• Published 13th May 2022
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Cadence's new daughter. - Storyreader21

When the exam for Celestia's School is postponed Twilight becomes the new daughter of Cadence instead. How will this effect Equestria.

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In the city of Canterlot a young alicorn, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, also known as Cadence, also known as the best babysitter ever, was knocking on the door of young unicorn Twilight Sparkle, and her parents Night Light and Twilight Velvet.

"Cadence! I'm so glad you could come on such short notice." Twilight Velvet said as she opened the door. "Me and Night Light really need to get to work."

"Of course." Cadence said. "I love foalsitting Twilight. But I thought the two of you had taken off so you could take Twilight to the entrance exam for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns."

"We were."Twilight Velvet said. "But there was an incident at the school, and the entrance exam had to be put off to next week. So we need to get to work so we can take that day off instead."

"I'm guessing Twilight doesn't like that." Cadence winced.

"It's fine." Twilight Velvet said. "Night Light told her it would give her more time to prepare. She's been reading in her room ever since."

"Alright." Cadence said. "I'll go up and let her know I am here."

"Thanks again." Twilight Velvet said as she ran out to catch up with Night Light, who had already left for work while Twilight Velvet waited for Cadence, while their oldest son Shining Armor was still on duty as a new member of the Royal Guard.

"Your welcome." Cadence called as she entered the house, and went up to Twilight's room, finding her surrounded by every magic book she has, while starting to panic. "Hey Twily."

"Cadence!" Twilight called, running up to her.

"Sunshine, Sunshine. Ladybugs awake. Clap your hooves and do a little shake." They said as they did their special greeting.

"What's wrong, Twily?" Cadence asked.

"I was going back over my books to prepare myself," Twilight sniffled, "and I found a passage I missed on a book that said seventy percent of the entrance exams for Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns include the student having to hatch an egg. But I don't know any spells like that, and I can't find one in any of my books. Can you teach me a spell to hatch an egg?"

"Sorry." Cadence said. "But I dont know a spell like that. As an Alicorn I was taught by Auntie Celestia herself, so I never went to the school."

"Oh." Twilight Sparkle said, looking dejected, which Cadence couldn't stand to see on a pony she cared so much about, especially one so young, and so came up with a way to cheer her up.

"But..." Cadence said, getting Twilight's attention. "I do know where we can learn one. But it must be a secret where you were taught the spell."

"How come?" Twilight asked, with her head tilted.

"Because," Cadence said. "The place is the Royal Archives."

"The Royal Archives!" Twilight yelped. "But only royal ponies can go in there!"

"Have you forgotten I am a royal pony?" Cadence asked with an amused expression.

"Yes." Twilight muttered embarrassed.

"It's fine." Cadence chuckled. "I dont like being treated special, so I don't bring it up unless I have too. But it does mean I can teleport directly into the Royal Archives. And as long as I am with you it should be okay. I know Celestia has escorted other ponies into the archives before. But just in case, don't tell anypony you learned the spell from the archives. Just say I taught you. I won't get in trouble for it as long as they don't know I took you in the archives."

"I'll keep it secret." Twilight promised. "But why would you do this if you could get in trouble for it?"

"Because Twilight. " Cadence said. "I want you to be happy. After all I see you as family. Now before we go, we should figure out what book to look in so we can get through it fast. I think it would be either in a book of farm spells, due to eggs being found on a farm, or in a book of family spells, since it is basically hatching a baby."

"Not farm spells." Twilight said, retrieving a book. "I have a book of farm spells right here that says that since most farms are run by earth ponies, most farm spells, are generally repair spells, and things like that."

"So a book of family spells it is." Cadence said her horn starting to glow. "Hold on. I'll teleport us there."

Then with a bright flash they disappeared, and reappeared in an aisle of the Royal Archives where they could not be seen from the entrance. Twilight shivering at having felt the extremely powerful wards, which only let her through because Cadence was bringing her, before her eyes widened in glee at seeing all the books, but was able to contain herself at a glance from Cadence. Who motioned her to follow with Cadence looking at the shelves, as her horn glowed with a locator spell.

A few shelves down, Cadence stopped and pulled out a big book called, "All Family Spells in Equestria." And taking it, and Twilight to an out of the way table near one of the few windows, and cast a privacy spell.

"All right. We can talk now. And I am glad I heard Auntie Celestia mention this book before, so I could use a locator spell to find it." Cadence said putting the book down.

"Thanks for this." Twilight said opening the book to the Table of Contents. "Ooh, they list the spells in the Table of Contents. Let's see, here it is page 5747, a spell to hatch an egg. Oh..."

"What is it?" Cadence asked, seeing Twilight had stopped when she got there.

"The other page has a spell to make two ponies actual family as long as they already consider themselves family. And it looks easy enough for me to cast. Can I please cast it. You said you see me as family, and I see you as family, and I would love to be real family."

"Let me see the spell." Cadence said before reading it, and looking at Twilight's hopeful smile. "It should be safe. It's been a long time since you surged, and according to this, it is completely safe as long as you don't surge. And it looks like the only visible effect is our manes will gain a stripe in the color of the others mane. Which isn't bad. And I will admit, I would love to be real family to you as well."

"Thanks." Twilight said focusing as she cast the spell.

