• Published 3rd Jan 2013
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The Girl Named Pinkie Pie - Lux

A man meets a girl who looks and acts like Pinkie Pie.

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Chapter 3 – Observation

You work hard for several hours straight in the bakery, busily filling the orders of the customers and making things to sell. Thankfully your first day was a light one, so you can get into how things operate at Sugar Cane Corner. You like it at your new job so far. The work isn’t demanding, the place is easy to get used to, and best of all you are doing something you want to do rather than have to do.

You find that your co-worker Pinkie Pie was surprisingly very nice. At first you wondered how you would get along with such a hyperactive girl, but you found she was actually a great worker. She was always ready to work with a permanent smile on her face. No matter what new order appeared, she was able to complete it as quickly as the last. For someone who didn’t go to college, she knew how to bake. It was as if Pinkie’s talent for baking was in her DNA. It reminded you of how ponies on the show had their cutie marks which represented their talents. You knew that Pinkie’s mark were three balloons representing her talent to throw parties. The girl you were working with clearly had the same talent as her pony counterpart. For a moment you wonder if this girl has a tattoo of Pinkie’s mark on her body, a thought that makes you blush.

“Hey there,” Pinkie says as she sees you deep in thought, “What are you thinking about?”

“Oh nothing,” you say to her, trying to quell your embarrassment.

“Are you thinking something about me,” she said with a little wink.

“Oh, no nothing like that,” you say, “I was thinking about cupcakes.”

For a moment she stares at you as if she is trying to see if you’re telling the truth. Finally her serious face turns into a smile.

“Okie dokie lokie,” she says, “I think about what I’m baking too.”

She then goes back to baking, as you are happy that you were able to escape being embarrassed. As you begin to make more treats, you wonder why you were so embarrassed about her finding out or for that matter that you even though about her like that. After all you only met her a few hours ago. You were just happy that she was nice enough to work with. You were open to becoming friends or at chance at romance with any girl. Even Pinkie Pie was a possibility in your mind, but you didn’t want to rush into things. You felt it was best to get to know her first before you can get into the friends or relationship department.

As you work with Pinkie, you begin to notice the strange quirks she has, things that were familiar to you seeing the pony on the show. Besides her amazing baking skills, she never seems to get tired, no matter how much she needs to get done. You notice that she also doesn’t like to just walk but instead prefers to do more of a skip, her hair bobbing hypnotically in response to each step. It’s as if her body is made out of air, making her easily move about her day. She also has a strange knack of balancing things on her head. Even the most precariously placed things like a tiered cake or a container of cupcakes remain on her head even as she bounces from the kitchen to the counter and back. All the while during mixing and baking, and transporting pastries, she is always either singing a tune like the one you heard in the apartment or even talking to the baked goods like they were real.

There was, however, one thing that you admired about her as you watched her dance about the kitchen. It wasn’t her body, what she wore, her ocean blue eyes, or even her magenta hair. It was her smile which remained constantly on her face. Even when she struggled with something, her face would return to that very same smile. To you, her expression lit up the room, making it impossible for you not to smile while working. Beyond that, it added to the happiness of working and it cast away any doubts or worries you had of the day.

You were just finishing up a tray of fritters for the store when Mr. Cake appeared.

“So, how are you two doing,” he asked, although you suspect he’s really asking you how you’re getting along with Pinkie Pie.

“I’m doing fine,” you say.

“I’m super-duper great,” Pinkie exclaims.

“Well, I’m glad you two are working well with each other. There’s a lull in the action, so why don’t you two go to lunch.”
“Sounds great,” you say as you wash the flour and dough off your hands.

“Hey, do you want to go out to lunch with me,” Pinkie asks you, “I mean if you have other plans, than that’s fine. I just like to talk to someone when eating.”

“I don’t have anything planned,” you say.

“Great! Ok, I’ll meet you at my car.”

Suddenly with the speed of a cartoon character, the pink haired girl zips out of the kitchen. You are caught off guard by what happened, but then you realize that since she is very much like Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, you know that anything is possible. You head to the car as fast as you can and see Pinkie waiting for you.

“There you are! Come on, I guarantee this place is going to be a blast!”

You get into her pink car, ready for anything and everything with her.

Author's Note:

A shorter chapter, but don't worry. The next ones will be interesting.

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