• Published 17th Nov 2012
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The Element of Balance - Sonic Boom

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Ch.03: A pink surprise

Chapter 3

A pink surprise

11:32 a.m.

Ponyville Town Square

"Welcome to Ponyville, where everypony is as happy as can be." Applejack, as she was guiding Sonic around the town.

Ponyville looked absolutely fantastic to Sonic. It was organized, colorful, cheerful, joyous, and...well, the words go on. The only problem was that everypony was staring at him, but after Applejack explain to them who he was and to take it easy on him, they understood and went about their own business. Meanwhile, Applejack talked to Sonic all about Equestria, its history, and its pony citizens.

Applejack pointed her hoof over to the nearby spa. "That there's the Ponyville Day Spa, where most ponies go to freshen up for any day, especially a certain mare ah know." Applejack, sarcastically.

Sonic looked at her and raised his eyebrow to that statement. "Uh okay."

The two eventually arrived at Sugarcube Corner. "And this here's Sugarcube Corner, home to many of the delicious cake and pastries in Ponyville. It's run by Mr. and Mrs. Cake, two bakers who live here, along with a friend of mine." Applejack.

"Let's go in. I'm starving for some cake." Sonic.

"But ya just had pancakes for breakfast." Applejack.

"You can always save room for cake!" Sonic, in a happy tone.

Once they went inside, the first pony to greet them was Pinkie Pie, who kept bouncing right in front of Applejack.

"Hi there, Applejack! How are you doing? I'm GWAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Pinkie, when she then noticed Sonic.

"Uhh...hi?" Sonic.


"Calm down, Pinkie Pie. This is Sonic Boom, and he just came to Ponyville. And yes, he's an alicorn, but he's not related to Princess Celestia. Ya think his welcome party can wait until later?" Applejack.

"Okay. And good thing, too. I'm pretty busy until the day after tomorrow. Sorry." Pinkie.

"That's...okay?" Sonic.

Applejack shook her head. "She make welcome parties for every new comer to Ponyville. PiƱatas, Pin the tail on the pony, cakes, cupcakes, punch...everything a party needs." Applejack.

"How welcoming." Sonic.

"Oooh! That reminds me! Wait here! I'm be right back!" Pinkie said. She jumped up and zoomed into the kitchen, then suddenly zoomed back out holding a cupcake in front of Sonic. He was amazed at how she moved so fast.

"Uh, Pinkie? Why are you giving me a cupcake?" Sonic, when his stomach grumbled, telling him to shut up and eat the thing, but his caution and confusion getting the better.

"It's my SUPER DUPER ULTRA MEGA EXTRA HYPER SURPRISE CUPCAKE! Once you take a bite, SURPRISE! Try it! Try it! Try it!" Pinkie.

Sonic once again raised his eyebrow, thinking about the possible consequences for eating it. But his stomach and short attention span said otherwise. So he grabbed the cupcake with his hoof, which he noticed he was using his hoof like second nature to carry the thing but would figure that part out later, took a bite, and waited for something to happen.

Nothing. He assumed that that was the surprise: expecting something to happen and then when the time comes, it doesn't happen. Shocker. However, Sonic saw that Pinkie Pie was smiling big time, thinking that he had not sprung the surprise yet. He ignored her eagerness and took another bite, but after he did, confetti shot out of the cupcake, surprising and knocking him on the floor.

"SURPRISE!" Pinkie.

As Sonic was getting up, all he could think about was how scary and funny that was. Basically, he laughed.

"You alright, Sonic?" Applejack.

He nodded. "That was surprising indeed."

"Don't worry. She doesn't surprise you ALL the time. You'll get used to it." Applejack, as picked up Sonic's cupcake and finished it for him.

"By the way, you're an alicorn, right? Are you related to the princess?" Pinkie.

"No. Why does being an alicorn mean I'm supposed to be related to her?" Sonic.

"Well, she's the only alicorn in Equestria, so I just assumed. But then again, Why would an 18-year human be related to Princess Celestia, am I right?" Pinkie.

Sonic widened his eyes at how Pinkie had determined who he really was. He knew that ponies were the dominant species of Equestria and that no human existed here. How she knew he was actually a human he had no idea. Being an alicorn was suspicious enough, but an alien in this world would definitely cause an uproar.

"Uh...what's a human?" Sonic, a little worried.

"Wait, you're not a human?" Pinkie.

"...No, I'm a pony. An alicorn." Sonic, sweating a little.

"Huh. That's weird. I thought Chapter 2 said that were a human." Pinkie.

"Chapter...2? What are you talking about, Pinkie?" Sonic, confused.

"Oh nothing." Pinkie.

Author's Note:

Classic Pinkie Pie.