• Published 13th May 2022
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Cadence's new daughter. - Storyreader21

When the exam for Celestia's School is postponed Twilight becomes the new daughter of Cadence instead. How will this effect Equestria.

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Cadence knew she needed help with the birth, and after teleporting to a random town cast a quick spell to change into her favorite disguise, a pegasus named Love Beat, and went to a hospital. Inside she was tested and discovered that she was about to give birth.

In the hospital Cadence, still disguised as Love Beat waited until the doctor and the nurse arrived and delivered the baby...the delivery itself was fine. But as soon as it was over the doctor and nurse gasped, causing Cadence to look down and was shocked to see a baby Twilight with two big differences...one her horn looked like it was made out of Magic and Stardust. And two she had a pair of wings sized to her that also looked to be made of Magic and Statdust.

"This is amazing!" The doctor gushed. "I have to go tell ponies about a new alicorn birth."

With that he ran out of the room, causing the Cadence and the Nurse to pale. The Nurse grabbing a piece of paper in her magic and writing a quick letter.

"You need to get out of here and into hiding. Thankfully your body is already healed enough to move." The nurse said, making Cadence glad that even in disguise she is still an alicorn. "But you need to be gone by the time the doctor tells ponies about your child. While it is a miracle, there has also never been a born alicorn before, and this city has a cult that would love to kidnap and experiment on your child. Here is a list of things you will need to know for taking care of a baby. You will need to disguise yourself and her, they will keep looking for someone with your looks. Like most cults they are fanatics, and won't stop."

"Thank you." Cadence said as she took the letter, and Twilight into her hooves. As The nurse grabbed another piece of paper.

"Wait! You'll need this." The nurse said. "It is a birth certificate. Just have the baby touch it and say her name and it will appear. Then touch it and say your name to appear in the mother spot. The father, or second mother touches it and does the same. You'll need it for things like school in the future, but don't do it here. It would be better if I don't hear you, just in case."

"Thank you." Cadence said before leaving. Flying away just as a group of ponies in cloaks came running up, and chased after her.

After getting away and to a private place and removed her disguise Cadence thought about a name.

"Okay. So I need a name she can use in the future." Cadence thought aloud. "Let's see she wanted to be a student at Princess Celestia's school, and she always brightened my day, but also loved watching the stars at night...I got it! I'll name her Sunny Starscout. Now for me...I cant use Love Beat anymore that cult knows about it. So I need a new disguise. Oh the one I accidentally made the very first time I tried. Even Auntie Celestia doesn't know about that one. Since it has a medical condition that gives it very fluffy wings, which I thought was embarrassing. The one time I used that form until I could change back I used the name Pipp Petals. I'll leave the other space blank for now."

Happy at choosing a name, though hoping Twilight remembered her past, but simply not knowing yet due to her age, Cadence set to find a place to stay. Finally deciding to stay at the Castle of the Two Sisters. Celestia had once told her about it, but also that it was abandoned, and that despite it being safe she didn't like going there due to memories. That makes it private, allowing her to raise Twilight, or Sunny until she was old enough to disguise herself so she wouldnt get caught as an alicorn. Plus it was close enough to Ponyville to teleport to, which she could use to get supplies and things. Plus while the Everfree was dangerous, the castle was big enough for Sunny to play without leaving, thus having the Everfree protect them.

Upon arriving. Cadence set up a playpen spell in a clean area, and teleported just out of sight of ponyville and applied the disguise to turn herself into Pipp Petals, and got baby supplies, before returning, and set to work cleaning up the castle.

Later that evening Cadence had taken a break to feed Twilight when there was a flash of light, revealing the uncorrupted, and much weakened Princess Luna.


Nightmare Moon was upset. She was still trapped by the Elements of Harmony, but something had latched on and drained a portion of her power and due to its nature that allowed Luna to fight back. Suddenly she screamed in pain as She was separated from Luna, magic and all, and considering they were the same being, just one side corrupted it was painful. She turned to take her over again, only for the Elements of Harmony to sense the separation, and send Princess Luna back to Equestria, while Nightmare Moon remained trapped, though when Celestia checked after feeling something she just saw Nightmare Moon was trapped and thought they were still the same. And thus returned to hunting for who had caused the incident not giving it another thought, far to invested in the search for the culprit.

Author's Note:

The cult was just mentioned to get them a reason to hide, and thus be there when Luna returned instead of living in a town. This will allow her to join the family since they are there when she arrives. They won't play another role unless alot of people ask them too, in which case they would become the final big bad.

Now the next few chapters will be Twilight/Sunny's childhood. Any suggestions you would like to see. A few things that will happen is Cadence/Pipp is roped into babysitting the crusaders. (If they find out about alicorn Twilight is up for debate, by the way...Are they born already? I can't remember if the crusaders were alive when the mane 6 got their cutie marks) and Luna joins the family. Other then that any suggestions you would like to see?