• Published 3rd Jan 2013
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The Girl Named Pinkie Pie - Lux

A man meets a girl who looks and acts like Pinkie Pie.

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A New Life

The Party Girl

Chapter 1 – New Life

The clock radio comes to life, blasting some catchy tune from the radio. You try to ignore it, clinging to your pillow for dear life as you attempt to squeeze out a few more precious minutes of extra sleep. Yet the clock radio keeps playing, urging you to wake up. You stick your arm out from the cover and feel around for the nearby annoying machine, hoping to at least find the snooze button, not actually paying attention to what you’re doing. Instead your hand grazes the volume knob, making the sound even louder. With a groan, you give up trying to sleep an extra time and slowly get out of bed and turn off the radio for good.

Having reluctantly awoke; you try and get your bearings of your bedroom. You have just moved into this new place. It’s looks like an ordinary house on the outside, but it is like two homes, one built on top of the other. You happen to just live in the top portion. Aside from having to use the stairs to get to your portion of the home, a pain when it came to moving in, the place is very nice. Your floor has a nice living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Sure it isn’t your dream home, but you can’t complain.

It was a bittersweet moment, leaving your parents after college to start a new life. You love your parents, and they were more than happy to let you stay until you found an actual house rather than an apartment. But you felt that it was time to finally be independent, to see if you can actually make it in the world. And so, with your parents’ help, you moved here a few days ago, ready to start your new life. Of course, as your parents put it, you’re just an hour’s drive or a phone call away from needing help.

Your first stop is the bathroom. You get ready for the day and while brushing your teeth you look in the mirror. You’re in your late twenties, just fresh out of college. You are no Fabio, but you’re not some slob either. In fact, you’re more of a plain Joe, a face easily unrecognized in a crowd. Maybe that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend. Your mind thinks about your prospects of getting a girlfriend. It wasn’t something that you were consumed about, but you think about it sometimes. You had a girlfriend in high school, but it didn’t last. You tried to in between your studies find a girlfriend in college, but those you were interested in were either taken or uninterested in being anything other than a friend. Oh, making friends for you is easy as you like to meet new people. It’s just converting a friend who’s a girl into a girlfriend that you lack. You hope that this new life will eventually grant you a girlfriend, and having a job and living on your own is icing on the cake.

On your way back to your bedroom, you look into the spare room. Normally this space would be used for another bedroom, but for you it’s a glorified storage room. All of them have been clearly marked indicating what is in them. There are several boxes stacked in two separate piles. The one larger pile is where you put the now empty boxes. There are still a few in a much smaller pile that need to be opened and emptied.

One small box that catches your attention has the words “My Little Pony” written in big letters on it. You remember fondly the first time you saw an episode. You were surfing through the channels, trying to find something good to watch. It is then you pause and see the show My Little pony: Friendship is Magic. You are about to click to another channel when you find yourself unable to do so. As you watch, you can’t help but watch a certain pony on the show. This pony is Pinkie Pie, the hyperactive pink party planning pony. At first you think she’s strange, but you start to like her crazy antics. She’s a very happy and bouncy pony, always throwing parties and trying to cheer others up. Since then, the majority of your pony merchandise has been related to the pink earth pony. You have a few figurines, some art works, and even a Pinkie Pie plush. Your parents at first wondered why you would be fascinated with a show like My Little Pony, but they knew that you were old enough to have your own tastes. In your mind, you mull over the possibility of having a girlfriend who acted like Pinkie Pie, wondering if it would be a good idea or a total failure.

“I’ll open that box tonight,” you say as you return to your bedroom to get dressed.

After getting dressed, you have a quick breakfast. That’s when you hear it, the music. It’s a bright jumpy music that you hear coming up through the floor. It’s the kind of music that would turn anyone who was upset happy and maybe even make someone want to dance. It wasn’t the song that was surprising though. You heard someone singing to the music, like there was a karaoke party downstairs. The voice was clearly female, and it sounded oddly familiar although you could not tell why. You become lost in the happy tune, finding it hard not to smile and sing along with the tune.
After the song ends, your mind snaps out of the happiness and you glance at the clock.

“I have to leave for work soon or I’ll be late.”

You finish breakfast and prepare to leave the apartment for work. It is your first day at your new job and you want to give a good impression. You head downstairs and outside towards the car, when suddenly you see her, the mysterious occupant of the apartment below. Up until now you have never seen who lived below you. The only thing you knew about this person was that she was female from the way she sings and that she owned a bubblegum pink car. Now you finally glimpse at what the woman looks like.

She appears to be around your age, with an average height and build. She has a cream colored skin and big sparkling blue eyes that remind you of a clear sky. She’s dressed in jeans with a pink t-shirt that has two blue balloons and a yellow one in between. The thing that gets your attention the most is her hair. The woman’s hair is big and poofy, surrounding her face like a ring of smoke reaching the middle of her back. Her hair is also totally a shade of magenta, the kind you would find on an anime character. You wonder how long she takes care of her hair, dyeing it that color and making it as big as possible.

It’s then you realize it: the voice, the pink shirt with the balloons, her big pink hair all point to the fact that she looks like a human version of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony! You’ve heard of some people being obsessed with the show, collecting tons of art and merchandise, but you’ve never seen someone go this far. Well, she can’t be that bad, so you try to talk with her.

“Hi there,” you say casually.

“Hi,” the girl says with an infectious smile on her face and a voice you’d swear was the same as Pinkie’s, “I’m Pinkie Pie.”

You’re taken aback at the fact that this girl introduced herself as a cartoon character. There is a part of you that begins to wonder if this was a really good idea.

“Hi, um Pinkie Pie,” you say not wanting to be rude, “Nice to meet you. I just moved into the apartment above.”

“Oh my gosh, you live above me? I never had a neighbor before, well I used to but they moved away. Oh I have to throw a new neighbor party for you!”

Before you can answer, Pinkie glances at her watch and lets out a gasp.

“Uh oh, I’m going to be late for work. So, I’ll see you later then.”

The woman then dashes away, gets into her pink car and speeds away down the road, leaving you stunned for a moment at the strange meeting. You then realize that you have to get to work too, and so you drive away from your house, your thoughts on your new life, your new job, and the strange neighbor you met who calls herself Pinkie Pie.

Author's Note:

First crack at a second person fanfic. For those looking for more Pinkie action, don't worry. It gets crazier from here!

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