think about going her in the first place?

Maybe because... she hated seeing someone all by themself...

"That's right... nopony ever comes to see you, huh?" she asked, walking forward as her ears went down. She knew that the statue wouldn't respond, but... well... that's sad, isn't it? Someone frozen in time. Someone who can't respond to a single word you say. You could yell and scream at him all you wanted... but he'd never say anything in response.

A frown slowly overtook her smile as she noticed the look on Discord's face as well; the one he had on when she and her friends had imprisoned him. Had she really never noticed how scared he looked until now?

Guess I never did... I was all 'grrrr' and 'you're a big meanie Discord' back then...

Pinkie Pie found that she could say nothing more than that. What else was she supposed to say, when she was the one who did this to him? The one who made him look the way he did before cursing him to be a statue until the end of time.

Guilt now tugging at her little streamer-shaped heartstrings, she sat down and placed her bag in front of her, gently prodding at it with her forelegs before pulling out a cupcake, which was somehow unsmashed by the bag.

"Nopony can come here to give you treats, right?" she questioned, looking up at the statue while not giving it eye contact; she couldn't bear to.

And after a moment of gut-wrenching silence from the non-responsive Discord, she placed the cupcake on the statue's pedestal, promptly stepping back to take in the sight once more.

"You can have one of mine."

Then, she... smiled a bit at it. It had felt good to give somepony one of her homemade cupcakes.


She quickly remembered however; this was Discord.

"Oh, no no no!"

Snatching her cupcake back, Pinkie Pie leapt away and glared at the imprisoned Discord. How dare he trick her with his evil trickery!

"You can't have any of my special cupcakes, no way!" she yelled angrily. "You'll just use it for your evil chaos-y things, won't you!?"

Upon hearing the silent response, she got increasingly more tense.

This... doesn't feel right at all...

Hesitantly giving the cupcake back, she gazed down at the ground with a bit of sadness in her eyes. She wanted to bring happiness to everyone... even Discord. At the same time though, it felt so wrong to her. What would her friends think? Should she even be doing this?

"...I thought everypony was your friend?" she asked herself.

Her sadness suddenly turning into rage, Pinkie Pie jumped to the other side of the statue, glaring at the spot where she had been standing.

"Y-yeah, but... t-this is Discord!"

Leaping back over to the former side, she, again, stared at the place where she had just been.

"He's an exception just because he's a big old meanie pants? That's not fair."

sproing! She continued jumping back and forth as she debated with herself about the situation.

"It is too fair! He was mean to my friends!"


"So you don't wanna be friends with the friendless 'meanie'?"


"No, I don't! As a matter of fact, I-"



Gazing back at Discord, Pinkie Pie felt her mane deflate somewhat. That's right...Discord never had friends. He caused chaos everywhere. That was his only fun. He was a meanie, but... he was a friendless meanie.

"Friendless? I never even... thought about it," she muttered, placing her hooves to her head as she tried to imagine herself without friends. Without all those picnics she was invited to. Without all the games she was challenged to play for fun. Without all the parties thrown just to make her happy.

...and without all the love she was given from every single one of her friends.

"B-but Discord... he's just... I mean I..." Beating at her head, she slowly grew frustrated.

"It's not like I can free him or anything! I... I just... RRR!"

Letting out a loud yell of annoyance, Pinkie Pie bolted upwards and charged out of the garden, accidentally leaving her bag of supplies behind.

And maybe something else too.

Her chaotic thoughts.


Author's Note:

Well, that's the first chapter everyone! Hope you like it! ...Because, well...I think I did pretty bad at it. I call myself 'TheTalentlessPony' for a reason after all. ._.

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