• Published 13th May 2022
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Cadence's new daughter. - Storyreader21

When the exam for Celestia's School is postponed Twilight becomes the new daughter of Cadence instead. How will this effect Equestria.

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Third year

Pipp and Zipp were cleaning up after sunny on her birthday, glad that the terrible twos were over. It had been interesting, with Sunny starting her flying lessons, and crashing into things. She would also throw tantrums dealing lots of damage, since alicorm level tantrums involve alot of power. She also kept trying to sneak into the library for more books with Zipp, who almost always caught, and stopped her since she couldn't keep up the disguise yet.

Meanwhile Sunny entered her room, before closing the door and heading to a specific spot on the floor, and pressed it in a specific pattern she discovered by accident, revealing a trap door that Zipp did not know about, that led to a vast hidden cave, though not one with the tree of harmony, which was in a different cave, and had been severely weakened by the destruction of the elements anyway.

This cave only had one entrance, the secret trap door, this cave was Celestia's secret hideaway as a filly, though luckily not only was there was no alarms, due to their age at the time meaning she did not think about it, but with everything that had happened since Celestia had forgotten about it. Which was good for Sunny, since Celestia had made a miniature sun on a timer to mimic day and night so she could grow plants, ones that over the years have become as like the everfree, but without any animals, except for one.

This animal was a Timberwolf puppy that pounced on Sunny and gave her several licks, having come to enjoy being her pet. This caused Sunny to remember how she got a secret Timberwolf pet, during the only time she had managed to sneak into the Ponyville library.


Sunny was determined to get to the library for BOOKS, but was normally caught by Zipp. But this time she had a plan. Pipp was still asleep, while Zipp was rushing around getting ready to go to the library, leaving Sunny to sneak to her bag to bring with her to the library. It was a big bag, that Zipp used to bring library books back after returning them, and is usually full of books, but due to an emergency the day before was currently empty. Allowing Sunny to hide inside the bag, and since the books are heavier then Sunny, in her rush Zipp didn't even notice the weight as she teleported to the edge of the forest, and in her Zipp disguise ran to her job in the library.

While there Zipp, left the bag on the floor while she got the library ready for the day, allowing Sunny to sneak out and hide among the books, using her wings and new flight ability to hide on the very top shelf where you cant see her without a ladder or flying higher then required for the job. Unfortunately she hid a bit too good. While reading the books on the shelf with her she past several hours until she heard Zipp leave, causing Sunny to realize she had missed her ride back home.

She quickly put the book she had been reading back in its proper place, not wanting to mess up the books order, before looking around. Not seeing anything that would work, to hide her wings and Horn, she focused and caused them to disappear, before booking it, knowing she only had a few minutes before she lost control, and they returned. She just made it into the forest without being seen, when they reappeared, as she made her way to the castle, glad that Pipp had made sure she one of the spells she can cast is a spell to find the castle just in case, though she can't teleport yet it would get her home. Luckily she had taken to exploring the castle, and it's secrets so she knew she had time to get back without getting caught.

She was halfway there when she heard growling as a several eyes appeared in the area around her, before she could get scared she heard a yip, as a Timberwolf puppy fell down in front of her after losing its hold on the tree branch it was standing on, having tried to get the high ground. Twilight recognized it of course, she had just read a book on the needs of creatures of the everfree in the library after all, but she was also still a young child, one whose instincts were quite clear what they thought.

"PUPPY!" Sunny said, before sneezing, and releasing a blast of accidental magic that completely and utterly destroyed the Timberwolf it hit, before spreading to the others and doing the same, only the puppy was left of that pack due to being so close to Sunny that the energy passed right over her head, and while there were other packs, the timberwolf was too young to find them, plus was so terrified of being destroyed as well, that she instinctively used her own magic to mark Sunny as her new alpha, making her Sunny's pet. And giving her magic, a look like Sunny's wings and horn.


Sunny didn't know exactly what had happened, but had felt the Timberwolf pup bind itself to her, and thus she felt responsible for it, and brought it home. Luckily she had found the hidden cave a week before and based on what the book she read said it had everything a Timberwolf needed to survive. The hard part was sneaking her into the cave without Pipp or Zipp noticing. But she did it.

Author's Note:

Hey, the next chapter will be a skip to when Sunny is old enough to fully hide her wings and Horn instead of losing control and revealing them, this will involve meeting Fluttershy, and going with Pipp to babysit one of the crusaders in disguise. Any suggestions for which one.

Also any names for the female Timberwolf pup, and as its alpha, should Sunny learn to understand it?