• Published 16th May 2013
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I DisPiez U - TheTalentlessPony

After a little chaos, Discord's free to wreak havoc once again; but this time, he intends to be safe about it. And what safer place than the home of the one who freed him in the first place, who also happens to be one of the Elements? ...Oh...

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"I'm home!" Pinkie Pie shouted...as she entered Ponyville. Hey, the whole town felt like home when she thought about it.

"Good morning, Pinkie Pie!"

"Hi, Pinkie Pie!"

"What's up, Pinkie Pie?"

Ponies greeted her left to right, and of course she would greet back.

...But today, she never greeted anypony before they greeted her first. It was so unlike her.

Quickly, the ponies began to draw worried gazes at her.

"Is something wrong with her?"

"Did something happen up there?"

"Her mane does looks a little less... bouncy, than usual..."

It was like she was hypnotized; only paying attention to ponies if they greeted her. Otherwise, she passed them by like nothing, seemingly focused on getting back to her actual home, Sugarcube Corner.

Taking a bit longer to get there than usual, Pinkie Pie entered the building and looked around. The place was always quiet without her there, but the Cakes were still busy, silently boxing up a dozen cupcakes for some sort of order. Mister Cake was holding the box while Missis Cake was putting the cupcakes in. Being already occupied with that, they didn't notice Pinkie Pie entering the building.

Raising her hoof at first to greet them, Pinkie Pie paused for a moment. She simply didn't feel like greeting anypony today. It was odd... an almost otherworldly feeling to her.

Taking one last second to ponder over the feeling, Pinkie Pie then turned her attention to the stairs and trotted up them, going straight into her room and closing the door behind her.

The somewhat-loud slam startled the Cakes, and they glanced over at the stairs in wonder.

"Was that... Pinkie Pie?" Missis Cake questioned, sounding more than a little surprised. Pinkie Pie always greeted them when she came in.

"I think so dear..." Mister Cake responded, raising a brow as well. That wasn't like the Pinkie Pie they knew.

"...I'll go check after we get this order finished up."

"Sounds good. I just hope she's all right..."


Kicking her back legs out in frustration, Pinkie Pie promptly tossed and turned on her bed; trying to make sense of what had just happened earlier was no easy task.

"Discord, Discord, Discord!" she repeated, throwing a small plushie she had at the wall. It gave out a small 'squeak' and fell to the ground afterwards.

The sight of it made Pinkie Pie a little upset. She knew that she shouldn't be so frustrated. She just couldn't help it.

"Sorry, Squeakington." she muttered, hopping off of her bed and walking up to the small toy. "Miss Pinks is just a little bit weird today."

Cradling the plush with her left foreleg, Pinkie Pie tried to smile as she walked back to her bed, setting Squeakington down on her dresser, to which the toy squeaked again in response.

"I know, I know. You like me to hold you." Pinkie Pie told the plush. "But I've just been worried about someone."


"Yeah... Discord..." Gritting her teeth slightly as she mentioned the statued Discord, Pinkie Pie prodded the floor slightly, feeling somewhat torn.

"Don't worry. I'm sure that handsome devil is doing just fine."

"Thanks for trying to make me feel better, but... no one who's stuck like that is 'just fine'." Pinkie Pie replied.


Wait a minute.

Deadpanning, Pinkie Pie turned her attention back to the plush and eyed it carefully.


Gasping upon a realization, she jumped closer to the toy and directed her hoof at it.

"You're not Squeakington! You're Fluffy-Puffy!" Glaring down at the plush, she poked it intensely. "You're not supposed to squeak. It'll give you indigestion," she muttered.

"...Pinkie Pie~"

"Huh?" Looking around, Pinkie Pie eyed all of her plushes. The sound certainly hadn't come from them.

"...Pinkie Pie~"

"Hello~?" she greeted with the same sing-song tone.

"Hello, Pinkie Pie~" the voice responded.

"Hello to you too, mysterious voice!" Pinkie Pie giggled a bit as her ears twitched. Although the voice was familiar, it made her giggle by calling it 'mysterious'.

"You sound like you're happy, mysterious voice!" she said. "Did somepony make you happy?"

"Oh yes. You could say that~" the voice replied.

"Ooo! Ooo! I was right!" Pinkie Pie cheered. "What'd they do!? Did they give you flowers? Did they make you candy? Did they-"

"Oh no. They did something much more special."

