• Published 17th Nov 2012
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The Element of Balance - Sonic Boom

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Ch.07: A dream or a vision?

Chapter 7

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12:00 a.m.

Fluttershy's bedroom

Alex was twisting and turning in Fluttershy's bed, showing signs that he was probably having a nightmare. "Ugh...uhh...huu..."

Huh? Where am I? I can't see anything. Wait. Is that light? It's getting brighter.




Who are you?

That does not matter. What does matter is that you are in this world for a reason, and that reason will come soon...

What reason? What do you mean?

You have saved the universe from an evil darkness and made many friends along the way. But now it is time for you to become more than Cinos the Light...

I don't understand.

You will in time. Goodbye, hero. And good luck. I'll be watching you...

Wait! Stop! Don't go...

"Wuaah!" Alex shot up, gasping for air and sweating like a pig. "What in Equestria was that? Who was that voice? Wait a minute. Could that have been..." It seemed probable that that was himself, but was not sure. He did possess the ability to time travel so it's possible he may have met his future self in his dreams. Or maybe someone else.

Alex took a moment to think about everything that has happened up until now. Applejack gave him a grand tour of Ponyville, Pinkie made him one heck of a lunch, Rarity created a magnificent cloak for him, Rainbow treated him to a fast race, and Fluttershy offered her bed to him and said that she could sleep on the couch. It was the best day of his life.

"Of all the worlds I've visited, this one is the best. I just wish I could pay everyone back somehow." With that said, Alex put his head back on top of the pillow and fell right back to sleep.


Not much for a midnight chapter, huh?