• Published 17th Nov 2012
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The Element of Balance - Sonic Boom

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Ch.01: Strange Discovery

Chapter 1

Strange Discovery

A star started to sparkle and glistened in the moonlight. Then all of a sudden, a white comet appeared from the star and headed down towards Equestria. It crashed landed in between Ponyville and Sweetapple Acres, the middle of an open green grass field with a lone green tree, known as Equestrian Hills and shock the ground for a few seconds. It was enough to wake up everypony in Equestria.

01:02 a.m.

Sweetapple Acres

Applejack woke up from her deep and peaceful sleep. "AAH! What in the hay was that?!" AJ looked out her window to see a bright light shining in the middle of Equestrian Hills. She was curious of what that light held, but at the same time she was too tired to even get out of bed. She wanted to go back to go back to sleep, but how can she ignore something that caused an earthquake like that? She hopped out of her bed and headed downstairs, but before she could get to the bottom, she was stopped by her little sister, Applebloom, and her big brother, Big Macintosh, who were right behind her.

"Where ya going, Applejack? It's one in the morning'." Applebloom asked.

Applejack responded, "There's somethin' over on the field beside our farm that looks mighty suspicious. I'm gonna go check it out. Y'all best be headin' back to bed."

"Nope." said Macintosh.

"We're commin' with ya! Families stick and help together!" Applebloom then said.

"But..." Applejack hesitated.

"Don't worry. We'll help you out with whatever happens." Applebloom interupted.

"Eeyup." added Macintosh.

Applejack stood in silence for a few seconds, then smiled, glad to know that her brother and sister were there to help and support her. "Alright fine, but stay close." said Applejack.

They then all headed outside and from there on to the source of the light.

Equestrian Hills

Applejack, Applebloom, and Big Macintosh arrived at the site, hoping to find some kind of meteor or star. Instead they found something that they or nopony had ever seen before: an alicorn with 2 tails. The alicorn had a bright blue coat with a black spiky mane. His two tails' colors were black and white; the white part was on the half end of both tails. What surprised them the most was that he didn't have a cutie mark. He laid there, unconscious, and surprisingly, there was no crater surrounding the alicorn, which was odd, considering a fall like that would have made a crater the size of Ponyville itself. He just laid there, unconscious and with several bruises all over his body.

"Applejack, who is that?" Applebloom asked worried.

"Ah don't know, but he looks worse than an apple tree durin' Winter. Let's get him back to the Applefarm. He'll sleep in my bed and maybe tomorrow we'll find out more about him in the morning. I'll sleep on the couch tonight." Applejack said.

"Eeyup." said Macintosh as he was picking the alicorn and putting him on his back.

They all headed back towards to farm, both worried and eager to learn about this strange pony in the morning.

Author's Note:

Short chapter. Not that good at making stories, but hey, it kills time.