Unfortunately that was when the was a Sonic Rainboom, causing Twilight to surge, the magic easily shattering the privacy spell, which normally would have gotten attention, but the Royal Archives were right next to the room with an unhatched baby dragon egg that due to a dragon egg absorbing magic to hatch caused it to hatch, and subsequently grow large enough to command all attention. This left Twilight still surging as Cadence tried to help her, meanwhile the spell she was trying to cast needed more power then she had after the baby dragon drained some of the surge. This was due to the surge changing the spell to one that will still make them family, but in a very different way, that requires a lot more power.

Fortunately, Twilight, in her surge instinctively realized she did not have enough power. Unfortunately that caused her to instinctively latch on to another source of power for the extra energy. In this case, she felt three different energy sources. One she recognized as Cadence, and as the target of the spell itself was not viable due to the nature of the spell. One was a burning hot, that was as bright as the sun, which she was about to use when she felt the third, a soothing cool, as powerful as the sun, but brings to mind the night, and moon. Not wanting to get burned, she drained some of this power right through the prison on the moon for Nightmare Moon, luckily the prison was made from the Elements of Harmony, who purified the magic(as well as all excess magic from the air around Nightmare Moon which is what Twilight had sensed) as it was pulled through it, returning it to that of the long lost(and possessed) Princess Luna.

Meanwhile Cadence was trying to reach Twilight through the surge when Twilight just turned into gold sparkly energy, and flowed into Cadence's body, stopping the surge.

"Twilight." She whispered in shock, only to be even more shocked when she felt something stir in her body, making her look down, and panic when she saw she had become pregnant with Twilight. "Oh no what do I do? Twilight's family will hate me for taking their daughter away."

Cadence then looked around and grimaced at seeing the mess that had been made, and that some of the closest sections had been destroyed. "And Celestia will banish me for bringing Twilight here and causing this much destruction to the Royal Archives. And who knows how that will affect Twilight, foals need their moms, and now I'm Twilight's mom. I'll have to hide, before anypony finds out what happened."

With that Cadence teleported away with Twilight still in her womb, making sure to remove all traces of her and Twilight's magical signature as she did, making it so no one would know it was them that caused it.

The Royal Archives was silent for a few seconds, as Princess Celestia entered the room looking for the source of what had happened, having had to stop to deal with the baby dragon, now returned to his rightful size. Unfortunately Celestia noticed the destruction, and that one of the shelves completely destroyed was where she had hid the only pictures left of her sister Princess Luna before she had been corrupted by Nightmare Moon, after a previous student had almost destroyed them in her quarters during one of the lessons there. Worse the damage was so severe the destroyed items could not be repaired. Losing the last pictures of her sister like that made her furious. Even more when she could not find any evidence of who had done it. The only evidence she did have is that someone had drilled a small hole in the wards on the other end of the archives outside of the destruction, but the surge had muddled the energy in the wards she could not tell who had made it or when, not knowing it had been there for three years, undetected, but helping clear suspicion from Cadence who not only knew how to remove magical signatures having been taught by Celestia herself, but also could go through the wards without needing the hole.

"Whoever did this will pay!" Celestia vowed, her mane smoldering, and starting to smoke in her fury as she left.

Author's Note:

Well here is the story inspired by Full of Love by Autum Breeze I do have a few questions.

1)I want to give a nod to gen 5, and thought the names would do. Specifically. While in disguise I will name Twilight either Sunny Starscout, or Zipp Storm. Cadence either The other name or Pipp Petals, and that will decide a direction that the story goes. Specifically, their disguise will be based on the names, if Twilight gets named Sunny Starscout, she will be an alicorn with wings and horn made of magic and starlight, and able to appear and disappear at will, similar to what Sunny Starcout has at the end of the movie, allowing her to disguise herself as an earth pony though she will still have her normal colors, plus a sparkly mane, and a stripe in the same color as Cadence. If Zipp Storm, she will be an alicorn whose wings and horn are made of flesh and blood, and her disguise will be a pegasus who always wears a hat to hide the horn. For Cadence her disguise will be a pegasus no matter what name, but if she is given the name Pipp Petals, then she will have fluffy wings like the Pipp Petals in gen 5. Also if Twilight's disguise name is Sunny Starscout, and Cadence's is Pipp Petals, then Princess Luna will get free from Nightmare Moon, and join the family early(due to having some of Nightmare Moon's power drained by the surge) going by the name Zipp Storm, with a pegasus disguise, while Nightmare Moon remains on said moon until the Sunmer Sun Celebration. If not she will not join the family at all. Which names, and thus path would you readers would be interested in the most?

Question 2) Twilight is now the daughter of both the Alicorn of Love, and the Alicorn of the Moon, what should she be Alicorn of? Please remember this is before she learned how important friendship is. I know Harmony, Friendship, Stars, and Magic are common, but I would like one that is unique. I have also seen one where she is the alicorn of books, so please not that either.

3)I am thinking of having the Elements of Harmony not play a big role due to the family of two(or three if Luna joins) taking care of the big bads themselves, leaving Celestia confused at who is stopping them, though that would make it take longer for Celestia, Twilight Velvet, Night Light, and Shining Armor to realize what had happened to Twilight Sparkle and Cadence(and Luna if she joins). What do you think?

And finally 4) Does anyone know how to get Author Notes on both the top and bottom? I can only figure out one, not both.