• Published 21st Sep 2012
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The Blacklight that Shines Inside - Fate is Manic

Everyone knows the events of Prototype. But, what if there was another Mercer. (Before Heller)

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And Now for our Feature Presentation

Three Days Earlier

As I look into the masks of the soldier's surrounding me, I have no reason to be afraid of death, besides one regret. Kyra has followed me and is now standing by my side, as loyal as ever, refusing to leave me, even in the face of destruction. I have to hand it to her, no human would dare stand up for me now. I focus mass into both of my arms, my right becoming the curved blade based on Mercer's, the left becoming a great shield.

"Kyra, get behind the biggest gravestone you can find, just sit there and wait for the gunfire to end."

Kyra nods and turns to move. I look straight ahead. The force fully consists of foot soldiers, thirteen, that I can count. They all seem to be equipped with standard assault rifles, the name I cannot pinpoint. The tension hangs so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife, so I oblige. I rush the nearest soldier, catching him off-guard, and in the gut. The blade sinks into his chest and protrudes form the other side, I can only hope the last thing he sees is the crazed smile on my face. At this sudden attack the others unload everything they have. My fear is extinguished as the first few bullets fly right into me and I feel no more than a small irritation where each landed. The smile on my face somehow grows even larger, another soldier falls to my blade and my smile threatens to break apart my face. A very loud shriek drags me from my stupor as Kyra runs right up to me in the middle of a fire fight and of all things, gives me a hug. I return my arms and form a shell-like shield around Kyra as she clutches onto me and refuses to let go.

"Hey, I love hugs as much as the next guy, but this is kinda a bad time."

"Yeah well tell that to the purple cloud over there!"

Kyra points into the small graveyard where I can see purple smoke coiling and stretching out to reach us. Now if I had to choose between a strange purple cloud and the entire United States Military, I would run into the gunfire head first. Seeing as Kyra is with me and not budging leads me to choose differently. I pick myself up leaving Kyra clutched in the shell like shield. I rush into the mist expecting to use it as a cover to find an escape. Instead the shit starts attacking me. The smoke curls around me like vines and holds me still. I struggle but the mist has its hold. As I am slowly absorbed into the swirling purple smoke all I can hope for is Kyra's safety.


"Twilight Sparkle you and I both know that section of the library is forbidden for a reason. Leonardo colt Vinci was considered mad when those designs were made. They were sealed away so that nopony would ever try to follow a crazy old stallion's delusions."

"I know princess, but I have found that this project is completely stable if done correctly. I just need your help."

"Alright my faithful student, if you believe it is safe then I will help you. What do we need?"


Twilight stood across from the Princess. The throne room had been invaded by a large coil with many forms of screens, computers, and electrical conduits surrounding it. Two ponies stood on either side of one another. Twilight foucused hard and poured her magic into the conduits near her. The Princess did the same until the central coil glowed with their combined magics. The coil began to grow and expand before slowly melting into a sludge in the circle of tech surrounding it. The two ponies cut the flow of magic and looked into the strange liquid. The liquid began to shift and move into a single position in the middle of the floor. The sludge began to take the shape of two creatures standing, both creatures were great in size, taller even than the Princess. The goop solidified and then cracked open revealing the two beings inside.


I don't know what is going on. The last thing I remember is being sucked into that cloud of purple. Man was that weird, wait, Kyra. I move my arms erratically, breaking the almost egg-like shell that covers my body. Upon escape however my legs fail me and I collapse. Looking to my left and my right I can see strange computers everywhere. I see Kyra laying next to me, eyes open and staring at me.

"Zane....Zane we made it!"

I stand and grab Kyra, bringing her up onto her feet and embracing her. Somehow we escaped and she was alright. Everything was fine. Until I look around a notice a freaking pony with wings and a horn approaching me.

"Hello. My name is Princess Celestia. You are in the land of Equestria. Who and what are you?"

It can fucking talk.

I look at Kyra who gives me a scared and questioning look. I turn to the talking pony and look it in the eyes, right before picking up Kyra and jumping straight over the things head. I see a pair of double doors ahead and rush for them. I streach out my body creating a tall rectangle space in my chest where I place Kyra. "Prepare for impact." She nods and I close the hole in my chest. I hit the door and knock it off its hinges sending both of them flying down the hallway that I have found myself in. Two more ponies that I guess are guards rush me with spears. The first I simply kick in the head and send flying. The other rushes my side and its spear makes contact with my shoulder. I take the spear from his hands and hold it in my arm. He backs away at the sudden swallowing of his weapon. I take this distraction and run for the doors that I guess would be the exit.

Knocking the doors down I finally make it out into the sunlight...and into an ambush of pony guards. There is a lot of the damn things. I mean a lot.

"There is no where for you to run creature. You could just calm down and give up. You and your friend, wherever she is, will not come under prosecution given the circumstances."

The white pony that met me in the first room is behind me along with a shorter purple pony at her side. Now I notice that they both have horns and the white one also has wings. This is the weirdest place I have ever been. I turn around to face the larger white pony. She is looking at me with a smile of all things. As I look around for a way out I can hear the loud horn of a train somewhere beyond the balcony that lies before me. I slowly back into the balcony while still giving my attackers and emotionless stare. Over the edge I can see a train slowly taking off away from a station underneath where I stand.


"Yeah Zane?"

"Remember that time you talked about me having wings?"


"Well what if I gave you wings."

"What do you mean?"

"You have been hang gliding with your dad right?"

"Yeah, Zane what are you planning?"

"Look when I say now you jump off the balcony behind us."


"Look just trust me ok?"


I turn to look at the white pony that has been staring at me this whole time. I move the spear I stole from the guard through my body and into my right arm. I raise my arms in surrender and drop to one knee.

"Alright fine. You win. I give up."

The guards begin to approach me with their weapons drawn, as soon as they get into touching distance I pull my right arm back and let the spear loose as an arrow. The guards are fairly surprised by this and take a leap backwards.


Kyra jumps from behind me and off the balcony. The 'Princess' sees this and a very shocked expression crosses her face before watching be back flip right off after Kyra. I wrap my legs around Kyra's torso and force all the bio mass I can into my arms. Somehow I am able to make a hang glider out of my stretched out body and we not so gently float to the train and land with a rather painful *thud*. As I stand and help Kyra up I can see the guards with the Princess staring at us with amazement from the balcony. Of the city. Yep, it was a little farther down from the castle we were apparently on. We jumped form a castle and fell down a mountain onto a moving train. Fucking awesome.