• Published 13th May 2022
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Cadence's new daughter. - Storyreader21

When the exam for Celestia's School is postponed Twilight becomes the new daughter of Cadence instead. How will this effect Equestria.

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Second year

"Happy birthday." Cadence and Luna told Sunny a year later, giving another birthday cake. As well as a present of two life size realistic but plushy stuffed toys of Cadence and Luna in the Pipp Petals, and Zipp Storm disguises.

"Thanks." Twilight said, being old enough for a pony to talk, normally only small words, but Twilight was a lot smarter then most fillies her age, even before being reborn.

While Twilight enjoyed the cake from her new spot under the Pipp dolls fluffy wings(which were fluffy enough to be very comfy) with just her head sticking out Luna and Cadence thought about the previous year.

It had been an interesting year for sure. Sunny had finally began talking and they discovered that She remembers her previous life as Twilight. Worse, they discovered when Pipp brought a newspaper home in a panic. In the newspaper they discovered that they were finally noticed to have disappeared. In the article it talked about the surge, and listed the damage including mentioning hatching and growing a baby dragon, much to their shock that Twilight had that power during the surge, even before she was an alicorn, and permanently destroying personal items of Princess Celestia that were in the area, though they did not say what the personal items were. Unfortunately the repairs had finally been finished, and they discovered that both Princess Cadence, and the young filly, Twilight Sparkle she was babysitting were missing, with Celstia now being calm enough to hold daycourt again, and have Twilight's parents inform Celestia, when before she was so busy searching for the culprit of the surge that she could not be informed, and now that she has, people believe that whoever caused the surge kidnapped them, and since Cadence was a princess that was an automatic prison sentence. Especially since Princess Celestia asked for anypony that had information to come forward so that the one responsible could be sent to Tartarus.

Worse Twilight saw the picture of her parents and recognized them, causing Cadence and Luna to find out that at night Sunny dreams of living Twilight's life, and they had to tell her what happened. Unfortunately that also spelled the doom of Twilight, Cadence, and Luna. Twilight was too scared of going to Tartarus, and thus declared that she is Sunny now and forever. Cadence too took the name Pipp permanently, since she was partly to fault for taking her there in the first place and she didn't want to go to Tartarus either. Luna became Zipp permanently in both camaraderie, and due to seeing it a good way to move on from her past.

Of course it wasn't all bad. The Equestrian Royal Guard would be going on random inspections through the towns(but not the Everfree forest, meaning they were safe) to try to catch the one responsible, and in doing so caught the cult who, both knowing how much trouble they were in, and being fanatics cast a mind wipe spell on themselves to prevent any of their information from helping catch any who escape, there weren't any, but it did help hide what happened to Sunny and Love Beat in the village. Sunny also discovered that if she focused she could make her wings and Horn disappear, making her appear to be an ordinary earth pony, unfortunately she is too young to hold the disguise, and thus would just reveal herself at this point. Hopefully soon she would be able to hold the disguise so she could play with other ponies safely.

For now though Pipp, and Zipp were anxiously waiting the next year, the Terrible Two's, and while Sunny has the memories of her past life as Twilight, it is only the memories of that age in the life, and thus she still has the mind of someone just entering those Terrible Twos.

Author's Note:

Hey there three questions today...1)what age will Twilight and the Crusaders be during the 1000th sun celebration? 2)should Scootaloo be an orphan, still have parents or both(start off with parents, and lose them in an accident). Finally 3)any suggestions for the terrible twos?