• Published 13th May 2022
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Cadence's new daughter. - Storyreader21

When the exam for Celestia's School is postponed Twilight becomes the new daughter of Cadence instead. How will this effect Equestria.

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First year

"Happy Birthday!" Cadence and Luna said giving a Twiight her first birthday cake of her new life, as she happily ate into it, making a mess, as her ethereal wings and horn glowed brightly.

"Hard to believe the first year is over." Cadence said to Luna.

"And what a year." Luna said. "So many things have happened."

"Like finding you were sent here after being separated from Nightmare Moon." Cadence said.

"Yes." Luna said. "And then discovering the drain on Nightmare Moon was from Twilight's spell, making me her father just as you are her mom."

"You may be her father, but she calls you momma, just as she calls me mommy." Cadence retorted. "It is why your name is on her birth certificate. Well your name in your Zipp Storm disguise."

"True." Luna said remembering how she had come up with the disguise so she would not be discovered by Celestia, too ashamed of her actions that led to allowing the Nightmare to take over., even going so far as too change her coloring. Her eyes then passed over the remains of the elements. "I know alicorns are powerful, and alicorn foals would be a handful, but I wasn't expecting her crying to destroy the dormant form of the elements of harmony to the point that all that remains is the imprint on the floor from their exploding."

"Luckily, they had already been drained by Celestia banishing you to the point of uselessness." Cadence said. "Speaking of crying, I'm glad she finally sleeps through the night. Waking up at random times of the night to her crying was not fun."

"Especially since we had to put her to sleep in specially warded areas so what happened to the elements doesn't happen again." Luna nodded. "Though it was also annoying when we were busy and didn't notice her sleeping in the day, then she would stay up all night long. And for some reason I can sense her dreams, but not enter them."

"Considering she instinctively uses her powers when playing, it is probably her instinctively protecting herself in her dreams." Cadence said. "You did say you once saw a nightmare try to enter her dream, only to be blasted by the shield that stops you from entering and destroyed. At least it just blocks you instead of attacking."

"True." Luna sighed. "I just feel like I am failing at being unable to enter her dream. I am the guardian of dreams after all. And it could tell us if she still remembers being Twilight, or if she only remembers being Sunny."

"We'll just have to wait." Cadence said. "She's starting to talk now, so we can ask her soon. No matter how worried the answer makes me we need to know."

"True." Luna said. "So Pipp, you've got another foalsitting job tomorrow right?"

"Yeah." Cadence said. "Granny Smith has to take Applejack and Big Macintosh to the doctors for their check up. Apple Bloom got hers last month while they put it off to help on the farm. So I'm watching her. It's a good thing you have the day off tomorrow so you can watch Sunny. While we learned she can make the wings and horn appear and disappear at will, she is too young to keep them hidden, so I can't watch her as well."

"True." Luna sighed. "I still have no idea how I became librarian. All I did was look through the books in the abandoned library for help adjusting to modern Equestria, only for the others ponies to come, me help them, until I somehow became the librarian. Still like your foalsitting jobs, it helps us pay for the food and supplies."

"Still even with everything raising her is fun." Cadence said.

"Agreed." Luna noted before they rushed to Twilight when she finished the birthday cake and started trying to fly away.

Author's Note:

I have no idea how to write in Luna's old equestrian, so just pretend with Luna's accent, though she is trying to fix it, hence the library job.

Now two questions, one what age should Sunny be too be able to hide her wings and horn in public, this will be when Pipp brings her along on a foalsitting job. And two, what age should they start school? Speaking of, how old are the crusaders, and thus Sunny be during the thousandth sun celebration?