• Published 3rd Jan 2013
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The Girl Named Pinkie Pie - Lux

A man meets a girl who looks and acts like Pinkie Pie.

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Dinnertime Decision

Chapter 5 – Dinnertime Decision

You left the bakery to find Pinkie Pie standing there by your car, the still unwavering smile on her face that you’ve seen on her face. She looked like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to open her presents.
“So are we ready to go,” she asks.

“Wait, how did you know that this was my car?”

“Just a guess I guess,” she said.

You wonder if maybe it was her Pinkie Sense that told her that this was your car. There was a certain wonder to that ability to know when things are about to happen. Sometimes you wished you had a little of Pinkie’s ability to prevent any bad things from happening to you. There was an element of worry too with her ability. If it was like telepathy, would she be able to know what you were thinking? You made a note to be careful of what you think about her when you’re with her, just in case.

You begin driving to your destination as Pinkie Pie starts signing a tune of the radio.

“Oooo! This one’s my favorite!”

“Mine too,” you say shocked at the coincidence.

“Hey, do you want to sing with me?”

“Um… sing? I don’t really sing much, except in the shower.”

“Yeah I know. I can hear you singing above,” she said with a smile.

“Oh, you heard me,” you responded a little embarrassed.

“Awww! Don’t feel embarrassed! You’re a great signer. You know what I think your problem is?”

“What is it?”

“You’re so worried about what others think! So what if people think you’re strange if you’re signing. You’re not hurting anyone or upsetting them. If I had a dollar for every time someone thought I was strange, I could afford to buy my own bouncy castle and live in it, or maybe even buy my own version of Pat’s Pizza and Party Palace. So come on, open your mouth and sing!”

You look over briefly and see Pinkie Pie staring back at you as if waiting to see how you will respond. Although she says nothing, her face shows everything you need, telling you, “Relax, it’s going to be ok. Trust me. “You then find yourself opening your mouth and for the first time singing. She simply smiles and starts singing along with you. For a moment you think that your voice is going to sound so terrible that Pinkie pie is going to not let you sing again. To your surprise you find that she is singing with along with you, your melodies matching each other perfectly. It was as if the two of you have been singing for years together.

“Wow, you’re a natural,” Pinkie said after the song ended.

“Thanks,” you say satisfied, “You’re a great singer too.”

“Awww thanks! Ooo! What’s that?”

You turn to see her pointing to the back seat area. You can’t look behind while driving and you have no clue what it is your pink haired passenger is looking at. To your knowledge there’s nothing on the back seat of interest, and on the floor is a lone window scrapper which you don’t think even she would find an interest in.

“What’s what, Pinkie?”

“That pink thing in your back window silly!”

You realize that in the back of your car is the small plastic Pinkie Pie toy that has accompanied you on all your trips ever since you became a fan of the show.

“Oh, um… that’s my pony toy.”

“Wait a minute, you watch My Little Pony?”

There was no way to hide or deny it now, so the only thing left was to tell the truth.

“Yeah, I like that show.”

“Me too,” Pinkie suddenly shouts with excitement, “Oh I love watching all the episodes. I also like collecting fan art and reading fanfics. Oooo, who’s your favorite character? Wait a minute, I know that answer. It’s Pinkie Pie, right?”

“Yes, she’s my favorite pony.”

“Mine too,” she exclaims with a giggle, “Hey, we share something more in common than just baking.”

You can’t help but laugh when Pinkie declares she likes her pony counterpart. It was a dead giveaway that she liked the pink pony with her hyper personality and pink hair.

“What’s so funny,” she asks.

“Oh, nothing. Actually we’re here, so I’ll tell you when I get inside.”

“Okie dokie lokie,” she says as she hops out of the car.”

The Burger Barn was a restaurant themed like a barn you’ve visited before with your parents. It was nicer than a fast food place but not a very fancy restaurant. You wanted a place that you think she would like to eat at while not being fancy to give her the wrong idea that this was a date. You were satisfied about being friends with her, but you needed more time to get to know her.

“Wow this is a really nice place,” Pinkie said as she sat in a booth across from you.

“So this is a new place for you?”

“No, I’ve been here before. I’m just saying it’s a nice place. You should try the ribs. They’re great!”

“Wait, you eat ribs?”

“Of course I do? What, did you think I eat salads?”

You realized that despite looking and acting like Pinkie pie, she wasn’t a pony. There was no reason that she would therefore be forced into eating grains or vegetables.

“Oh no, it just that I didn’t know you liked ribs too. Do you want to split a full rack?”

“No thanks. I’m so hungry I think I can eat a full one by myself.”

The two of you order your ribs and take the moment to converse with each other.

“So what were you going to tell me that you said would wait until we got here?”

“Oh, well I just find it interesting that you have the same personality as Pinkie Pie from the show, Pinkie.”

“Wow, really? I mean, I know watching the show that I’m kind of similar to her, but I’m not that similar to her, am I?”

“You’re exactly like her actually, well except for being a pony.”

“Oh wow, that’s really neat. Ever since I saw her, I really liked her, but I never imagined being exactly like her. That’s a good thing right, being like her from the show?”

“I think it’s a great thing .”

Thanks for saying that about me.”

“You’re welcome,” you say happy that she took your words as a compliment.

You are amazed at the fact that she was aware of Pinkie Pie and yet felt that her personality was although similar was separate from the pink pony. This confirmed in your mind that this Pinkie Pie was not putting on an elaborate act to trying to be the pony, she actually was her!

“Hey, I just realized something,” Pinkie said, “You like Pinkie Pie from the show, right?”


“And you said that I’m like her.”

“Definitely,” you say unsure of what she’s getting at.

“Sooo…. That means you like me too, right?”

You are blindsided by the question, feeling like you are now a rat trapped in a cage. She stares at you from across the table, her beautiful sparkling eyes staring at you, waiting for an answer. It’s as if she’s trying to read your mind, looking for your decision before you even say it. But there’s something else there in those eyes and in that coy little smile she’s giving you. It’s as if she’s saying, “Come on give me a chance to show you how much I care about you.”

“Yes, Pinkie, I like you, and not just because you are like my favorite character. You’re nice to be around, so friendly and kind.”

“Oooh how sweet of you,” she says, “You want to know a secret?”


“I really like you too. Of course you’re not like a pony from the show but you’re also really nice to me, more than most are.”
“Pinkie, why…”

You are about to ask what she meant when the waitress arrives with your dinner setting aside your thoughts for later.

“Come on, let’s eat,” Pinkie says as she dives into her ribs, barbecue sauce splattering her face.

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