• Published 3rd Jan 2013
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The Girl Named Pinkie Pie - Lux

A man meets a girl who looks and acts like Pinkie Pie.

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Karaoke and a Kiss

Chapter 7 – Karaoke and a Kiss

The rest of dinner was spent with you and Pinkie Pie enjoying your meal and your time together. The more you got to know her, the more you could picture yourself spending more time with her. Gone was your worry about how she would act towards you. She was Pinkie Pie through and through, and even though you could not explain how it was possible you really had no reason to even think about it. What mattered was you two were friends.

“Ahhh,” Pinkie pie said as she slumped in her booth contently her face covered in barbecue sauce, “those were some good ribs! You liked yours too, right?”

“Definitely. Um… you know your face is covered in sauce, right?”

“Oopsie! I guess I got carried away with eating. I’ll be right back.”

She quickly zipped out of the booth and towards the bathroom as you had a moment to yourself. You recounted the day and how it started out as normal as it could be and how it turned into anything but. In one short day you gained a neighbor, a friend, and an invitation to a world of possibilities thanks to meeting her. You knew that your life would be forever changed, and thankfully it was for the better.

“I’m back,” Pinkie said, “and I have a surprise for you.”

“What is it?”

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it? Follow me!”

You paid for your dinner and followed Pinkie through the restaurant until you reached the bar area. Even for a weekday, there was still a decent crowd in the area. That’s when you saw it, the DJ equipment and the monitor which all pointed to it being karaoke night.

“Surprise,” Pinkie said, “You and I are going to sing our favorite song!”

You were struck by the request as fear washed over you. Now you were no longer singing in the shower or in front of just Pinkie Pie. You would be singing in front of total strangers.

“Um… Pinkie, I don’t know if I could do this.”

“Sure you can! Look at me, if I didn’t think you could, I wouldn’t have set this up, but I know you can sing. So let’s give these people a show!”

The two of you got up on the stage as the music started. You watched as Pinkie went first, singing her part. As you saw her take on the crowds and singing without fear, you felt all doubt melt away. It was as if it was just you and her singing to each other. Then on cue you began to sing. The two of you easily went through the song as the crowd cheered you on. When it was over, the people at the bar wanted an encore to which the two of you were happy to oblige. With a happy end to your time out, the two of you left the Burger Barn.

“That was a great time, wasn’t it,” you said to Pinkie as you drove back to the bakery.

“Sure was! And you know what made it better?”

“What’s that?”

“You silly! I like to go out to dinner and sing karaoke, but it’s much better when I have someone to share the fun with!”

“You’re right, it is better with you too.”

At last you pulled up to where Pinkie’s car was parked.

“So, I guess that’s goodnight,” you said feeling down cast as you knew that the fun day was coming to a close.

“Awww… don’t be upset. We’ll have lots of fun tomorrow.”

Then unexpectedly the pink haired girl gives you a kiss on the cheek. It was a beautiful kiss that sent your mind and heart spinning for a few seconds, but you would last longer than that.

“Thanks for the good time,” she said as she hopped out of your car, got into hers, and drove away leaving you still stunned at the kiss.

Reality then came back to you as you pulled out of the empty bakery parking lot and back home. Upon arriving you took one last look at the pink car, reminding you of its owner and your new friend. With a smile on your face you head upstairs to your apartment, excited for the next day and the new adventures you would have with Pinkie Pie. That night you dream of her dancing and singing with an unbelievable sense of joy in her face, reminding you of how lucky you were to have her as a friend.

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