• Published 17th Nov 2012
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The Element of Balance - Sonic Boom

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Prologue: A night


A night

2 days before Twilight's arrival to Ponyville...

Night. All across almost everypony was sleeping tight. Some were still wide awake in their beds, excited and eager about the Summer Sun Celebration coming up in a couple of days. In fact, everypony was thrilled about it! Everypony... except a certain sun princess.

11:34 p.m.

Canterlot Castle (Princess Celestia's Chambers)

"Luna..." Celestia said in sadness as she stood on her balcony, looking out into the moon hanging from the night sky, tears in her eyes. The princess of the sun was both dreading and hoping for this day. Ever since she banished her younger sister to the moon a thousand years ago, she has been regretting it for a thousand years. She didn't want to punish her own sister for her dark anger, but she had no choice. "If only Discord hadn't manipulated you..."

Soon, she would be with her dear young sister again very soon...

Suddenly, a book fell from its place in the bookcase. It landed with a thud, spooking Celestia. She turned around and looked around for anypony who might be in the room.

"Who's there?!" she shouted. No answer.

"Come on out!" Still no answer.

That's weird. I thought that...

She then spotted the book a few hooves from her. Huh? How'd that happen? thought the princess as if she knew a book falling from its shelf was an impossibility. She used her magic to pick up the book, but before she could return it to its proper place, she looked at the cover. It was a brown book with a golden alicorn with cyan eyes on it She didn't know why, but something told her that she needed to look into its pages of sacred knowledge.

She opened it up and flipped the section which said "Mare in the Moon." It held a picture of the moon with a obscure image of an alicorn on it. She stared at for a full minute. Poor Celestia. Every time she looked at that moon, Luna was the 1st thing that popped into her mind. If it wasn't for Discord, Her sister would never have turned into Nightmare Moon.

Just then, a page in the back started glowing for a split second. Celestia noticed. "Huh?" She was afraid of what that page now held after that glow, but her fear was covered by her curiosity. She closed her eyes, flipped towards the page, and opened them with shock. The page's title read Elements of Harmony and showed 6 colored stones positioned in a star. That's weird. I thought...

Before she could finish, she looked at the page beside the one she was currently looking at and saw another stone. It was shaped like a spike ball and it had 2 colors on it. 2 colors! What was weirder was that the colors were positioned exactly like the ying-yang symbol: black and white. The stone was attached to a rainbow-colored scepter. "What in the name of myself is this?!" she blurted out in confusion. She then noticed and read the description at the bottom.

Element of Harmony #7: Balance.

The Element of Balance is one of the two most strongest and powerful elements of all next to The Element of Magic. Unlike the other 6 elements, this one is special, due to having a portion of each of the other 6 elements, giving it the nickname, "The Master Element." It also has ability to locate them. However, The Element of Balance is was separated from the other elements due to a major catastrophe, and it was lost forever. Legend has it that once 6 of the 7 Elements of Harmony are found, The Elements of Balance will follow their resonance.

Wait a minute. Element of Balance? Master Element? This was making Celestia's head hurt. What is this? What's going on? Celestia couldn't think straight. She then decided to sleep on it, hoping that she would be able to figure this all out tomorrow. She put the book back onto its shelf and headed for her bedroom, but before she could, she took one last look towards the moon.


Author's Note:

Hey guys! It's my first time writing a fimfic! If I somehow manage to piss a lot of people off, which is probably likely, I'm really sorry. I will upload each chapter as soon as I can. Enjoy!