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The Element of Balance - Sonic Boom

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Ch.06: Two kind ponies

Chapter 6

Two kind ponies

03:12 p.m.

Fluttershy's cottage

"Rematch! Now!" Rainbow. " Hold it there, partners." Applejack. "What?" Alex. "We're here." Applejack pointed her hoof towards Fluttershy's cottage. The two rivals stood awkwardly as they gathered themselves up and walked along side Applejack up to the front door. Applejack gave Alex back his cloak, which he put it back on with the white side facing out and the hood down. She knocked and the door opened to reveal a small white bunny.

"Angel." Alex, as he nodded. Angel raised an eyebrow to him. "Can we see Fluttershy, Angel?" Rainbow. Angel fully opened the door to let the three ponies in. Alex, Rainbow Dash , and Applejack let themselves in, but there was no sign of Fluttershy anywhere, until she came downstairs to welcome her guests.

"Oh. Hello." Fluttershy. "Hey there, Fluttershy." Rainbow. "There's somepony we'd like you to meet." Applejack. "Hello." Alex. "EEKK!" Fluttershy hid behind her mane to hide from the two tailed stranger, knelt, and slowly backed away a few inches.

"Uh Flu..." Rainbow's mouth was covered by Alex's hand. "Fluttershy dea..." So was Applejack's. Alex chuckled and then whispered to the two, "I got this." He released their mouths and slowly walked towards Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash was confused a little, but Applejack knew that Alex knew exactly what he was doing.

"Fluttershy." Alex. He crouched down to her and removed her mane that was covering her face. She covered her eyes with her hooves to not look at him, but he removed those as well. "Smile." Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes to see Alex's eyes. All of a sudden, both of them felt something.

They were staring into each other's eyes, looking deep into their own souls. It was like they were covered by a complete shell of blood, anger, and darkness, but deep inside the cores was a purity of light, courage, and kindness.

A monarch butterfly came flying in through one of the windows and landed on Alex's nose. He crossed his eyes to make a visual sense of the butterfly. Fluttershy opened her mouth and nearly gasped as she was amazed how a gentle and beautiful creature of nature stood on the nose of a strange and seemingly dark pony. Maybe there was something to this alicorn that nopony had ever seen before. Or maybe he could be just another regular pony. Either way it was enough to make Fluttershy smile.

Alex and Fluttershy watched as the butterfly took off and flew straight back out the window and into the clear blue sky. Then they looked back at each other. "Your smile. That's all I needed." Alex. Fluttershy blushed.

"I'm Alex. It's nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you, too. I'm Fluttershy." As she was getting back up. Alex looked around the cottage, examining everything within his eyesight. "Nice place. Mary Doo was right to give this cottage to you." Alex. "You know Miss Doo?" Fluttershy. "Uhh...kinda." Alex knew about Ditzy's past, but he didn't want to scare anypony by revealing it.

Fluttershy was still curious of how Alex knew about Mary Doo and how she gave the house to her, but figured she would ask him again later. Applejack then spoke up. "Well, we better start lookin' for a place for to sleep." "You mean you don't have a place to live?" Fluttershy. "Well, actually..." Alex thought about his house back in his world. He could return there anytime he wanted (because he has the ability to travel between worlds), but for some reason, he felt like he needed to stay here in this world. Besides, his family knew his secret, so they knew he would be fine.

"...no." Alex. "What!? You mean you live on the streets?!" Rainbow. "Not exactly." Alex. "He just came into town." Applejack. "He can stay here." Fluttershy. "Really? Are you sure? You won't mind?" Alex. "Please. I insist. I mean, if it's okay, or not." Fluttershy. "Hmm...okay." Alex.

Fluttershy squeaked with joy and Alex chuckled a little. "Mind if I go upstairs for a quick nap?" Alex. "Not at all." Fluttershy. Alex went upstairs and disappeared. Applejack walked over to Fluttershy. "You sure you can take care of this pony, Fluttershy? You already have enough to deal with all your animal friends, 'specially Angel." Applejack. "It's okay, Applejack. I want him to stay with me." Fluttershy.

"So it's agreed. Alex will stay here for the night and I can go back to napping. See ya!" Rainbow dashed out the front door and quickly disappeared. Applejack sighed as she as well walked out of Fluttershy's home. "Ah'll see ya later, Fluttershy." Applejack. "Bye, Applejack." Fluttershy.

Angel closed the door and hopped away upstairs to examine Alex. Fluttershy took a moment to wonder. Who is he? Why is he here? Why does he have 2 tails? And those things on his hooves? How come he's so... She blushed a little before she finished that last question.


Oh yeah! Something's in the air, and I bet you guys can guess what it is.