Pinkie Pie took a moment to think about the voice's words. What could somepony do to make the voice so happy?

"Don't tell me... don't tell me... theeeeeey..."

"They freed me."

"I was just about to guess that!" Pinkie Pie whined as she pouted.


"...w-wait," she muttered.

That voice...I knew it sounded familiar, but...

Pinkie Pie quickly turned her head as her plush began to shake.

"Fluffy-Puffy! That'll just make your tummy worse!" she warned.

However, the toy continued to shake, beginning to let off yellow and red puffs of smoke.

"...Fluffy-Puffy?" Pinkie Pie called softly, walking closer to her plush.

And then, suddenly, the toy stood up, glaring at her with big red eyes.

T-those eyes...

"Greetings Pinkie Pie."

"Y-YOU-" Pinkie Pie had no time to react as the plush exploded into a gigantic puff of smoke, which quickly filled the room and began to circle it.

Pinkie Pie jumped back and yelped, unsure of what to do as her mane flopped in and out of her face from the harsh wind.

"AHAHAHAHA!" A familiar laugh rang in Pinkie Pie's ears, making them twitch intensely. She covered them and curled up on the floor, but the voice still rang in her ears.

Though, finally, the smoke began to clear after a few seconds, and the laughter began to die down.

Pinkie Pie stayed still however, still cringing a bit from shock.

"And here I thought laughter made you happy~"

Hearing that sentence, Pinkie Pie slowly removed her hooves from her face and looked up. Standing right in front of her was...


"Oh, Pinkie Pie." Discord chuckled at her. "I'll admit, you had me. I never thought that you'd be the one to free me."

"...F-free you?" Pinkie Pie questioned, still recovering from the shock.

"Don't you know?" Discord grinned. "I became freed because of the chaos happening around me!"

"C-chaos? B-but, nopony was with me, and-" she froze as he got closer to her.

"I never said it had to be physical chaos~" he whispered.

"...T-that's right..." Pinkie Pie muttered.

I was fighting... with myself...

Glancing up at Discord's face, she... blushed slightly... but only from embarrassment, of course.

Did he... hear what I was saying?

Judging by his expression, she assumed that he hadn't and calmed down slightly.

"U-um... m-my friends will just go and imprison you again!" she told him, though her tone sounded anything but certain.

"Funny you mention that~" Discord replied, taking a seat on Pinkie Pie's bed and lounging back. "I've already thought about it actually. So, I think I'll lay low for a while. How does that sound, roommate?"

"R-roommate?" she questioned. "...W-well, what if I-"

"Pinkie Pie!" a voice suddenly called as a knock was heard at the door.

"M-Misses Cake!" Pinkie Pie shouted. "U-um-"

"Are you alright in there, deary? Can I come in?"

Turning her attention to Discord, Pinkie Pie quickly shoved him off the bed and covered him with her blanket. "H-hide!"

"Hm...?" Though looking a little confused, he simply nodded to her and snapped his fingers, vanishing in a puff of smoke.

Pinkie Pie breathed a sigh of relief at first, but was also a little puzzled at herself.

I told him to hide... I didn't want Missis Cake to see him...

"C-come in?" she replied, though as more of a question than anything else.

Missis Cake was quick to enter the room, looking around for anything out of the ordinary. "Are you okay, Pinkie Pie?" she then asked.

Pinkie Pie just nodded, almost sweating as she saw Missis Cake's skeptical look. Had she heard Discord? Had she seen him somehow? Why was she looking at her so suspiciously?

"Y-yep! Just fine!"

"Really?" Missis Cake questioned. "You didn't greet us at the door. Did your party go alright?"

"Mm-hmm!" Pinkie Pie responded firmly. "B-but... next time I'll make sure to hand-deliver all the invitations. Those animals just didn't get 'em!" she explained.

Misses Cake was quiet for a moment, then giggled. "Ah, so nothing new for Pinkie Pie then. Well, don't fret over it dear. I'm sure that your next party will be much better!" she said, promptly leaving and closing the door behind her.

Pinkie Pie waited a few seconds, then breathed a sigh of relief.

That was close...

"So then!" In a fireworks-like explosion, Discord suddenly reappeared in front of her, holding out his claw in a taunting manner and grinning devilishly.


Author's Note:

Trying my best not to be consumed by 'Lavender Unicorn Syndrome'. ^ ^'